Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
Bentley - our Heartland Bighorn

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Thursday, July 27, 2017 - Ozarks Mountain Springs RV Park, Mountain View, MO

Thursday, July 27, 2017 -  Ozarks Mountain Springs RV Park, Mountain View, MO

We spent the last two days cleaning and then reloading Bentley with food, clothes, etc. in preparation for our trip to Kentucky and Ohio to spend time with our son Matt, his wife Megan and their two children Josh and Sarah.  We decided it was easier to just spend the night in Bentley on Wednesday evening since everything we needed was already loaded.  It rained this morning which hopefully will cool the day down compared to the temperatures we've had the past several weeks.  Before we leave for Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio, a short trip to Tennessee and then we will reverse our steps back through Kentucky and Missouri, we have a stop to make this morning to watch two of our grandchildren Dacy and Tucker show their meat goats at the Cherokee County Fair in Columbus, Kansas.  

A couple of pictures of them showing their goats.
Tucker is at the front of the line with his goat.   He received Reserve Champion.

Dacy is the  closest to me with the dark headed goat.  She just missed Reserve Champion and received a blue ribbon.

Dacy and Tucker (3rd & 4th) with their breeding goats.
It was fairly cool when we arrived at the show barn.  The entire time we watched the goat showings it was cool, with large fans blowing all around us.  After the goat show was completed, we walked over to the Girl Scout House here at the Cherokee County Fairgrounds where we had lunch with our son Brett, wife Renae, Dacy and Tucker before we headed back to Oswego to hitch up Bentley and begin our 4 hour drive to Mountain View, MO.  We were surprised when we walked outside of the goat arena - it was hot and sultry.  They did an excellent job of keeping the arena area comfortable!  By the way the food at the GS House was pretty good and the young Girl Scouts working there did a good job of taking our orders and serving us.  What a great experience for them!

Our drive to the campground, Ozarks Mountain Springs RV Park, was uneventful.  Since we've traveled this road before - last spring in fact - I didn't even bother to take any pictures. We made two short potty stops along the way and arrived at the campground a little after 5:30.  Fortunately, we had a nice easy spot to pull in to and we were soon set up.  Even though today was much cooler it was still warm in Bentley, so we set outside for awhile enjoying a nice breeze while the air conditioners did their magic to cool Bentley off before I fixed us some dinner.  

Dean enjoying the cooler weather in our campground this evening.

A couple of weeks ago my sister Cindy and I went to Joplin to run a few errands and then stopped by to see our step-dad.  I was hungry so we hit the drive-through at Taco Bell.  I ordered a chicken burrito and it was delicious.  I liked it so well I decided to see if I could not replicate them at home.  They were pretty good the first time I made them, but I felt like the seasoning was a little bland, so tonight I am making them again and will use a full package of taco seasoning as the package directs. 

The burritos were better tonight, however I might cut back on the taco seasoning just a bit next time or add a bit more chicken, but overall we thought they were very good and I will definitely make them again.  

Recipe for Chicken Burritos

I cut up a rotisserie chicken then cooked it in a package of taco seasoning, per the package instructions.  I also made 2 cups of white rice.  While waiting for the rice to get done, I warmed up tortilla shells, then divided the chicken and rice between the shells. The final step was to add sour cream (a fairly good amount), before folding them up.  Yum..yum!! Very easy and almost like running through Taco Bell's drive-up without having to leave Bentley!

Once dinner was over we were pretty well worn out - we watched a little TV and then hit the sack.  We will stop over in Paducah, KY for two days tomorrow.  We've passed through here several times and although we've walked through their downtown area and had a meal or two, we are looking forward to exploring more of the area.  Stay tuned!