Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
Bentley - our Heartland Bighorn

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Wednesday, February 12, 2020 - Moving to Kerrville, TX

Wednesday, February 12, 2020 - Moving to Kerrville, TX

I was up early this morning to pack up more items downstairs until Dean gets up.  I updated my log book with location information for today and our next stop while enjoying my morning coffee.

When Dean got up I made the bed and moved our laundry hamper in front of my drawers for when the slide is put in, moved the TV to the bed - it just sets on top of the dresser.  Can you imagine me moving some of the TV's we've had in the past that almost requires two men to move them?  The ones today are so light in comparison.  Then I moved into the bathroom to secure what items I could there.  

After having our morning shakes, Dean headed outside to put the information in the truck GPS for our route today, take up the water hose, etc.  I did the dishes, made our lunch for the road, then finished packing up a few other things.  When I was done I went out to help Dean pick up the wood blocks we place under each of the levelers.  I backed the truck up to the hitch and made sure it locked.  While Dean did his walk around, I filled in information on our log book.  We visited with Lin and Debbie for a few minutes before we both left with goodbye's of "til we meet again".  It was 8:46 when we pulled out of our site at Cottonwood RV Park, and they followed.  We are both headed the same way, however, south of San Antonio we will transition west, whereas they are staying at the southern side of the city tonight as they make their way back to Oklahoma.  

Lots of palm trees in southern Texas.  

I believe these are elk in the field.  We also saw quite a few pronghorn along the way.

Mostly this is what our view was - lots of scrub brush - at least that is what I call it.
This is a newly constructed US Customs & Border Protection at Falfurrias, TX.  It was in the construction phase last year when we were in Mission.  We made the required stop.  As the agent came out he walked up and asked us where we were going - we both looked at each other - neither of us could remember the name of the town - and finally it clicked and I said Kerrville.  He just laughed and had us go on through.  

We all must stop.
Several more miles down the road, we visited this rest stop.  It was a very pretty area.  It had been almost an hour since we left - that's about how long I can go before we have a break.  As I was getting out, Lin and Debbie pulled up behind us.  They went inside to use the facilities, but we headed into Bentley.  We didn't get a chance to talk to them, but we waved.

About an hour later, we saw them pass us when we stopped at an off highway parking area.  As we neared San Antonio, Goggle Maps on my phone said we should take an alternate route due to congestion on I-37 from a crash.  We didn't mind at all, since it was mostly on Farm to Market roads - with hardly any traffic.  As we passed over I-37, we noticed Lin and Debbie's RV in the parking lot of a service station area.  

Somewhere along this stretch of road we both saw a bird we had not seen before.  It had white on the neck, orange on it (I just remembered seeing orange), and a darker body.  I googled it and after looking through various pictures - we decided it was a crested caracara.  While we were on the FM (Farm to Market) roads I saw a second one and confirmed that we had identified it correctly.   Reading about it, they seem to be common in Texas, although it was our first time seeing them.

Fil:Crested Caracara 2.jpg – Wikipedia

A few pictures I took along the way once we transitioned to Texas Highway 16.

Patriotic barn - I love it!

We had some light rain for awhile - this road looks like it goes on forever.

Beautiful courthouse in Jourdanton, TX - in Atascosa County.

The skies started to clear and the road still seems to go on forever - so pretty!

A turf farm along the highway.  

There was a sign nearby with this logo.  It included the words:  "Where the other side is greener."  I thought that was pretty catchy for a turf farm logo and slogan.

I loved this old mill building in Devine, TX

Also this water tower with two horses on it - also in Devine.
As we moved further north, we started entering what I believe is the "Hill Country".  Such beautiful countryside in this area.

Cacti everywhere along the roadsides.

Just beautiful scenery.

A pronghorn deer.

These dead trees have a sinister look to them.

Bandera, TX.  I love the old water tower.  It really sits high.

I loved this metal horse sculpture on top of the Western Trail business.

Gorgeous Courthouse in city of Bandera, in Bandera County.

There were many of these metal sculptures, one for each branch of the service as well as one that says Bandera loves Veterans, along with several western themed signs too.  It was difficult to get good pictures as we drove through town, but I managed to get a few.  
 Moving further north we were getting closer to Kerrville, TX.  The scenery was beautiful and we saw some amazing entrance gates to what I would assume were also some amazing houses.  I could not get a decent picture of the gates because of the angle and the fact we were on a highway with too much traffic to slow down enough to take pictures of them.

More beautiful scenery:

Downtown Kerrville, TX - loved this "cone type" roof, which included a large clock just below the it.  It was right on time!  We turned left here, thank goodness, as that is not an area we would have wanted to pull Bentley through.

A beautifully manicured park along the Guadalupe River.
 Our RV Park is actually in Ingram, TX.  As we drove along the road the GPS indicated it was not far, but there were no signs advertising the park ahead.  We wondered how we would know when to turn and if we would have enough time to stop since we were in a number of curves.  We should not have worried, as we made the last curve we saw these flags - that was our sign to slow down for Johnson Creek RV Resort and Park.  

It was 3:39 when we unhitched the truck from the RV.  We were tired and so glad to be here.  I think that is the longest drive (342 miles) we will have for the remainder of our trip (at least pulling Bentley).  

We checked in and was assigned site 72, a back in site to a pecan grove.  There are pecan trees all throughout the park and we were invited to pick as many as we could if we were interested.  If you take them to the office, they will crack them for you.  I noticed several around our site, so I will definitely do that.  You can't beat free cracked pecans!

We rested for the remainder of the evening.  We had leftovers for dinner tonight making it easy for me.  We have three days to explore and we will take advantage of them.  Unfortunately, the weather will be cooler than we expected, including one night where temperatures are expected to dip below freezing.  However, the days are to be in the 60's, so we'll take that.  Stay tuned to see what we find to see and do.

I'm so thankful for a safe journey today.  It was a beautiful day for travel and other than being a little longer than we prefer to travel in one day, we thoroughly enjoyed the scenery and the towns we passed through.

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