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Travels with Bentley
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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Thursday, March 16, 2017 - Mission RV Park, El Paso, TX

Thursday, March 16, 2017 - Mission RV Park, El Paso, TX

Another great sleeping night for us, although when I woke up this morning and my Fitbit showed 6:45, I thought I had really slept in again.  Wow....2 days in a row.  However, once I hit the "on" button on the coffeepot and picked up my phone to check emails I realized my Fitbit was still on Central Time - it was 5:45 here.  That's okay though.  Mornings are my favorite time of the day.

Once we checked our emails and finished our chores, we left to do some exploring in El Paso. We checked TripAdvisor and the #1 Things to Do was the Scenic Drive Overlook - so that is where we headed.  Here are a few pictures I took as we turned off on the last road leading to the Overlook.

I enjoyed looking at the homes and the beautiful trees in the yards.  You can see the mountain where the Scenic Drive is located in front of us.

The road was like this all the way to the lookout and down the backside.

Looking to the west from the Overlook.

The park below the overlook.

The above plaque explains a change in the course of the Rio Grande between the United States and Mexico along or near the border of El Paso and Ciudad Juarez where property was exchanged between the two countries.
This house sitting atop the hill was quite stunning.

Looking south from the overlook.

A home we drove by as we left the scenic drive.  It was just very serene and inviting.

We drove Loop 375 which runs along the border.  You can see the fencing on the Mexico side.  The Rio Grande is beyond the fencing.

Border crossing.  You can't really tell from this angle but it was backed up quite a ways.  

We had lunch at La Palmas.

Our lunch at La Palmas was good but I was looking for really great.  I ordered a variety plate so I could try several things.  It consisted of a taco, cheese enchilada, chile relleno, and a pork tamale, along with beans, rice and guacamole.  Dean ordered two tacos and two enchiladas.  He also wanted cheese dip, so we ordered a side order of their chile con queso.  Well, they brought a bowl - I think it would have been enough for about 10 people.  The chiles were cut in long strips and the cheese was clumpy and it was more like a soup. We both thought it tasted okay but was not at all what we expected.  Their salsa was quite good and had just the right amount of heat to it for me, however Dean is not a big salsa fan. The tacos were great and they used homemade tortillas so the tacos get a 4.5, and the rest of it was just okay.  I would probably give it a 3.5 overall, based on a scale of 1-5.

After lunch we came back to Bentley and rested after our big meal.  About an hour or so later we decided to take a drive back east and then south.  As we drove in on Wednesday it appeared there was a significant amount of agricultural land near the border, so we drove down to see it.  They had evidently planted the crops and were now irrigating.  Below I show a picture where the water is being released into the irrigation ditches, and just below it is one where they are flooding the field.  The field has embankment around it to contain the water within each field.  It was really interesting to see.

Mission drawing, on the overpass embankment.

These trees were so beautiful.

Pumping water into the irrigation ditch.

Water being released into the field to irrigate the crop.

Tomorrow we will pull up our landing gear and head on west to Deming, New Mexico.  This will be a new state for us so we will get to add another state to our map.  It's a short drive compared to the last two travel days, and should only take us 2.5 hours or so.  That's the way we like to travel!

Thanks so much to everyone who follows our travels.  We are having such a great time seeing things we had only hoped to do once we retired.  It's a huge blessing to be able to now do it and we are thankful everyday for the opportunity.

I always enjoy hearing from readers, so don't be shy!

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  1. Cheri, please let me make a suggestion about your blog. It woule be much easier to read if you would use a larger font to make it easier for those of us getting older, and with bad eyes...

    Thank you and also let me say that I love reading of your and Dean's adventures.