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Travels with Bentley
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Sunday, December 1, 2019

November 30, 2019 - Spending Part of My Day with Cindy; Dean Goes Back to Brett's.

November 30, 2019 - Spending Part of My Day with Cindy; Dean Goes Back to Brett's.

I slept in for me - as it was a little after 5:30 before I crawled out of bed to start the day.  Coffee was ready by the time I finished my morning excercises.  I enjoyed it while reading my daily devotion and the chapters designated for today, as part of reading the Bible in a year.  I am enjoying reading the Bible more than I ever have in the past.  As I get older I appreciate God's word more than ever, and I can look back on my life and see how he has taken what I considered the bad times in my life and turned them in to the best times of my life.  When I may have thought my world was falling apart he showed me how he could put it back together.  I'm so thankful for that.

Cindy called me to see what I was doing today.  This is her fourth day of five days off work.  I said do you need to get out and do something - yes!  So we are going to Joplin later today. She had some things to return, and a couple of places where she needed to buy something.  I really didn't need much but I was ready to get out to.  Since it's supposed to be a beautiful day and Dean is going back to Brett's to work again today, I may as well go with her.

Dean emptied the tanks this morning, so I ran another cycle in the washer/dryer combo to release anymore lint that may still be there, washed my dishes and once the final rinse cycle was done on the washer, I took a shower.  I had plenty of time to get everything else done before Cindy picked me up at 10:30.  Dean decided he would go to the garage for awhile since he is not going to Brett's until after lunch.

Our first stop was at Peddler's Junction, a flea market, at Crestline, MO.  Cindy had read on their Facebook page they would have random gifts located throughout the booths that could be exchanged for a prize/gift.  Cindy found one right away and she received a set of knives.  Later I found one, but I held on to mine until we finished walking through, looking at each of the booths.  While we waited for the owner to finish up with a customer I noticed some Barbie doll clothes that were handmade.  When it was our turn I asked her about the clothes.  She said a 90 year old lady makes them.  I told her I was going to check with my daughter-in-laws to see if their girls are playing with Barbie's yet and I might get back with her later.  I turned my package in and my gift was 2 individual bottles of Pepsi, a box of Buttery Kettle Corn, and two Popcorn containers.  

When we arrived in Joplin, we were both hungry so we stopped at Sonic just off of 7th Street and Maiden Lane.  We both ordered the small double cheeseburger and something to drink.  The burger was very good but whoever dressed this thing did a lousy job.  We had ketchup and mustard everywhere.  It was a challenge to eat it and not have it all over me.

I sent Marc a note and said I hope you never dressed a burger like this when you worked at Sonic.  When I lifted the burger off the paper, ketchup and mustard was all over the bottom too.  However, it did taste good.  

In no particular order we went to Home Depot, Kohl's, The Dollar Tree, and Walmart.  Cindy found a Christmas tree she liked at Home Depot, but she didn't buy it at the time.  She was hoping they would still have one of them in the store.  Unfortunately, they had already sold them all.  We stopped at Hobby Lobby but she didn't find anything there she liked either.  She is wanting a slim tree and those seem to be snapped up pretty quick.  While at Hobby Lobby she bought a couple of neat combination wood/metal decorations.  She's been looking for something like this for a wall in her house.  

Our next stop was Kohl's where Cindy needed to return something.  I looked at some sweatshirts and purses but decided I'd spent enough on me, with Christmas right around the corner.  From there, we drove across Range Line to the Dollar Store.  I bought some cards and a few items for a game we will be playing for our Christmas get together.  Our final stop was at Walmart.  While I didn't need that much, I was literally all over the store so Cindy ended up waiting for me.  I needed to go to the toiletries area, pick up some things in the RV department, to the computer area to get ink for our printer, and then I needed a couple of things for dinner tonight.

On our way back I had Cindy stop at Peddler's Junction again.  I heard from my daughter-in-law's, and two of our three young granddaughters have Barbies, so I picked out two outfits for each of them.  

Cindy dropped me off at Bentley.  After putting things away, I worked on the blog, watched TV and made chili for supper.  Dean made it home from Brett's just before 7:30.  The chili tasted good on a cold, windy evening.  We'll have enough for leftovers tomorrow night.  

Today I am grateful for the ability to have/get food when we need it; with easy access to grocery stores.  It's not that way everywhere.  We are certainly blessed in the USA.

Friday, November 29, 2019 - Dean is off to Work; Laundry; Catching up the Blog and Reading Emails; Christmas Shopping; Dinner & More Movies

Friday, November 29, 2019 - Dean is off to Work; Laundry; Catching up the Blog and Reading Emails; Christmas Shopping; Dinner & More Movies

I slept in this morning - it was almost 5:30 when I woke up, and I laid there for a few minutes before I finally got up.  Dean came downstairs not too long after I did.  He is going to Brett's to help him work on Dacy's little apartment, and plans to leave about 7.  We enjoyed sitting and drinking our coffee.  Then I started a load of clothes and made our smoothies while he was getting ready.  

I'm looking forward to spending the day by myself.  I want to catch up on the blog, read a backlog of blogs I follow, and do some online Christmas shopping,  I usually have to order a few things online; and it certainly helps when we send things to Matt/Megan's kids in NY.  It's so much easier to have them sent directly versus coming to me; then having to send them myself.  

I spent some time texting a few daughters-in-laws, asking questions to approve of a few things I planned to buy, and also asking the older grandkids for ideas on what they want this year.  As of 4:30 or so, I have everything ordered and on it's way except for the three oldest ones.  

I stopped long enough to eat the remaining pork taco I brought home from Mi Puebo on Wednesday evening for my lunch.  It was hard not to eat that peach pie in the refrigerator, but I made myself wait for Dean.  I needed a snack though and finally decided dry roasted peanuts with a few M&M's would work.  

After finishing my shopping I started going through emails, deleting junk, reading and commenting on a few as I caught up on the blogs I follow.  I even found a message in one of the blogs I read from Patsy of the blog Chillin' with Patsy - telling me to check my blog for her comment to a question I had.  Lol!  Thanks Patsy.  The information was much appreciated.

It started raining this morning and it has been raining off and on all day.  Right now it sounds like it is pouring.  It lets up a bit and then starts right back in again.  It's only 47 right now at 5:19pm.  I've managed to stay fairly warm today (except my toes which never seem to get warm enough unless the sun is on them, or they are near/over a heater vent - Lol!).  I sure hope Dean doesn't have to drive home in heavy rain, and I don't expect him back until after 6, or later.

I just read on Facebook that the 3rd annual official lighting of the park will take place tonight at 6pm, and rain will NOT cancel it.  If Dean was home, we might go.  By the time he gets back thought, I doubt he'll want to do anything but rest.  This year when visiting the park, everyone will have the option to tune their radios to 92.3FM as they drive through.  There were 52 trees available for decorating this year.  When we drove through Wednesday night, I'm not sure that many trees were decorated yet, so there might be some new surprises tonight.  

It was close to 7 when Dean got home.  He was going to empty the tanks when he returned, but decided we could probably get through the evening and he'd do it in the morning.  I agreed.  I could see he was worn out and I didn't want him out in the rain and wind to do it either.  I made orange chicken with rice for dinner.  After we ate our dinner, we halved the leftover piece of pie.  I warmed it up a bit and it was just as delicious as it was on Thursday at our Thanksgiving meal.  Thanks again Lonie!

The dryer part of our combo unit kept stopping before it finished a cycle, so I googled what was occurring to see if I could find out what the problem was.  The dryer stops part way through the drying cycle and the lights start flashing.  I found an article about it with steps from the manufacturer (although this information was not in the manual that came with it) about what to do.  If anyone has a washer/dryer combo and is having this problem, and you'd like to have the information, just make a comment on the blog and I will get it to you.  It involves running water in (with special steps) to get it to the mid level of the window, and once it has been done per the instructions, you let it go through a complete wash cycle.  You would not believe the amount of lint that we saw.  I didn't think to take a picture, but I'm not sure how well it would have shown up if I had.  The second time through we did not see hardly any lint until it finished.  When I opened the door, we found 2-3 globs laying inside, with a few random smaller pieces.  I still need to run it through one more cycle - but each cycle takes 1 hr and 45 minutes.  Next time I do this (it should be done every 3 months per the instructions), I will start in the morning, so I can complete it all in one day.  I finished all of the laundry yesterday, so it will probably be Sunday before I have a load of clothes to see how well it works.  (Since it's so close to Dec 1 I will add it to a schedule I have on my phone - to change the filter in our Brita pitcher; change the heads on our electric toothbrushes; and now to clean the washer/dryer combo every three months.)

After our dinner we enjoyed watching another Hallmark Christmas movie.  It was a fulfilling day for both of us.

Today, I am grateful for my husband.  He is such a hard worker and he actually enjoys working.  He loves helping me and our kids.  He's a great dad and stepdad.  If I ask him to take care of something - even as simple as tightening a screw for a knob on the bathroom cabinet; to making me a desk for the RV; he does it.  We enjoy our time together and I am so thankful God put him in my life!  

Friday, November 29, 2019

Thursday, November 28, 2019 - Thanksgiving Day!

Thursday, November 28, 2019 - Thanksgiving Day!

Even though it was late when we went to bed last night, I laid there for awhile thinking about Logan.  I'm so proud of him for joining the Navy and serving our country, as well as the many men and women who have served and are serving.  Dean was tired and he fell asleep pretty quick, but it was probably at least 20-30 minutes before I drifted off.  I was afraid I might oversleep, so I set my alarm to go off at 5:00.  

....and when my alarm went off this morning, I was sound asleep, but only for a second.  It really startled me.  After laying there for a minute or two to gather my thoughts, I came downstairs to start the coffee pot.  I have a lot to do this morning.  I had hung some clothes in the shower last night to dry, so I folded those while waiting for the coffee to finish.  Once it was done, I set down to follow through on my morning routine.

After Dean came downstairs and had I had my second cup of coffee with him, I got up and dusted the entire RV.  I wanted to vacuum later, but the dust cup/container on the vacuum was full, so I asked Dean if he would mind taking it outside to empty it, since I didn't want to create more dust after I just dusted.  After he finished his coffee, he took care of it.  It was raining and had been off and on, so he had to put the awning out in order to empty it.  He's always so great to help me and I appreciate him!  I made our breakfast smoothies, then did the dishes before I went in to clean the shower.  Afterwards I vacuumed. Now I just had to get me ready before our guests arrived.  Timing was just fine because they showed up just a short time after I had set down to wait.  Heath (Dean's oldest son), Casey and their boys Abram, Gideon and Roman stopped by and visited for a little over an hour.  We were thrilled they did.  It was cozy with all of us in Bentley - but we had just enough room.  All of the boys were sitting on the couch with Casey, so I said one of them could come and sit in the chair at the table by their dad if they wanted, and I moved to the other side of the table.  Roman came over and we visited quite a bit.  He likes games and playing with his brothers, but sometimes his brothers want to do their own thing.  I asked if he knew he could play some card games by himself?  He didn't, so I got a deck of cards and showed him how to play solitaire.  Gideon came over to watch and told me he played this game on his computer sometimes.  I told Roman when we get together for Christmas I would show him a couple of other games he could play by himself, as well as one that several people could play.  By then it was time for both of us to head to our Thanksgiving dinners.  They are going to Casey's grandma's for dinner.  All of her family lives here in Oswego which makes it nice that we get to see them when they visit here (that is, if we are not traveling).

Dean and I left a few minutes after they did, and were parking at Lonie and Crystal's a few minutes before noon.  Their son Rye, wife K'eo (pronounced KO) and their son Dempsey was already there.  We enjoyed visiting with them while we waited until they called us in to fill our plates.  What a feast!  Lonie does all of the cooking (well, Crystal made the deviled eggs) and he loves doing it.  We had turkey, two kinds of dressing (bread and cornbread), gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberry salad, green beans and homemade rolls.  And if that wasn't enough Lonie made pies.  Our family LOVES his pies.  We had chocolate, coconut cream, peach and cherry.  Dean and I both had coconut cream and peach (we only ate half a piece of the second one), and they sent four more pieces home with us.  Thank you both so much for opening your home to us.  We enjoyed catching up with Rye and K'eo and it was fun talking to Dempsey who turned 4 yesterday also, sharing a birthday with Great Uncle Dean.

We headed back to Bentley about 1:30.  We watched TV most of the afternoon.  Marc had called me earlier just as we were getting ready to eat, and he called back to visit for awhile.  Jaxson has his Christmas program Monday night at school, and Kamron has a basketball game in Chetopa.  I'm going to pick Jaxson up from school and take him to the program.  He'll either come back here with me and Marc will pick him up after the game, or he'll go on home with his Mimi (Jen's mom), after his program.  We'll see how tired he is.

After we left Lonie & Crystal's, I sent Misti a text and asked her to stop by when she left her Aunt Patsy's house, where she went for Thanksgiving lunch.  I told her I had something for her and Haleigh.  I think they stopped by around four or so.  Crystal sent some cookies home with me that she had Lorrie B make for Misti & Haleigh.  I know Misti likes chocolate pie, so I gave her the piece they sent home with us, and Haleigh got the cookies.  Dean ate the coconut pie and I had the peach pie.  That was our dinner tonight!  There is one piece of peach left.  Dean and I will share it after dinner tomorrow night.

Image may contain: 2 people, including Misti Blair, people smiling, people standing
Here are my Mini-Me's!!!  Misti and Haleigh, before they left last night.  Oh how I love them!  Misti wanted a pic for Logan.
We knew there was going to be a big surprise in the Jarred/Andrea Peine household today but we were sworn to secrecy!  I was scrolling through Facebook shortly before Misti & Haleigh arrived, when I saw the big announcement.  Emerson got her first letter from her Elf on the Shelf "Wanda".  (You can watch the entire thing on Facebook by looking up Jarred's page).  She received a package with a shirt that said "Big Sister"; a sonogram picture of a baby in it's mommy's tummy that she said - this is me before I was born - and then a book about being a big sister.  She finally put it all together and realized the picture wasn't her but that she was going to have a baby sister.  She was so excited.  We are excited too of course, and they will give us our 16th grandchild in June. 

After Misti and Haleigh left, we watched a couple of Hallmark Christmas movies.  We enjoy watching them, but after the second one we were both tired.  We were in bed before 10.  Dean has a big day tomorrow, so he needs some rest.  It has rained off and on today, and we are supposed to have more tomorrow. 

Today I am so thankful and grateful for our families.  We are blessed to have wonderful children, their spouses and grandchildren, and it's always wonderful spending time with them.  

Wednesday, November 27, 2019 - Breakfast at Circle L; Busy Morning; My Car is Ready!; Pics of New Grandson; Birthday Dinner

Wednesday, November 27, 2019 - Breakfast at Circle L; Busy Morning; My Car is Ready!; Pics of New Grandson; Birthday Dinner

After a great night's sleep I was awake at 4:30.  It was only 34 degrees this morning.  We turn the furnace down at night, so I turned it up to 70.  After my morning exercises and devotional, I started working on the blog post for yesterday.  Cindy called me and we visited for a half hour or so.  When I hung up I mentioned making a smoothie to Dean, but he suggested we go eat breakfast for his birthday!  

When I woke up I immediately thought of Dean's birthday, but he didn't get up until about 6-6:30 and I didn't think about it when he came downstairs.  I could I forget?   I guess 26+ years later we are either getting forgetful or birthdays aren't such a big deal anymore because he did the same thing to me on mine.  

It was about 8 when we left the park and headed to Circle L Cafe, here in Oswego - Dean's favorite place to eat breakfast!  Two men came in and set down at a table near us.  We visited a bit and before long we were discussing relatives.  He had just moved to Oswego from Chetopa, and his friend lived in Chetopa.  They knew my dad, granddad and his brothers.  I found out he was an O'Brien and his friend's last name was Fritz.  It was fun to meet and talk with them.  Then Betty came in and we shared a hug and visited a bit, before Carol and her husband came in and more visiting ensued.  As we left, I had to stop to talk to one more friend Rick.  I love Oswego and our people!  By the way, breakfast was wonderful - as usual!

Back at Bentley, Dean soon left for the garage to work on the desk and I wanted to get some things done here.  I cleaned the bathroom and did a couple of loads of laundry.  Shortly before 12, Toyota called to let me know the part for the car came in today and they had it ready if I wanted to go ahead and pick it up today.  Wow...we sure were not expecting this, but I'm thankful I'll have it back sooner than we expected.  Cindy offered to take me over to get the car, and then she went by to visit with Larry & Verna.   I needed to get a few things at Walmart while I was there, so I made a quick stop - well, what was supposed to be a quick stop, but it was the day before Thanksgiving - what did I expect?  

It was about 3 when I returned.  I finished up another load of laundry and then I changed and got ready for a meet up with Brett and family.  We met Brett & Emilee uptown at 6:15 where they had 3D or 4D (I can't remember which it was) pictures taken of the baby.  They had Dacy, Tucker and Logen with them too.  The little guy should be here in 7 weeks +/-.  It's amazing what you can see with these pictures before the baby is even born.  

Afterwards we all headed to Mi Pueblo, our local Mexican Restaurant for Dean's birthday dinner.  We had a nice visit and some great food.  We sure went through the baskets of chips, salsa, cheese dip and guacamole.  Poor little Logen could hardly keep her eyes open by the time we left.  I bet she didn't make it far before she was out.

Before we headed back to the RV Park, I suggested Dean drive through the park so we could see the Christmas lights.  It looks great and I love that so many people come together to decorate a tree, and make a showplace of our beautiful park.

I love this new tree - beautiful color displays.

These are just a few of the things on display.  I'm sure we'll be through several more times before the end of the year.

Shortly before 10 we were getting ready to go to bed, when I heard Dean's phone ringing.  He was upstairs, so I ran to pick it up - what a wonderful surprise - it was our grandson Logan!  I answered and talked to him for a minute or two before I told Dean to come down here, we had a phone call.  We enjoyed almost an hour of visiting with Logan.  Gosh we miss that young man, and he misses all of us here too.  We are so proud of him.  It was just great to hear from him.  We are so thankful for his call on his Papa's birthday, and on this Thanksgiving Eve!  We have so much to be thankful for.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Tuesday, November 26, 2019 - Car Repair?, Finding Something To Do in Joplin; Lunch Choices; Doctor Appointments

Tuesday, November 26, 2019 - Car Repair?, Finding Something To Do in Joplin; Lunch Choices; Doctor Appointments 

We went to bed early again last night around 9:30 and I slept until 5:00 this morning.  It's going to be a busy day, so I'm thankful for the extra sleep.  I cam downstairs to start the coffeepot and as soon as I turned it on, I remembered I had not put the water in it the night before.  I didn't turn the light on, and all of a sudden I heard water....I ran it over, not too bad, but I did have to grab a towel to sop it up real quick.  Nice way to start the day, but now that's out of the way - it's going to be a great rest of the day, I'm sure!

We have an appointment at Toyota in Joplin at 9:30 this morning so they can check out the car to see what is causing the "check engine light" to be on.  Just to be on the safe side, Dean will follow me in the car this morning for two reasons.  One if it would happen to quit before we make it there (we don't really think that will happen, but to be prepared), and if they need to keep the car, we will have a way home.  We will have quite a bit of time to spare before my annual well woman exam at 2:20.  Somehow I think we'll manage, and of course, we'll have lunch somewhere.  Dean gets to choose where since tomorrow is his birthday, and also what we'll do in between the two appointments.  

I made our smoothies, we had our showers, and soon we were ready to head out the door about 8:30.

The drive to Joplin was very routine and we arrived at the Toyota dealership just a few minutes before our appointment time.  They will call us after the diagnostic testing is done to let us know what they find.  

When we left we headed to Best Buy.  After I mentioned I thought Dean might want a TV for his birthday to put in the garage, he liked the idea so we went to look at what was available.  It wasn't open when we arrived for another 15 minutes, so we drove south a few blocks to Harbor Freight.  We walked almost every single aisle so Dean could look - just like me in a store I like.  No wonder he sometimes gets bored and after a short time goes to the car to wait on me.  Lol!  I did feel like that a time or two, but honestly HF has a lot of things that are interesting too, so I just enjoyed looking.  He bought a couple of things he wanted, and then we drove back to Best Buy.

When we returned to Best Buy, I suggested maybe we should consider buying a new TV for Bentley, and he could take the old one to the garage.  After thinking about that a bit, we decided to at least wait and measure the TV in the living room and decide which way we should go. Since the TV we have is on a lift and retreats into a cabinet when we move, we really need to know what size will fit in the space.  He watches more TV in the RV than at the garage.  Our TV has been down a lot of roads in almost six years.  It may last another six, and it could go out at any time.  Maybe being at the garage would be a good thing for it, versus continuing to take a beating as we travel.  While here, the technician called to let us know a sensor that regulates air flow is what is causing the problem.  They will not have the part in until Friday so we will leave it with them until then.  (Update:  I haven't called them yet today, but when I realized that is Black Friday, I think I'll call to see if we could pick it up Saturday morning instead.)

Dean loves fried chicken.  I read about ME's Place several years ago in the Joplin Globe and I've wanted to try it ever since.  It's a small little restaurant on Broadway Street.  From the outside it looks pretty rough and there's not much parking.  It opens at 11:00, so we decided to head there next so we could be sure and find a place to park.  Surprisingly there was a fair amount of seating inside.  We were the first ones there and at 11:02 we walked in.  Melodee, the owner, came out to meet us and gave us a menu.  Tuesday's specials were Dumplings, Chicken Fried Chicken, and Baked Chicken, but she informed us they did not have the dumplings today.  I was a little disappointed at that, but the other choices sounded good as well.  The main reason I wanted to bring Dean here though is the fried chicken which they offer every day.  As I stated above, he loves fried chicken.  That's what we both ordered, and of course I forgot to take pictures of our food, but I did take some pictures of the outside and inside of the restaurant.

With fried chicken (2 pieces) you also get two sides.  Dean chose fried okra and deep fried potatoes (like potato chips).  I chose cooked cabbage with ham and fried okra.  The meal was very, very good.  It was just the right amount of food.  

After our wonderful lunch, we headed to Home Depot to look for some more wood for the desk.  Unfortunately, we didn't find what he was wanting.   

He did find a couple of other things he wanted, so after paying for those we headed back to the car.  We still had a little over an hour before my doctor's appointment.  I called Verna to see if her and Larry were at home as they live nearby.  We thought we might visit for awhile, but she didn't answer the phone.  

Since Academy was only a short distance away, Dean suggested we stop there for something to do.  He always enjoys looking at the golf section; and I went to look for  sweatshirts.  All they had were name brand ones.  I am not interested in paying the prices they want.  I'll eventually run across something I like.

We left Academy about 1:50, and arrived at the Women's Clinic around 2 or so.  Verna called me shortly before we went in.  They had some appointments this afternoon.  They were sorry they missed us, but we are here off and on.  Dean has two appointments here next week, so maybe we can visit one of those days.  

By the time we went in, used their facilities and checked in with the receptionist I only had to wait about five minutes before they called me back.  All was good, and they sent an order down to the mammogram department for my appointment at 4.  Fortunately I was taken back a little after 3, and I was done by 3:27pm.  I like that kind of service.

We stopped at Dairy Queen in Galena and had a blizzard before we headed home.  A nice way to cap off the day.  After a big lunch and ice cream we won't need any dinner.  I had some sugarfree pudding at home that we ate later in the evening and it was just perfect.

Sometime around 7, the wind came up and with each burst the RV was rocking.  We might have had similar winds like that in the past, but not for as long as these lasted.  Dean had gone upstairs for something and I was still downstairs watching TV, when the TV went out.  I thought the weather caused it.  When Dean came downstairs he said, the electricity is off - when he saw the clock on the microwave was off.  One good thing about an RV, our batteries keep the LED lights on.  We did shut some of them off since we weren't sure how long it might be out.  Fortunately, our phones were charged so we were able to look at them until it came back on about 40 minutes later.  It was getting a little chilly, so we wrapped ourselves in our blankets.   Misti was just driving into town from Independence where she's been working, when the town just went black.  I bet that was an eerie feeling!

We watched a little TV and finally gave it up about 9:30.  It was a busy, busy day.  We are grateful for our vehicles that get us where we need to go.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Monday, November 18 - Sunday, November 24, 2019

Monday, November 18 - Sunday, November 24, 2019
(This post will bring me up to date.)

Monday, November 18, 2019

Dean played golf this morning and I spent most of my morning updating our monthly budget report, filing papers that had piled up on our table/desk, then going through our health files making sure things were in order by date, and making sure anything we might need for our 2019 taxes were in the proper file.  In no time it will be time to do the annual tax filing.  It sure seems to come around earlier every year.  Maybe this year we can get it filed before we leave for Texas.

I picked Jaxson up after school to spend some time with him.  We went to the Parsons Library where he selected a couple of books to read.  Afterwards I treated him to a cherry slush at Sonic before we headed to his house.  Jaxson did a great job of reading the books to me.  He was able to sound out several of the words he didn't know and I helped him on some of the bigger words he couldn't quite figure out.  We read one book through twice.  He has a great memory or caught on quick with the words, as he didn't miss hardly any the second time.  We found a game he could play on my phone and I watched him do that until his Dad came inside several minutes later.  Marc and I visited for awhile before I left for home.  He was not feeling well.  He stopped by his primary care doctor's office after loading at UPS this morning, but since he was scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning they would not give him a shot.  Later he received a call from his urologist they were cancelling his surgery tomorrow since he had passed the one kidney stone.  I guess I won't need to get up at 4am tomorrow after all.

Beautiful sunset as I left Marc's.

After I returned home I made chili for dinner.  

Today I am grateful for the opportunity to spend time with our kids and grandkids. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

After sorting through papers and things yesterday I had a few errands to run, including going to our bank to obtain a new debit card.  We received a letter saying our existing one would expire the end of the month.  I love they can make a new one for you while you wait rather than getting it in the mail a few weeks later, especially since it can take a few weeks for us to actually get it sent to the right place.

I picked Haleigh up at 12:30 or so, to take her to Columbus to have her hair done before we go to Chanute where she will have the first part of her Senior pictures taken.  Misti had made two prior dates with the photographer but both were cancelled due to weather, and due to play practice and the play last week; today was the first day available to get them done.  Haleigh had posted her prom dress from last year for sale online, so we are also meeting someone to look at it prior to her photo session.  We waited at the Maurice's store in Chanute for about 35-40 minutes.  We were to meet Kristy, the photographer at 3:30.  The young lady had not showed up, so we left to meet Kristy.  I drove into the wrong entrance, and couldn't reach the "Iron Bridge" where we were to meet, so I had to come back out to the highway.  We immediately noticed people waving at us across the road and we realized this was probably the young lady we were supposed to meet up with.  I drove over and asked if they would wait while I dropped Haleigh off with the photographer.  After doing that, I returned to Maurice's while she went in to the store to try it on in one of their dressing rooms.  It was nice of Maurice's to permit this.  She really liked the dress and took pictures so her mom could see it.  She said she'd get back with Misti.  I hurried back to the car and got the dress laid out in the backseat before heading to the "Iron Bridge" literally less than a block away, only to find Haleigh and the photographer were gone.  Come to find out as I was leaving Maurice's they were trying to get my attention as they were driving there, but of course I didn't see them.  I was turning around to leave when they pulled in.  Haleigh got back in the car with me and we followed Kristy to Thayer, KS for the remaining pictures.

Our next stop was at an old barn where Kristy took numerous poses, then on to a field where I took a few pictures of Haleigh with my phone while Kristy took several more.

This outfit was so darn cute and sure looked great with the grass color.

The sun was putting on a show while Kristy took pictures:

On our way home, driving through the country, Haleigh took this picture for me:

Misti was sad she could not be there for Haleigh's pictures, but she had to work today.  After being in school and waiting to get her license, she needed the work, so I'm thankful we were here so I could help her out today.  I enjoyed the day with Haleigh and the opportunity to take part in this special time.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Wednesday Sunrise as we headed east.

This morning Dean and I had appointments with our primary care physician in Webb City, MO.  It went well.  I was able to get some medication for my right pointer finger.  It has a little arthritis in it and I've been able to keep it pretty much under control from pain by taking my apple cider vinegar with a little apple or orange juice everyday.  However, as I've mentioned before, we went about a month or so without drinking it and the pain in my finger has really flared up.  While I started drinking the daily ACV again, it has calmed down but I haven't been able to get it back where it was for the past several years.  Hopefully this will do that and I can just continue with the ACV after a few weeks of taking the medication she prescribed for me.

Poor Dean had to have a full blood workup and they had a very difficult time getting any blood out of him.  It took two nurses trying before the second one finally hit his vein, after pushing around on it for what seemed like a long time to me - I can only imagine how it was for him.  Eeeek!!

What a beautiful old home near downtown Webb City.

Since Dean had to fast this morning he was ready for breakfast when we left the clinic.  I googled restaurants serving breakfast near us.  The Webb City Cafe came up - it had great reviews - so that's where we headed.  We were both VERY happy with our breakfast choices.  Both of us ordered skillet meals.  They were huge.   We ended up taking half of them home with us (and we enjoyed the rest of it for supper later).

We had several stops to make after breakfast.  I bought a few tops at Kohl's last week while we were in Joplin.  I didn't try them on at the time.  When I got home one of the tops did not fit well.  I returned it, and looked for something else.  I had some Kohl's cash, so I left with a more expensive sweater/shirt than I returned, and it cost me less than half of the one I returned.  I like those deals.

We stopped at Home Depot to get wood for the desk, then Sam's for a couple of things I needed there.  I needed to take my prescriptions to the Indian clinic to have them filled so we took the scenic route from Joplin, taking South Rangeline Road to River Road, which runs along Shoal Creek, to Redings Mill Road/86 where we soon intersected with 43 Highway into Seneca, MO.  There we turned west on Highway 60 to Highway 10 that led us into the east side of Grove.  
Driving River Road in South Joplin

Look at that tree at the end of the road - it has grown to an almost perfect angle.

Beautiful countryside and ranch.

Not too far on our way north on Highway 10 we started noticing a number of trees appeared to have been pulled clear out of the ground by their roots.  In a matter of seconds, it had gone from one or two trees to many, many trees having been pulled up,  with others broken and downed all along both sides of the road.  It was then I remembered my friend Janie sending me pictures from Lakewood Village near Elk River Bridge (north of where we were currently driving on Highway 10) after a friend had posted trees down there.

The destruction of trees went on for several miles

s we approached Lakewood Village we were stunned to see that two of their boat docks were severely damaged.  As we drove into the park, it was very sobering to see the damage, since this is a place we had a mobile home for several years.  Fortunately, the mobile home we owned and the others in that area were not damaged, or at least nothing major in comparison to those on the far east side of the park.  It was apparent they had already removed a few of the units entirely and several others were still in disrepair from the winds that blew through here.  There were several contractors working or that had signs up at various homes in the park.  I'm not sure if this was deemed a tornado or if was just from extremely high winds.

The yellowish boat dock has most of the mid to right side on land.  We used to house our tritoon boat in this dock when we owned our mobile home here.

Here's a picture from the backside.

The road going to the water.  This is where RV's would typically be parked.  

If you enlarge this you can see the end of this boat dock has almost been torn off.

The storage building behind the office with a large gaping hole in the side and roof.

Most of the extensive damage was right here, but many other trailers had damage.

From here we continued on through Grove, looking at changes that had taken place since we were last here.  From there we traveled on to Vinita, where we stopped at the Cherokee Health Center.  I dropped my prescriptions off with the pharmacy there.  I discovered they have changed their policy and they will only mail prescriptions to the main address on file.  Since I don't want to have these sent to our mailing address in Texas - it would take me too long to get them since I want to start them right away - I'll have to come back to pick them up.  Not what I expected, but it is what it is.

After dropping the prescriptions off, we returned to Oswego.  Dean went to the garage soon after we got home, and I did some laundry while straightening up.  

Thursday, November 21, 2019

I had a hair appointment at 8:00am.  I've started parting my hair in the middle instead of to one side.  The bangs I am now growing out are in need of a trim since one side is longer than the other.  Soon Marla had my hair looking presentable again.  I headed home to do my morning chores before taking off to spend a few hours with my friends Peggy and Linda.  We try to get together at least 2 or 3 times a year, having lunch together and visiting.  

Today we are headed to Joplin.  Peggy picked me up after stopping to get Linda.  We had no specific place in mind to eat.  When Peggy asked if anyone had ideas I asked if they had ever been to the Pie Safe.  Neither of them had.  When I had lunch with my friend Carolyn last week she was telling me how her and her sisters had been wanting to go but hadn't been able to get the three of them together yet.  While we were eating, her sister sent her a picture and said guess where I am and sent pictures of The Pie Safe.  Carolyn showed me the pictures from inside The Pie Safe.  It was beautiful and her sister said it was very quiet.  Quiet - oh, how I love a restaurant that the noise level is low enough to have a decent conversation.  Based on Carolyn's sister's review, we decided to try it out.

What a great selection, so thank you Carolyn for bringing it up when we visited.  Everyone loved the quiche, fruit salad and mini blackberry pies - yes, we all ordered the exact same thing, along with a caramel butter tea.  Yes, I will definitely come back here.  It truly was a wonderful experience in a beautiful, calm setting.  We were there for at least 1.5 hours visiting.  The only negative to us was the pies were cold; not that they were not delicious.  However, if they had been warmed slightly they would have been even better.  I'll remember to ask for that when I return.

There was no where we really wanted to go, so after lunch we drove back to Oswego.  Peggy wanted to drive to our lot so they could both see it.  Dean has done so much to clean it up and it looks better every time I visit too.  We just heard from our contractor Broc that he will have the new siding, doors and windows done by the end of the year.  We are excited for that.

Then we drove through town looking at the houses, including the one Linda and her husband recently purchased.  They will be moving in December.  They have sold their house and farm, and have decided to move to town.  She is excited about getting several things done to personalize it for them.  

Peggy dropped Linda off at her "old" home and then took me back to Bentley.  What a wonderful day with two special people.

I spent a couple of hours working on blog posts as I am so far behind.  I'm trying hard to get it caught up.  Later I made us a sausage pizza in our cast iron skillet.  It was so good!

Misti stopped by later to visit.  I told her we were going to Vinita tomorrow evening with Aunt Cindy and Elmer, to eat dinner at Clanton's.  She told me they had the best chocolate pie she's ever had.  I've never had their pie, since I'm usually way too full after eating there to even think about more food, but maybe I should try it!

It was a great day with friends and family.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Today Jaxson's school had their annual Thanksgiving lunch.  Parents and Grandparents are invited to attend and I signed up for it.  I met my son Marc at the school at 11:00.  They have divided the serving times up. Students with last names beginning with A-L will be served starting at 11:15.  While we were visiting in the hallway, Jaxson ran up to Marc and grabbed him around the legs.  I love seeing our kids with their mamas and daddies, and the love they have for each other.  We slowly made our way through the line for an absolutely amazing lunch by the cooks here at Service Valley Charter Academy (SVCA).  SVCA is part of the Oswego School System, and is located a few miles north of Oswego.  We were served turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes with noodles and gravy, jello, green beans and homemade rolls.  In the lunchroom they also had pumpkin sheet cake with icing that the older students served to us at our tables.  The meal was delicious!  Marc, Jaxson and I had a nice visit during our meal.  My niece Nikki was attending as a School Board Member at a nearby table.  She walked over to talk to us for awhile.  Jaxson was able to go home after the meal, so he and Marc headed back - once we were able to get out of the parking lot.  It's a very small parking area for the number of people who showed up today.  There were cars every where, parked down either side of the gravel roads because the parking lot was full to capacity.  

Back at home I worked on another blog post most of the afternoon.  I'm trying hard to get caught up.  We've been so busy the past few weeks at the end of the day when I try to work on the blog, it just puts me to sleep.

We are going to Cindy and Elmer's to play cards this evening.  Since I need to pick up my prescription in Vinita, we are going to have dinner at Clanton's Cafe afterwards.  We love this restaurant.  It is an original Route 66 icon.  Many, many celebrities have eaten here over the years.  You will see pictures of various people on the walls including Guy Fieri who touted the calf fries that Clanton's is known for.  On their menu, Ronnie Dunn, of Brooks and Dunn says their chicken and dressing is the best he's ever had.  

Cindy and I both decided to eat healthy and ordered a southwestern grilled chicken salad, and the guys chose the chicken friend steak.  Our meals were delicious, as usual.  I asked about their pies and since they had chocolate cream pie tonight, I bought one to bring back to Misti, since it's one of her favorites.  

Back at Cindy and Elmer's, us girls skunked the guys the first two games and we felt sorry for them, because we let them win the last one.   Lol!

We have a big day today tomorrow so we headed home before 9, stopping at Misti's long enough to drop off her pie.  

Saturday, November 23, 2019

This has been a busy week so far and today will be no different.  We were up early to leave Oswego by 7am.  We are headed to Wichita for the day to spend time with Jarred and Heath's families.  We made a stop in Parsons to get gas, and one more at Severy.  Early mornings usually mean lots of bathroom stops.  Severy is a good half way point, but the line to the restrooms were long this morning and it held us up about 15-20 minutes.  We didn't expect to make it before 10:30, but surprisingly with the newly opened and extended part of 400 near Andover we sailed through that area that typically holds us up with several stop lights.  It was only 10:10 when we arrived at Jarred's.  Emerson met us at the door with big hugs.  We had a nice time visiting with Jarred, Andrea and Emerson until noon.  Emerson is attending a birthday party at 1, so we needed to give them some time to eat and get ready.

After leaving their house, we stopped at Jason's Deli for lunch where we enjoyed a great sandwich, iced tea and a small dish of ice cream before we headed to the Northeast YMCA.  Heath's youngest son Roman has two basketball games at 1 and 2 today.  Being able to take in 2 games versus 1 makes it worthwhile.  We sure enjoyed watching him play. 

#35, with his hands behind his back.

This shot by Roman scored two points for his team as it swished in the basket.
Roman waiting to throw the ball in.

Visiting with friends while waiting for their time to play again.

They were after him - not sure which team, if any ended up with the ball.

Roman seems to be listening intently to what his coach is saying.

After the game, we returned to the car.  When Dean started it, the check engine light came on.  Oh, no!!  We drove to Heath's which was only a few miles.  Heath and Casey also have a Prius, and they have a code reader.  It indicated several different things it might be, mostly to do with sensors.  As Dean started the car, when we left, the light came on again and even though it appeared to be operating just fine we were concerned about it.  We didn't have any choice but to drive home which prevented us from spending more time at Heath's as we had originally planned.  We didn't want to get home too late in case we had problems on the way back.  I prayed about it and asked God to get us home safely and we would not encounter any problems with the car.  We made it to Parsons a little after 6, where we stopped to eat at Chinese Chef.  At least we knew if it didn't start Marc was here, and we could always have someone get us back to Oswego.  

After our dinner, the car started right up and we arrived home with no problems, but the light remained on the entire time.  We'll give Toyota a call on Monday and see if we can get it in to see what the problem is.  Hopefully, it is something minor.

We were both exhausted and after watching TV for a short time we headed to bed.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

We both slept very well last night and felt much rested this morning after our busy, busy week.

Dean left early to go to Brett's to help him work on the little "cabin" they are making for Dacy to use when she is staying with them.  After he left, I straightened everything up, took my shower and then waited for Cindy to pick me up for church.

Oh, and our exciting news for the day is that we have a new great nephew, Hoyt Allen Nading.  He was born this morning at 5:38, weighed 7# 5oz. and was 20 3/4" long.  I think he looks like his daddy Wade.  Congratulations to Wade, Devin, and his big sister Peyton.

Cindy picked me up at 10:15.  After church, (by the way, Jim had a great sermon this morning about being grateful for everything that happens in our life, not only the good but also the bad); we headed to Fairland where we are going to visit with Cindy's best friend Paula, and Paula's and my very dear friend Susie Nodine's mom, Kay.  You might remember I mentioned we attended Kay's birthday party back in September.  At that time I had an idea to have Marc make something for Kay, and today is when we are going to surprise her with it.

On the way we made a quick detour through Miami, OK to grab something to eat at Taco Bell.  We made it to Kay's a little before one.  I was trying to hide a 3' sign behind me as we walked to the door, keeping Cindy a little bit to my left side to try and help me out.  Once we were inside, I told Kay that when we were here in September Paula had said something about her mom's she shed.  I heard it and asked Paula if she had a sign or if anyone had planned to do a sign for her "she shed".  When I learned there were no plans to do so, I called my son Marc and asked if he could make her one. 

Kay was really surprised with the sign and she loved the Chiefs emblem he added to the sign.

Kay and Her Chiefs She-Shed sign

Kay and I

Kay, even though tiny in stature is a HUGE, HUGE Kansas City Chiefs fan.  She has signs of KC Chiefs outside and inside her home.  It's a big deal for her and her family to watch each game together rooting their team on.  What fun for an opportunity to get together as a family.

We had a great visit with Kay and Paula.  I sure miss Susie and I wish she could have been here with us too, but she was in spirit.  

Cindy dropped me off when we returned to Oswego.  Dean wasn't back yet, so I worked on the blog for awhile but I just couldn't stay focused.  I kept nodding off, so I turned on the TV to watch the cooking channel and I think that was the final straw.  I woke up about 15-20 minutes later.  

I decided to make pork chops with gravy in the Instapot for dinner so I started prepping for that, but it was 6 before I finally began the process.  I made mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli to go with it.  Dean returned home shortly before everything was ready.  We enjoy having the table extended its full length so we have enough room to set down for a meal like this.  I cleaned up and did the dishes while partly watching a Hallmark movie.  I felt really tired this evening.  When we finally went to bed I'm not sure I lasted more than five minutes.