Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
Bentley - our Heartland Bighorn

Thursday, April 6, 2017

March 25 & 26, 2017 - Benson, AZ

Saturday-Sunday, March 25 & 26, 2017- SKP Saguaro Co-op, Benson, AZ

Saturday, March 25, 2017

We took our time getting around this morning as we were not in a big hurry since we only have 39 miles to travel.
We saw this train of nothing but engines along the way!
We are relocating to Benson, AZ to the SKP Saguaro Co-op for two nights.  Prior to the Escapade the Co-op only had boondocking (in other words, no electric, water or sewer) spots available.  We are hoping there might be some openings now, but we are prepared to boondock if necessary.  We left Pima County Fairgrounds at 10:25am and arrived in Benson at 11:46am and Yes, we are boondocking for two nights.  The good side of this is - it is cheap!

Once we arrived at the campground and were setup, we ate lunch, and then we took a walk to the very back row of RV's where our friends Glenn and Marcia are parked.  They leased a site for 6 months and have been here for the winter.  You might remember I mentioned they were also at the Escapade and they encouraged us to stop here on our way home.  They were home and we visited for awhile before Glen took us all for a ride in his ATV to the top of the hill behind the campground.  The Saguaro Co-op is laid out in tiers up the side of a large hill.  Behind the campground is another slight hill that provides breathtaking views of the mountains and valleys.  Here are a few pictures I took while we were in the park and at the top of the hill.

View from the front of our site near the top of the hill in the campground.

What a beautiful view these folks have of the valley and mountains.

See the hill behind these homes - we rode in the ATV to the top.

My grandson Jaxson would love this railroad community one of the residents built in his front yard.

Our view from the top of the hill, behind the campground, where we rode to in the ATV.

Another view.
They also gave us a tour of their beautiful community center here in the campground.  It is very, very nice providing a gym area, a large room to play games or cards, plus they had several tables set up with various jigsaw puzzles in process.  They have a full kitchen and a large meeting area, as well as a nice laundry facility and bathrooms with showers.  I was intrigued with what I thought were counters in the large meeting room, only to find out they were actually on wheels and storage for their tables on the backside.  Here is a picture.  What a great idea!

Sorry this picture is a bit blurry.  It works great for a serving area, but when it is pulled away from the wall, it is perfect to stack the tables in, out of sight!

This is similar one they made for storing their folding chairs.  I think each door is a different section to keep the chairs more organized so they are not falling when you remove only a small number.  Another great idea.
We went to dinner with Glen and Marcia.  We had a couple of places we were going to try but they were full with people waiting to get in, so we tried Jule's Family Restaurant.  The food was pretty good however we have had better service.  For those of us ordering a salad, we had to remind the waitress we had not yet received it after the meals were delivered to the table, I never did get the mustard or ketchup for my hamburger, and we had to ask twice to get containers for food to take home with us.  I think there was also some waiting on our drinks as well.  Then we had to wait and wait for our ticket and I think the guys finally just went to the register to pay.  There is entertainment at 7:00 this evening back at the SKP campground community center and we were in a bit of a hurry to make it back for it.  We drove straight there upon returning and had just enough time to run to the restroom before finding our seats.

Beautiful sunset in Benson, AZ. as we returned to the campground after dinner.

The show was pretty good, but I was so tired at times I had trouble keeping my eyes open.  In no time it was over and Glen and Marcia dropped us off at Bentley.  Tomorrow Dean and I are traveling to Tombstone for the day.  Dean loves westerns so it's right up his alley but I'm looking forward to it as well. I was thinking of my Dad who I believe would have enjoyed this visit as well.  I was glad that we didn't have to walk back to Bentley - everyone walks with flashlights here at night due to the snakes.  They like to lay out on the warm roads once it starts to cool off, so walkers beware!!

Just a word on the lack of hookups here - we do not have solar power or an inverter but boondocking is not impossible.  You might remember we did this for a full week last March in Florida.  We managed just find and was able to use all of the important electrical items we needed - we just used them when the generator was running - for instance drying my hair, watching TV, running the microwave, etc.  It worked out well for us.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Our drive to Tombstone was uneventful and this sign welcomed us.  Sorry for the glare!

T. Miller's Tombstone Mercantile & Hotel

Birdcage Theatre

Some of the old buildings in Tombstone.
Old Tombstone
Gunfighter's Hall of Fame
Depiction of a miner's shack
What a funny looking cow girl - I didn't know sunglasses were a thing during the Tombstone era!
I told Dean to act like he was talking to the prisoner - and his hands were going like he was telling a really tall tale!

This miniature golf course was in Old Tombstone, and there were beautiful views from here.
Our next stop was to watch a reenactment of the Gunfight at the OK Corral.  Here is some information that was posted throughout this establishment.
Interesting read.
Location where the shooting took place.

The guys in black and white are the good guys - we were supposed to cheer them.  This included the Earp brothers as well as Doc Holliday.  The guys on the left not in black and white were the bad guys.

Jesse James and Billy the Kid

After the shootout - Doc Holiday in the middle/
Big Nose Kate's Saloon - where we had our lunch.  I had the reuben sandwich and fries and it was great.  

This was a popular place and the food was surprisingly VERY GOOD.

My wonderful husband giving me the evil eye for taking his picture.

This place was hopping, the food was great but it was a bit loud with so many people - the musician (above) sang some great songs.
Tombstone Courthouse

Beautiful circular staircase


Interesting article about the only time Geronimo was photographed.
County Treasurer fulfilled many roles.

The Earp brothers and Doc Holliday.

The gallows behind the courthouse

Tombstone's Founder and how Tombstone was named.
I've mentioned this before but my sister is the County Treasurer in our county so I always look for things that might interest her.  
Fire Station

Horse drawn wagons readily available to give you a tour of the town.

Beautiful flowers were blooming.

I'm not sure what kind of tree this is but I thought it was pretty - unfortunately the guide wires were in the way.  It was a beautiful day.

And of course I'm always interested in City Halls, and this one is unique.
This concludes our tour of Tombstone.  When we left we decided to drive on south towards Bisbee, NM and take the road back to the northwest through Sierra Vista and the return to Benson via I-10. Here are a few pictures from our drive.

We enjoyed this ride.  The mountains and desert were beautiful in their own way.  

The Horseshoe Cafe - this was our first choice for dinner and while we didn't get to try it, we do hope to have the chance to return in the future to try it.  There was quite a few people waiting to get in - so I hope that's an indication i'ts worth returning for.

Benson's Visitor Center.
After we returned I  made a pizza that we cooked out on our grill in our cast iron skillet.  We really love cooking them like this - gives a nice crunchy crust.  After we had cleaned up after dinner and did a little preparing for our leave in the morning, the sun was already beginning to settle.  Arizona does not participate in daylight savings time so it still gets darker earlier than at home.  I sent Glenn and Marcia a note about stopping by to say goodbye before we leave tomorrow.  We ran the generator as late as we could and watched a little TV, then checked our phone messages and Facebook until time to head to bed.

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