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Travels with Bentley
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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 – Ms. G’s RV Park, Loraine, TX

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 – Ms. G’s RV Park, Loraine, TX

I was up early this morning (4:45) after a long night of waking up almost on the hour.  The parking lot here at the fairground is well lit – too much for sleeping well as far as I’m concerned.  I could not remember what I had used to cover the windows when this has happened before, and even if I had remembered, when I did, the old beach towels I carry for this purpose were under the bed.  Not sure Dean would have thought much of me lifting the end of the bed in the air while he was sleeping in order to retrieve them.  Now let that picture set in.  HAHA  I guess I was so tired when we went to bed I fell asleep without even noticing the light outside.  I  have made a mental note to be sure and check this out in the future.

I’m usually up early anyway, and soon I was enjoying a cup of coffee as I read my morning emails which consist of mostly RV blogs and devotionals.  Once Dean got up we watched the news, ate breakfast, got ready and between us we soon had things packed up and we pulled out of the Cleveland County Fairgrounds at 8:45.  We have a long travel day to Loraine, TX, almost 350 miles.  We do not really enjoy long travel days, however on occasion it’s just easier to get it done.  I managed to take a few naps, so I feel rested now.

I took several pictures throughout the day as we passed through southern Oklahoma and Texas.  We enjoyed the landscape.   Here are a few pictures:

The last time I was in Medicine Park was in 1969 when my cousin Randy graduated from the 8th grade.  He and his parents lived here while his dad was stationed at Fort Sill.  His grandma and grandpa Paul (who was my great-aunt and uncle) brought me with them.  

If you enlarge this picture you will see the beautiful buffalo embossed in the concrete overpass railing.

We enjoyed the beautiful green fields. 

Seeing cattle grazing is very peaceful to me.  Could not resist taking this picture - I missed a really good one earlier.

President George W. Bush Bridge over the Red River at  the Texas State Line.

Red River

Entering the State of Texas.

Falls at the entrance of Wichita Falls, Texas.  I was not quick enough to get the best picture.

It was 33 degrees when we left Norman this morning.  I like the weather in Texas!!

Another beautiful green wheat field.

Equipment used to pick cotton.  We saw many cotton fields that had already been harvested.  

Here you can see the leftover cotton from the fields along the side of the road.

This was the courthouse in a small town called Anson.  I apologize for the dirty windshield but the courthouse was just to pretty to pass up.

An old wagon near the courthouse.

The two pictures above are of the wind farms that were in every direction from us as we drove this part of the highway near Loraine.  After we arrived at the RV park, a gentleman told Dean this is the largest wind farm in the US.

Enlarge this picture and you can see the surprise visitor out our window as I started working on my blog post.  EEK!!!!  I sure didn't want to startle him/or her!!

Cotton baled up.

Bentley at Ms. G's RV Park - Loraine, TX

Cactus just across the road from where we are parked.

Pictures of very old mesquite trees located in the park.  The owner said they were over 100 years old.
Just a little information on the park itself.  Brad and Dawn are the owners and very nice people.  They were very accommodating. The park is two years old and a work in progress.  It was in need of mowing but overall it served our purposes well.  We had 50 amp electric and water hookup.  It is very peaceful here, except for the occasional train.  I barely noticed the first train.  After that we opened our window and the only other one we've heard was very noticeable.  This is a Passport America Park.  The rate was $20 for 50 amp and $15 for 30 amp.   They have a fire pit and cooker available for campers to use.  

We left Norman at 8:50 am and arrived at Ms. G's at 3:45 pm.  Tomorrow our destination is El Paso. El Paso Cit---eee!  I can hear Marty Robbins now!!!

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