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Travels with Bentley
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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Tuesday, February 13, 2018 - Dreary, Rainy Day; Cleaning; Trip to Gonzales Burgers; Washer/Dryer - Should We or Should We Not!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018 - Dreary, Rainy Day; Cleaning; Trip to Gonzales Burgers; Washer/Dryer - Should We or Should We Not!

I've definitely made a decision about laundry - from this point forward no more than a week's worth of laundry will be done at a time.  It was just too much yesterday trying to keep up with 6 washers and then 6 dryers.  If there were not so many people there it would not have been quite as bad - but I had stuff spread out so I was jumping back and forth between washers and dryers, which were in different areas. I had a headache by the time we got back and it carried through the night.  Thank goodness, I feel great this morning!  This life is not about being tense!  I really do not even mind doing laundry but I did mind yesterday.  My own fault!

It's pretty dreary looking outside and we are getting some light rain/mist but tomorrow is going to be much nicer.  After a yummy breakfast of blueberries, yogurt, a little granola, sliced almonds and flaxseed, with a piece of buttered toast and a little smear of blackberry jam I was ready to face a new day.  

After breakfast, I mixed up a batch of dawn dishwashing liquid and vinegar and went to town on the shower.  It works so well and gave it such a nice shine when it was finished!  Love the sparkle!

We are going to Gonzales Burgers for lunch today - I know what you all are thinking - all we ever do is eat, and you would be just about right!!!  Their place of business does not have a sign on the building, it opens at 11:00 and when they run out of the freshly ground hamburger they are done for the day.  You place your order and you get a number starting with 1-? and they call them in order 1 - 2 - 3 and so on.  Dean and I were number 38 today.  There are only so many tables and chairs so you have to wait for someone to leave before you can set down unless you are one of the first ones in the door.

The grill.  They were just getting started on the cooking at this point.  I don't think anyone in the place had their food yet.

The burger itself is huge and thick.  It hangs well over the sides of the bun.  The bun is nicely toasted.  We ordered a bacon cheeseburger with an order of fries.  

Dean and I shared the meal and it was still too much food, but it was really good.  We have now ate at 3 wonderful hamburger places and they were all excellent.  I think I liked Tower Burger the best - because of the variety of their burgers and I love their string onion rings; next the Ranch House burgers - again because of the variety and they have homemade french fries, then Gonzales Burgers.  The burgers on their own merit are all pretty equal.  What I love is the variety and the more they can add to make a burger unique the more I like it, and you just cannot beat homemade onion strings or fries.  However, I would not hesitate to return to Gonzales Burgers because the burger itself was amazing!  I might plan to be there before they open though.  

The rest of our group is behind us at the far two tables.

People waiting to pick up their burgers, or to find a seat.

Our group.  At the back table Peg & Mike, Nancy & Dave, Debbie & Stella, and Lin & Jay.

Peg pulled me to the side today while we were waiting to order our burgers, and said forget the conversation we had about the washing machine/dryer from the other day - guess who is getting one!  At the time she too, thought they really didn't need one.  Now, I am the only one here (of our Heartland friends) that will be without a washer/dryer in my rig.  Dean really wishes I would agree to adding it and he would order one today if I said the word.  Originally we had planned to get one, and then I decided going to the laundromat wasn't that big of a deal once every two weeks.  Well, that idea flew out the window yesterday.  I could go once a week and it probably would be okay, but I could easily do two loads a day if I wanted to right here in the rig if we had a combo washer/dryer, by doing one in the morning and one in the evening.  Even if we were in a park without sewer hookups for a few days, I could either do a load or two at a laundromat or at the park laundry room if I really needed to.  As Dean worked on trying to convince me he said -- if we continue to come down here 3 months each year, and you already know we'll be in Oswego 2-3 months (or more) every year, wouldn't you rather have one knowing you could use it more than half the time versus going to the laundromat all of the time.  Well, when your husband is trying to make your life easier and wants you to have it, and offers such strong reasoning - how do you say no?  

Another reason I did not want a washer/dryer was the space I would have to give up in my pantry.  However, as we've talked through it I think I could move a few things around and make the room.  I would only lose one shelf in my pantry.  I would lose space to set some things on the floor - but they would fit in the under bed storage just fine, so we may see a washer/dryer combo in our future soon.  We'll see!

It was still misting when we left Gonzales Burgers so we came back to Bentley where we spent the afternoon just talking about the rig and how we could make it work with a washer/dryer unit, and some of the other additions/changes we would like to make. There are several things we want to add, and hopefully we can do a few each year.  It's just like a stick and brick home - always wanting to make improvements!

Dean is golfing tomorrow and I will stay here which is fine with me.  I need to make several phone calls to take care of some business, and I need to begin seriously working on our route to see Matt and Megan, then our trip to the New England states. I've been working on a somewhat loose plan, but it's time to start tying it down.  We will need to make some reservations in a few of these places so we need to give serious thought to what we want to do and how long we will want to stay at each point.  I do all of the leg work and then go over it with Dean before making our final plans.

So that is about it for our day.  No plans for this evening but to have a snack (no meal for us - we are still full) and watch some TV.  It's too wet and cold to be outside. 


  1. I was in the same predicament. We spent 7 months traveling around and the closet that the washer/dryer would go in I left empty. After seven months I decided I would rather have the storage. Everyone is different. Bill does go with me to the laundromat so it does make it easier. We move around a lot and don't put the sewer out at every stop.

    1. Yep, everyone is different. Dean really wants it more than I do, but if it makes him happy and I can do without the space I'll lose, I'm okay with it. I'm sure in the long run I'll enjoy having it for the convenience. I know we'll be leaving more stuff at home when we return - I guess you learn what is important to have and what is not as time goes by. With things going out that will help.