Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
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Monday, February 17, 2020

Saturday, February 15, 2020 - Our 3rd and Final Day of Exploring - Kerrville

Saturday, February 15, 2020 - Our 3rd and Final Day of Exploring - Kerrville

It was 34 this morning when I came downstairs.  I felt great when I got up, probably after sleeping so much yesterday.  It was a slow morning for us.  I did some pre-preparation for our move tomorrow, washed a load of laundry and when it was done, we went to H.E.B. for a few groceries.  When we returned I packed us a lunch, expecting to leave here around 10-10:30, taking our lunch with us, when we leave to visit a park in Kerrville that has a number of hiking trails.

Finally remembered to get a picture of the "Welcome to Ingram" sign, where our park is located.

Brett sent a picture of this sweet little guy this morning - he's growing so fast, and really filling out.

We have not talked to Matt and Megan for awhile.  Dean sent Matt a text to see if they would be available sometime today, and it looks like we'll talk to them later, around 6pm.

After we returned I needed to dry the clothes, and as sometimes happen, we had to wait longer than expected for the clothes to dry so I could hang them up before we left.  Since it was past 11:30 we ended up eating our lunch here in Bentley.  Plans sometimes change! 

We wanted to walk the hiking trails, but we also wanted to visit "The Coming King" Sculpture Garden.  We decided to pass on the park/hiking trails and went to Kerrville to visit the Sculpture Garden.  Both involved walking, so we would get exercise, but since we are leaving tomorrow morning, this would be our only opportunity to see it before we left.

We finally arrived, after a little mix-up with our GPS, shortly after 1.  After locating a parking spot, we walked up the path leading to the 300' cross-shaped garden.  It is constructed at the top of a 1930' hill overlooking I-10 at the entrance to Kerrville.  Throughout the display were a number of beautiful sculptures, Bible verses and prayer gardens.  Rocks have been provided for people to write their prayers on and left in designated areas throughout the garden.  While they still have work to do in and around the area it is already a great testament to God and his Word.

Here are a few pictures I took while we were here, most are of the sculptures.
Fisher of Men

The Open Cross

This is one of the prayer gardens.  Small rocks like these are available to anyone who wants to write out and leave their prayer.
Divine Servant

The Coming King
Jesus with Mother and her Baby

Mary, Mother of Jesus

Twelve Stones

It Is Finished Sculpture
I'm glad we chose this location for our outing today.  

Welcome to Kerrville Sign, just below the Garden.

Dean stopped to get gas - when I saw this sign, I immediately thought of my sister Cindy.  Whenever someone would ask, where did you get that - she always said "At the Get'n Place" - Her Get'n Place was Walmart.
 I mentioned we were going to talk with Matt and family this evening.  Skype is a wonderful thing.  We get to see the kids, and they can see us.  I can't remember what Sam was doing in this picture - the little guy on the left - but it might have been when he was telling us about Tarzan - that's his newest favorite movie.  Sam, Megan, Josh, Matt and Sarah.

Dean and me, hiding behind my camera as I took this picture.

Even though the temperatures dropped and the sunlight chose to stay hidden, we still had a wonderful day.  

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Friday, February 14, 2019 - It's Valentine's Day, and our 2nd day of exploring.

Friday, February 14, 2019 - It's Valentine's Day, and our 2nd day of exploring.

After a good night's sleep I was excited about today.  It's Valentine's Day and I get to spend it with my very best friend, enjoying our day together.  

Our RV Park sign as we leave this morning.

We started it with breakfast, a Valentine gift for Dean.  Breakfast is his favorite meal and he enjoys going to eat at different restaurants, especially those that specialize in breakfast.  We had checked online - both Google and Trip Advisor, and found Rio Rancho was high on the list.  We definitely chose a good one.  Their breakfast menu was extensive, but we both decided on the same meal.  I liked it because they offered a half size as well.  I don't remember what they called it - but it consisted of one (small meal) or two (large meal) homemade biscuits, stacked with hash browns, your choice of eggs, bacon and finally with sausage gravy over it, sprinkled with some cheddar cheese.  It was delicious.  

We returned to Bentley to get ready for our day.  We are going back to Fredericksburg to attend Fredericksburg Trade Days.  We happened upon this the last time we were in the area 4 or 5 years ago.  We enjoyed walking through most of the booths looking a plethora of items that were for sale.  It was somewhat chilly when we arrived but it warmed up around noon.

Pictures were taken as we entered/left "Trade Day's.

We left Bentley around 10:30, arriving at Trade Days about an hour later, and we left near 3:45.  We looked at almost all of the booths, if not all of them.  What an assortment of vendors with some really nice products.  The only thing we (I) bought was a book signed by the author Henry E. Gann titled "Escape I Must!"  He was a Prisoner of War in WWII.  I am anxious to read it.  I enjoy reading, however I find it difficult to read fiction any longer.  The types of books I prefer now -- real life, autobiographies, something I can learn from or that inspire me.  I feel certain this one will be a good read.

This booth reminded us of our brother-in-law Elmer as he uses gourds for his Purple Martin houses as well.

I was constantly reminded of my son Marc as we walked through the large buildings with all of the woodworking that was on display.  He would have enjoyed seeing all of the items made.  We took a break to grab some lunch from one of many food vendors on site.  I failed to take a picture of where we stopped, but I had to share my brisket taco.  It was very good.  Dean chose a hot dog and his was good as well.

We arrived at Trade Days about 11:45 and left shortly after 3:00.  By the time we left my back was hurting pretty bad.  I do fine if I am continually moving, but that walking, stopping, standing still awhile just gets to me everytime.  I was miserable by the time we left.  We decided to drive on to Comfort and Boerne before turning back to Kerrville.  

Our first stop was at Joshua Springs Park and Preserve in Comfort.  It was very pretty especially with the sun hitting the water in the collage below, and we enjoyed seeing the longhorn cattle too,

From there we moved to Boerne.  If you haven't figured it out yet I love to take pictures of old courthouses, and Boerne did not disappoint.  In the first two pictures are the old jail, sitting next door to the original Kendall County Courthouse - see the plaque below that provides the dates.

History of the two courthouses that were located in Boerne, TX, Kendall County at

Original County Courthouse

New Courthouse
As we left the courthouse we drove by the Boerne Municipal Building.  All of the buildings are quite grand and beautiful.  

A short distance down the road, we spotted another one of those Texas Stop Signs.  I received a message from them that we could earn 2 hearts at Dairy Queen today, so we just had to stop!  LOL!  The lady who took our order said she had an important question to ask it and it could be really great if we answered correctly.  She asked, "Are you old enough to receive our discount for seniors?"  What a way of making you feel good - lol!  I told her if it was for ages 63 and above we were good, and we saved 10% of our bill, that's not bad at all, plus we get a free $5 gift certificate, a DQ cone for $1, and one mini blizzard.  Not a bad deal.  We'll make use of that at our next stop!

As we were leaving town we drove by this beautiful structure in the downtown area.  If I had felt better and we had more time I would have enjoyed walking through it.  Here is information on the business:
The Diengner Trading Co.
I slept on the drive back to Kerrville, waking up when Dean turned on to a bumpy road, with cattle guards on it.  I was glad when we arrived back at Bentley.  I fell asleep not too long after we returned and slept most of the evening.  I woke for up a short time around 9:30 and had no problem going back to sleep about an hour later.  

We had a very enjoyable day visiting Trade Days and the neighboring communities.  This is a beautiful area to visit.  We would like to visit it again in late March/early April to see the flowers, especially the bluebonnets.

We have another full day planned for tomorrow.

Thursday, February 13, 2020 - Day 1 of Exploring the Area - Luckenbach and Fredericksburg, TX

Thursday, February 13, 2020 - Day 1 of Exploring - Luckenbach and Fredericksburg, TX

After getting the coffee started this morning I finished up Wednesday's blog post. When Dean got up, we talked about what we should do today.  We have three days to explore the area.  I made a list of some things to do/see in the area a few days ago.  We decided after he'd reviewed the list we would go to Fredericksburg and Luckenbach, possibly Comfort if there is time.  

Dean and I spent several days near San Antonio a few years ago.  We decided to take a drive to Fredericksburg one afternoon.  We happened upon the Fredericksburg Trade Days and spent a couple of hours there.  After driving down through the historic business district  we decided to look for Luckenbach on our way back.  I've always loved Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson's music and just wanted to see it.  We did finally find it, but it was already dark and it sounded like quite a party going on.  That's not what we were going for, so we passed it by and headed back to our campground.

We left Bentley around 10:15.  It was a beautiful day and although it never reached 70 it was a clear day, with a slight wind.  Just enough you needed a jacket but not uncomfortable.

Approaching Luchenbach - the signs says Luchenbach Town Loop

Entrance to the Town Loop - what little loop there was!

As we came around the loop we saw the country store.  After parking, our first stop was the restroom facilities, which turned out to be a good thing.  As I was washing my hands, a woman walked over and turned on the hot water and let it run.  She commented she always did this so it would be warm, and then commented that she worked there.  We visited a few minutes before I went outside to meet Dean.  Just a short distance away, there was a kissing booth, set up as a prop for pictures.  We were looking at it when she walked out.  She asked if we'd like for her to take a picture of us - well, sure!  So here is our moment in the kissing booth!

I had to brighten this picture up a bit.  Too much shade to get a really good picture.
We enjoyed looking around.  We walked into the store/bar/entertainment building.  There was a store in the front area with all kinds of trinkets, t-shirts, etc you could buy.  I should have taken pictures of their pets - a large rooster that was sitting on the counter, crowing away, and a black and white cat that was laying on a bed of something soft.  Right now I can't even remember what it was - and now I wish I had taken pictures of both.  

We could hear someone singing in the back, so we walked on back to listen.  There were a few benches around the room so we set and listened to a couple of Valentine Day songs by the musician.  He was really good and the songs were very touching.  I enjoyed just looking at the pictures on the wall, the signs, etc.  I loved all of the police, sheriff, and military badges that were attached to the walls.  There were pictures of many people plastered on nearly every inch of the walls - including Willie, and Don Williams.  I'm sure Waylon was in there somewhere, but I couldn't look at all of them due to the people sitting on the benches that made it difficult to get too close.

The post office section of the store.

We walked to the back room as I wanted to look around.  I enjoyed looking at the pictures on the wall, where I could.  We enjoyed the music before we left.  Here are a few pictures of that area.

We became part of their "History Book".

Loved this stove that was keeping us warm.  This room might have been 12 x 12.  Seating was a bench along one side of the bar, and along the wall between the bar room and the store.  If you enlarge this picture you will see some of the police badges attached around the door.
Outside the store was this display of license plates - none from Kansas­čś×

A little information about Luckenbach.

As we left I took this picture.  Starting tomorrow there is a 3-day event going on.  I'm glad we visited today.  There were a couple of RV's on site, one pulled in while we were having lunch.  I'm not sure if they were arriving early to get a good place, or a vendor there for the weekend event.

After leaving the store, we returned to the truck, where we ate the lunch I packed for us.  This is our attempt to keep our dining budget in check, after putting a huge dent in it while we were in Mission.  We parked not too far from the restroom.  Wouldn't you know, they were pumping the septic tank out; so we moved to the large parking area that was all but empty, to enjoy our lunch in a "no smell" area. 

From Luckenbach, we headed back to Fredericksburg where we enjoyed walking through the historic downtown area.  I'm not sure if it was the day or month we visited before, but today it was not busy at all in comparison to our last visit.  The sidewalks were full of people then and today it was a pretty slow day, which was a perfect day for us to visit as neither of us are fond of crowds.  While Dean was searching for a place to park, I was searching online to find the closest restroom.  After locating one, we drove through most of the shopping area, where we found the perfect place to park our dually - a side street with curb parking.  We began our walk, first crossing the street.  As we neared the point where they indicated the restroom was, we could not find one, so we continued our walk toward the other end of this shopping area.  

When we reached the library, we stopped to see if we could use their restroom facilities, and the lady at the desk pointed across the hall to a swinging door, where they were located.  

The former Gillespie County Courthouse, which is now the Public Library.

I loved these beautiful wooden doors at the library. 

We walked into a number of businesses, although we didn't find anything we couldn't live without, we both enjoyed looking.  At one of the stores while Dean was looking around the lady at the counter asked me where we were from.  When I told her Kansas, she asked where in Kansas?  After I told her, she let me know she was originally from Scott City, KS.  What a small world - even though there are several miles between the two.  I visited with her the entire time Dean was looking around.  She told me she followed some RV blogs since many of their customers are RVer's, and she would love to do that one day herself.  

As we continued our walk, we crossed the street, and I snapped this picture of Admiral Nimitz, located outside the National Museum of the Pacific War, and the Admiral Nimitz Gallery.

I had to take this picture of "Grandma Daisy's".  My great-grandmother's name was Daisy.

For my daughter - a big St. Louis Cardinal fan!

And my son, a Dallas Cowboy fan!

A very interesting metal sculpture...

I saw this beautiful dress and immediately thought of our granddaughter Dacy.  She would look amazing in this dress.

Market Square.

Beautiful tree located at Market Square.

City Hall & Fire Station

Pretty flowers on our walk.
After returning to the truck, we started our drive back toward our campground. As we neared Kerrville I was finally able to take a picture of this huge cross on a hill.  We noticed it right away the first time we drove by, but the angle didn't allow me to get a decent picture.  

After a short drive, we happened upon one of those Texas Stop Signs - Dairy Queen.  We decided we would stop, as required, and wouldn't have much for dinner tonight.   We ordered the Heath Caramel Brownie blizzard.  As we were eating them, Dean commented this does not taste the same as we've had in the past.  It was Lots of chocolate, and while he likes it, he'd prefer something with less chocolate in it.

We discovered later she had made us a Choco Brownie Extreme blizzard.
While ordering at the counter I noticed this flyer:

I was looking through it while waiting on our blizzards, and realized it was where I had seen the cross on the hill as we entered town.  I told Dean I wanted to visit this before we leave the area.  It is FREE to visit the Prayer Garden.  

Here is the link if you would like to learn more about it.  I am looking forward to visiting it tomorrow.  

As we returned to our RV Park, I took a few pictures:

The road to our site.

He was at our site when we returned.

Beautiful little chapel they have at the park.  The sun was shining through the window - I wondered if they had some stained glass in the back windows - there was none in the front.  Dean said it's like God is just shining through it.  

Beautiful trees withe the RV park behind it.

Johnson Creek behind the RV Park

Our site - 72
What a beautiful day it was!  The weather has been perfect!