Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
Bentley - our Heartland Bighorn

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Monday - Wednesday, August 14-16, 2017 - Fleming Park, Blue Springs, MO

Monday - Wednesday, August 14-16, 2017 - Fleming Park, Blue Springs, MO

Well our time in Springfield came to an end before we could see everything we wanted but that leaves us something to do when we pass this way again.  We have a long travel day ahead of us this morning and we were ready to pull out of Lincoln New Salem Campground shortly after 8 a.m.  We are wanting to arrive early so we can beat the Kansas City, MO afternoon traffic and we are having guests meet up with us this evening - the sooner we get plugged into electric the cooler it will be for our visit.

I only have a few pictures to share - on our way to Kansas City from Springfield, IL we passed into Missouri at Hannibal.  We originally had planned to spend a couple of days in Hannibal, but we changed our mind as we wanted to visit some good friends in the KC area before heading home and we really have a lot of things to do when we return.  There will be another time to make a stop at Hannibal.





We managed to arrive before the traffic got too bad and arrived at our site shortly before 3:00 p.m. but it was an interesting drive at best.  The address we used in the GPS was the office - not the campground so we had to drive around the entire loop and lake before we found the campground.  It wasn't too bad just frustrating because we were ready to be parked.  Over 6.5 hours driving time is just too much for both of us - we prefer no more than 4 hours in a day, and less is even better.

We made it and were met by very cheerful campground hosts that helped put a smile on our face.  Amazing what a smile can do for you when you are tired.  I had selected the site on line and it was a great site with some shade, however it was not very level and it took us a couple of tries to get enough extra height on the entrance side to get us level, but we did it.  Soon the A/C and the refrigerator was on and cooling down.  

We stayed in the KC area at Longview Campground in Lee's Summit,, MO last July where we met up with fellow blogger Mark and his wife Karen.  Mark writes the blog "Our Future in an RV".  When he retires in the near future they plan to purchase an RV and full-time. Mark and I have been corresponding for about a year and a half.  We really enjoyed their company last year so we invited them out to visit again.  We grilled some burgers and they brought some chips and dessert.  It was an easy meal and great company.  Karen and I enjoyed a walk around the campground while the guys talked RV's.  Of course time sped by and in no time it seemed they had to head back home.  Thank you Mark and Karen for taking the time to drive down and see us.  We look forward to when we can meet up in our RV's!  I was so disappointed later than evening that I failed to take a picture!  Here is the picture I took of them last year when we met up with them.

Once I had cleaned up the dishes, we watched a little TV and we had a great night's sleep.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The next morning we did some running around - Walmart and Sam's before heading to Raymore to visit my childhood best friend Cheryel.  She recently moved back to the KC area from Grove, OK.  We have not had the chance to visit her since the move so we were anxious to see her and her new home.  We enjoyed the tour of her beautiful home - even though we caught her in the middle of a kitchen renovation project - countertop, sink and faucet replacement.  She took us to lunch at her favorite Mexican restaurant in the area, Jose Pepper's.  I've heard her talk about it for quite some time so was glad to have the opportunity to see for myself how good it was.  I have to admit the meal we had was wonderful and I would not hesitate to return here again.  We all had the same time - their special for lunch - a chimichanga.  Cheryel recently purchased a beautiful yellow Corvette convertible.  Dean rode to the restaurant with her while I followed in Max - our Big White Dually!  I think she tried to lose me - but Max is bigger than most traffic on the road so I just nosed my way in and stayed right behind her!  😃  AND I forgot to take a picture of Cheryel and her car so I'm borrowing some of hers from Facebook.  

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, horse, cloud, sky and outdoor
Cheryel - my best friend since grade school

Image may contain: car and outdoor
Her yellow convertible Corvette she tried to lose me in!!!  😃

From Jose Pepper's we mapped out a lesiurely drive (as lesiurely as a drive through the KC area can be) towards Prairie Village where our good friends, Donnie & Janie, formerly from Oswego now live.  It took us a little while to make the drive but we stayed on roads with little to no traffic in comparison to the Interstates and enjoyed seeing the sites as we made our way to their home.  We arrived a little before 3:30 and had a great visit with Janie and her granddaughter Lily before Papa and the rest of Lily's family showed up about an hour or so later. Janie fixed us a wonderful dinner of spaghetti casserole that was DELICIOUS! Her daughter-in-law, Leigh made a wonderful salad and we topped it off with cake.  YUM!!  We had such a good time visiting with Donnie, Janie, their son Jeff, wife Leigh and their three children Lily, and twins Liam and Landry.  The kids were a hoot and it was good to see them.  They have grown so much since we saw them about a year ago. Lily wasn't too excited when we first showed up - we were taking her time with her Ninny - but she gave me a hug and kiss before they left so that sure made me feel good.  She's a doll, and those twin much fun!

I failed to get a picture of Donnie & Janie too!  So I borrowed one from their FB page too.  I must do better at taking pictures!!!  

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We finally left about 8:30 or so - it's always hard to part with good friends and that is how we felt about our trip to the KC area - it was great to see everyone but the time goes so quickly and we have to move on.  We hope to get back to the area where we can spend a week or more, as we have several other friends in the area we didn't get to spend time with due to our tight time restraints.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

We were not in a big hurry to leave this morning in order to give the morning traffic time to thin down a bit before we have to get on I-470 for a short distance to take some of those same lesser used highways we were on yesterday on our way out of the KC area.  We avoid busy traffic even if it takes us an extra hour when we can.  

Our drive home was pretty uneventful except we ran into some pretty heavy rain north of Pittsburg, Kansas.  We were pretty hungry as we neared Pittsburg, so we decided it would be a great place for lunch.  We happened to get just enough of a break in the rain and were able to make it from the Home Depot parking lot (where we could park Bentley and Max) to Rib Crib.  We no more than made it under the front awning and it began to pour again. We enjoyed our meal as we always do at Rib Crib and then made our way back to Oswego.  An end to another wonderful trip in our Bentley!

We already miss Matt, Megan, Josh and Sarah!  Thanks for making it a fun trip and it will have lots of memories we can share for many years to come!  Remember that tiny cabin you all had to stay in?  Lol!

We are here in Oswego until September 14 when we head toward Hutchinson, Kansas for the Kansas State Fair to watch our grandkids participate in the 4-H Horse Show there. From there we plan to attend two rallies back to back with our Escapees family, then our Heartland family.  


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