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Travels with Bentley
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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Wednesday, November 7, 2018 - Trip to Miami......OK not FL!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018 

It was quite a bit cooler this morning but it wasn't too cold to walk.  After we got in our two miles we headed home for breakfast and showers.  

We had planned to go to Joplin this morning but when Misti called and asked if we'd like to meet her for lunch in Miami, we changed our plans.  We just needed to pick up a few things from Walmart and we can do that in Miami just as easy and it's not as far.  We met her at Braum's and had a nice visit, although way too short!  We'll take what time we can get right now while she's in school.

It didn't take us long to pick up the few things we needed at Walmart and we enjoyed the drive home.  We passed through Picher, OK on our way back to Oswego.  It always makes me sad to see all of the abandoned homes and businesses there.  The town was shut down after EPA declared it to be one of the most toxic areas in the US.  It is now referred to as the Tar Creek Superfund Site, and you can read more by clicking on the link.

We made a stop in Chetopa at Buckboard Decor & Gifts to pick up a couple pounds of pecans, one of pecan halves for pies and the other of pecan pieces to use for breads and cookies.  I only had a few pecans left in our freezer.  It was our first time visiting this store.  Dean and I were both impressed with the selection of items they have on display.  Dean found several things he really liked - and that's not the norm - it's usually me.  

After putting away the groceries I've been on the computer ever since - finishing up the last few things to close out our October budget, and inputting everything through today in November's.  I am glad to be caught up with it.

Next was to work on the blog.  I finished it up and made a post for the first six days of November.  I really do not like getting that far behind.  

According to the Weather Channel we are expected to see morning temps drop in the 30's Wed/Thurs and down to 19 on Friday - moving day!  Ugh!  I'm not ready for cold weather yet!

With 2018 being our first year of keeping a detailed budget to track our expenses on the road, I spent the evening re-evaluating our budget for changes to 2019.  Several line items were reduced, a few increased and new ones added that we did not anticipate for the first year that have been going in to Miscellaneous.  It's been interesting doing this and seeing where we are spending our money.  While we've always had a budget, I've never had a detailed one.  It's been eye opening to see exactly how much we spend in each line item.  

It was another beautiful day!


  1. Nice that you got to visit and catch up with your postings. We have our budget down pat after 12 years full-time interesting to see what we spend on what.

    1. When I was working, preparing the city's budget each year was one of the things I enjoyed the most, so I've really enjoyed preparing and reviewing this budget for our full-time lifestyle.

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