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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Saturday, December 1, 2018 - Where Has This Year Gone?; Trip to Wichita;

Saturday, December 1, 2018 - Where Has This Year Gone?; Trip to Wichita; 

November 30, 2018
I forgot to share some pictures I took last night at Oswego Riverside Park.  We drove though to look at the Christmas decorations.  Most of my pictures didn't come out very good.  I need to get my instruction book out and study how to take better night pictures.  Here are the ones that turned out best.

Vail's Automotive Display with truck and tree decorated.  City shelter with red lights in the background.

I think this is my favorite new one for 2018 - Santa fishing over the bluff.  Below is the sign that goes with it.

"The Big CATCH at Christmas is CHRIST"  I just read on Facebook this display was the 2018 winner!

All of these are "old" decorations were hung in downtown Oswego over the years.  I'm very thankful our city crews saved these to share for many years to come.  Even though they were getting worn - it's great to continue to enjoy these decorations we all grew up seeing displayed downtown at Christmas; and now in Oswego Riverside Park.

I was messing with the settings on the camera - a little less light but not as good as I'd like.  I'll keep working on it.

The bus on the right is a display for Diamond Coach Corporation - a manufacturer in Oswego, and the Christmas train was made by Loyal Clough for the city several years ago.  It was previously displayed on the awning over City Hall.  

The old bells and stars that were hung with garland across Commercial (Main Street) in downtown Oswego for many, many years.  Thanks to our city crews for saving these beautiful decorations for all of us to enjoy for many more years.

Saturday, December 1, 2018 It is hard to believe another year is almost over.  Growing up I remember hearing my grandparents talk about how quickly time flies by, and now I understand exactly what they meant.  It seems to be going faster every year.

We need to leave early this morning so we can attend our grandson Roman's basketball game in Wichita at the Y.  It starts at 11:00.  This is the last game we'll be able to watch this year.  We are also taking Christmas presents out to the grandkids and their parents.   We hope to be able to "DUO" (similar to Skype, but on Google) with our kids/grandkids in Wichita and New York either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, so we can watch the kids open their presents from us; and for them to tell us what they received for Christmas from Santa.  We hope to see all of the kids/grandkids near us, to deliver their presents and watch them open their gifts; plus see what they got from Santa too.. It will give us one last visit with each family before we head south on December 26, assuming the weather cooperates.

I just can't help but take pictures while driving through the Flint Hills east of Wichita.

Arkansas River where it runs through downtown Wichita.  A beautiful area.

Friends University - beautiful building.

It's been awhile since I've included a flag picture.  So beautiful with the wind blowing it today.

We made it to the basketball game to find Casey and the boys at a table outside the gym Roman's team will play in.  They came prepared and the boys were reading, drawing or looking over papers while they were waiting.  Roman's team lost today but they played a good game and had a lot of fun.  We enjoyed watching the game.  At this age, they are learning and just enjoying themselves.   Roman is #35.

Roman bringing the ball down the court (#35 - white)

Abram giving me the eye as I took his picture.  He was drawing during the game.

Gideon - reading his book during the game.

After the game Casey/boys and Dean/I both drove to Pizza Hut where we enjoyed their lunch buffet.  We really enjoyed visiting with the boys and Casey.  The food was very good.  It's so hard to keep from overeating at a buffet though.  

Abram wanted to go with us after lunch while we ran a few errands.  We stopped at Target to look for a few things and I did find some more gift bags.

Our next stop was just a few blocks away at Jarred's to leave presents.  Andrea and Emerson were on their way home, but wouldn't be there before we needed to leave.  Jarred was mowing the yard in "shorts!"  I was cold just looking at him.   Brrrrr!  We went inside and visited for a little bit but we didn't stay too long since he needed to finish his work.

We took Abram back home and he played two songs for us on his cello.  He is going to try out for the orchestra so he can be a member of their traveling orchestra.  They will play at various schools in the area.  He did very well on Jingle Bells and Good King Wenceslas.  

After giving hugs to everyone we left and headed to our next stop - Town East.  Josh bought Jaxson a gift for Christmas, but he already had it.  We stopped to see if we could either exchange it for something else or get the money for it to buy something else.  We spoke to the lady at the counter and she first said she could not refund it, so while we were looking for something else, (we weren't having much luck), she found us and said she had texted her manager and she would be able to give us a refund.  Jaxson's dad, Marc, gave us a few suggestions so we'll be looking into those so we can get them ordered and delivered before Christmas.  

We made a stop at Braum's and we each had a shake using our favorite dipped ice cream.  They were so good.  No supper for me tonight!  Dean had popcorn once we made it home.

I drove from Braum's in Andover to Independence, KS.  As we entered the west side of the Flint Hills on Highway 400 we noticed several lights flashing in front of us and traffic was slowing.  We finally realized it was a funeral procession in front of us - at dusk!  We followed it all the way to the service station near Severy, where it turned on 99 toward Howard.  Dean and I had talked about turning there to go home and we decided to go ahead even though the procession was a little slow.  It was just a few miles before they turned off at Howard.  By then it was getting quite dark as the sun was setting.  

We both had forgotten how curvy the road is once you turn onto Highway 160, heading east toward Independence.  We only saw one deer as he crossed in front of us.  I was able to get the truck stopped in time but I wondered if I was going to make it.  Thank you Lord for taking care of us!

Dean took this picture: the last of the sunset on our way home, south of Howard, KS.  I love the lone tree he got in the picture.

We stopped at Walmart in Independence so I could pick up a cake mix for a dessert I want to make tomorrow.  Dean drove the rest of the way home.  It was about 6:30 when we returned to Bentley.  It's been another long day, but we enjoyed spending time with family in Wichita so it was well worth the trip.

Another great day!

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