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Monday, June 12, 2017

June 8, 2017 - Elkhart County Fairgrounds - Bus Tour to South Bend, IN

June 8, 2017 - Elkhart County Fairgrounds - Bus Tour to South Bend, IN

We had heard about the trains here at the fairgrounds - and as most of you know we live quite near a train track at home.  However, our train is a short line and there are not that many trains --- in comparison to the one here.  Here they are loud, fast, they must have a 100+ cars and they run continuously all night long.  I'm not sure when I finally fell asleep - 11:30, 12:30 - but it was 4:30 when I woke up and finally got up at 5:00.  It's a good thing I slept so well the night before.

Maybe it was the dreams I was having about trying Nellie's muffin that helped keep me awake but it was almost the first thing I thought of once I had gathered my thoughts for the morning.  Two minutes in the microwave and I soon had a wonderful muffin with white chocolate chips, coconut and pecans to enjoy with my morning coffee.  Yummmm!  Yes, Nellie's muffins were worth the wait!

Our bus tour leaves at 8:00 this morning, and they will begin loading at 7:45.  It's a short walk from our site and as we were ready to board the large, nice, cushy bus when they advised us we would need to change buses and take the smaller, not so cushy bus for our trip.  The other trip going out today had more passengers than our group and they would not fit on the smaller, not so cushy bus ----- oh well!  The ride to South Bend wasn't bad, but the cushy seats might have been a little more comfortable on the way home!

Our tour director pointed out several interesting things within Goshen on our way to South Bend, IN.   Downtown Goshen has a number of beautiful sculptures by Seward Johnson (an American artist who began his career as a painter before turning to sculpture.  He is one of the most recognized sculptors of our time and has prominent displays in such places as Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Hong Kong, Paris and Rome).  The county courthouse is located here in Goshen.  It was originally built in 1868-1870, and renovated between 1905 and 1908 in the Renaissance Revival style.  It is quite stunning and a number of the sculptures are located within the block where the courthouse is located.  There is an app that I have downloaded to my phone that provides direction to many areas of sightseeing within the Goshen/Elkhart area.  We intend to drive this one afternoon or evening before we leave and we will share with our findings with you.

Our first stop on our tour today was at  the University of Notre Dame.  This was a guided walking tour given by Natalie, an incoming freshman.  She did a great job of providing wonderful information but her voice didn't carry quite as well as it needed to for our bunch, but I think she was able to answer all but one or two questions.  One of those was who does Notre Dame play at their first football game this year?  She laughed and said the schedule was out and she had looked at it but she could not tell us who they would play.  I have a feeling she looks that up later and knows if she is asked again.

Here are photos of our walking tour.

Eck Visitor's Center

The Basilica in the background.

"In Celebration of Family"

This was a  beautiful campus.  This is our tour guide Natalie.  She walked backwards as she gave a very informative talk on the Notre Dame campus.  

Grotto of our Lady of Lourdes.
Very beautiful!

To the right of the Grotto.  Everything was beautifully manicured.

Inside the Basilica. 

Pipe Organ.

The Basilica.

Main Building with statue of the Blessed Mother standing atop the Golden Dome.

Inside the Main Building.

Murals of Christopher Columbus.

Main Building with the Golden Dome in the background.

Hesburgh Library/"The Word of Life" Mosaic
Popularly called "Touchdown Jesus".

Notre Dame Stadium - "The house that Rockne built" is the legendary home of the Fighting Irish football team.
Due to construction we could not tour the stadium.

The next stop on our tour was visiting Copshaholm, the Oliver Mansion.

Our docent explaining the "Oliver Plow"  The following information was taken from the Internet:
June 30, 1857, James obtained his first patent from the U.S. government, entitled “Improvement in Chilling Plow Shares.” It covered a new way to process a plow point, or share, to an extremely hard surface. This was his first improvement in the plow. Many were to follow and the Oliver Plow became the most popular plow in the world.

The Carriage House for the Oliver Mansion

The Oliver Mansion

There were many beautiful, ornate fireplaces throughout the Mansion.

This was the music conservatory.  The inlay on the walls was amazing.

A secretary desk that was in a room at the hotel where Abraham Lincoln stayed prior to his death.

Interesting old trunks.

This is almost identical to the sink that was in Oswego's Community Building prior to constructing the new one.

Quite a stove!  I could have used this when all of the kids were at home.

This sink was made with a very soft material to reduce the chance of china being broken while washing it.

Next stop - Lunch at Tippecanoe Place Restaurant.

Tippecanoe Place Restaurant

Stairway inside Tippecanoe Restaurant

Lunch was wonderful.  We started with a nice lettuce salad and warm rolls, then was served our main course of chicken breasts, over mashed potatoes with a wonderful sauce, and sauted vegetables, followed up with a mousse'.

Our next and final stop was at the Studebaker National Museum.  By now my camera was giving out so I had to borrow Dean's to take the remainder of my pictures for the day.

These are just a few of the cars that were on display.  For some reason I did not get the plaque to tell about this car, but they are included on the remaining pictures if you want to know more about each one of them.

Play area for children.

As you can tell we had quite a day here in South Bend, Indiana.  We were glad we had the opportunity to visit!

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