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Travels with Bentley
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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Tuesday, March 24, 2020 - Rain Again?; Morning Walk; Grocery Pickup; Quiet Evening

Tuesday, March 24, 2020 - Rain Again?; Morning Walk; Grocery Pickup; Quiet Evening

I woke to the sound of more rain this morning.  I was immediately disappointed we might not be able to walk, but thankfully the rain stopped around 9.  I worked on yesterday's blog until then, but needed to set it aside.  I got up to make our shakes, when Dean said I think we can walk.  The sun had popped out and we enjoyed another beautiful day out of doors.  The ground is saturated and water is standing everywhere.  I'm so glad we have the pallet outside the door, so we can at least wipe our shoes on the raised mat before we come in.

I've scattered a few pictures throughout today's post.  Yesterday morning when we walked,  Dean asked me if the birds were singing.  I knew immediately he had forgotten his hearing aides - because they were chirping like crazy.  As we started walking this morning he said, there sure are a lot of birds out this morning.  It's hard to imagine he cannot hear them at all without his hearing aides.  I'm so thankful for hearing aides!

A light breeze from the south this morning - cooler today than yesterday when there was no wind.
 After we returned from our walk, I made our shakes.  Dean headed to the garage until 1.  We carry 4 folding camp chairs in our rig when we travel.  We carry two extra in case we have someone visit at our site.  We have two zero gravity lounge chairs that we used to carry with us, but we took them out last year.  We decided we really missed having those while we were traveling these past several weeks, so he is taking the two out we use for guests and putting the zero gravity chairs in.  He also brought another propane tank from the garage to replace an empty one.  Hopefully this one and the tank that we switched to a short time ago will last us for quite awhile since the temperatures are improving daily.

From the overlook, the Neosho River is rising and the fields are saturated from the rains.
While Dean was gone I called my stepdad Larry, and visited with him and his wife Verna for quite awhile.  It was good to hear their voices.  I have several people on my list to call, so I will try to make one or two calls a day, while we are staying inside.

Another shot of the river and the dam.  The city has a small RV Park across the river with water and electric hookups.

The sun really brightened things up this morning.
 Tamales were our lunch for today.  We will be picking up our grocery order later today, so we will be able to switch it up tomorrow.  

I called our local locker this morning to see if they had any hot dogs or hamburger.  I ordered a pound of the hot dogs - they are very good and filling.  They did not have any hamburger, but they put my name on a list and will call me when they have some more.  

I love how the sun brightens this grass to look almost orange.
 Shortly before 4, I received an email from Walmart that our order was ready.  Our time slot to pick it up was between 4-5pm, so we headed to Coffeyville.  It's about a 30 minute drive from here.  There was only one other vehicle in the Pickup Spots when we arrived.  I called the number posted on the sign at each pickup location, and they brought it out within five minutes or less.  We had opened the back up.  They put the items inside for us, even putting our cold items in our insulated bag.  I had to sign, but I had my disposable gloves on, then we left.  Even though it was a little quicker to go back to Chetopa, then north to the RV Park at the south edge of Oswego, we wanted to change it up a bit, so we drove through Edna, KS on Hwy 101 back to Hwy 160, through Altamont then on to Oswego.  We love taking those back roads through the small, rural communities.  

Our route today.

It was after 5 by the time we returned.  We decided to give one of the restaurants in town a little business and ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut.  I used their online app to order and pay for it.  All I had to do was pick it up at the window.   

After dinner, I called my friend Linda to catch up with her.  Shortly before we left they had sold their farm north of Oswego and bought a home in town.  They took possession not too long before we left, so I was anxious to hear how things were going with the remodel of some areas.  While there are still some things to do, they have made great headway since I last talked to her.  I'm anxious to see it, but we are all being cautious during this time, so it may be awhile before that happens.

This evening Dean and I settled in to watch the last few episodes of Virgin River so we are up to date when the new season starts soon.

I'm thankful for another opportunity to be outside today, and to visit with family and friends, even if it's not in person. 


  1. I like your buttons and use them. :)
    Nice to be able to pick up groceries, we are fine for food so far, may run out of cream and butter but we have friends to pick them up for us. We couldn't pick up like you can until after our isolation - no contact for signing. LOL
    Glad that you are making use of your quiet time and still enjoying the outdoors.

  2. Always loved the pizza at Pizza Hut. Sounds like you're able to get the groceries you need and that's good. Must be getting lots of Spring rain in Southern Kansas so soon everything will be green.