Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
Bentley - our Heartland Bighorn

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Saturday, March 18, 2017 - Adventure Bound (Cactus Country) RV Park, Tucson, AZ

Saturday, March 18, 2017 - Adventure Bound (Cactus Country) RV Park, Tucson, AZ

After I posted the blog last night, we went for a short walk and I took a few more pictures that I wanted to share.
Our site - you can see a bit of the sunset in the background.

Office Area

Entrance to the campground

Nice landscaped area at the entrance to the park

I tried to spend a little time this morning getting Bentley cleaned inside, wiping down the woodwork, cleaning the shower, and getting sheets changed on the bed before I got ready.  Once I was done Dean and I headed up to the office/lounge for breakfast.  We both had biscuits and gravy and scrambled eggs. It was pretty good. 

Once we finished breakfast we went back and to finish getting Bentley packed up.  We pulled out of Dream Catcher RV Park in Deming, NM at 9:15am.  

Our drive was really nice today, we saw some really beautiful scenery in both New Mexico and Arizona. 

Pictures below were taken between Deming and the Arizona state line.  We were surprised at the different landscapes in this short distance.

We arrive in Arizona!

A short distance into Arizona we stopped at this rest area.  We loved the rocks and hills at this location.  Dean was watching a large bird of some kind fly around over the hills, his shadow following him perfectly on the hills.  At first he actually thought it was two birds.  

As usual Dean was giving me a bad time about something so I told him I was taking his picture to post on the blog!!  We laugh a lot during our travels.

We really love the beautiful artistry on the bridges, overpasses, etc. we have seen on this trip.

This picture was taken at our RV Park, Cactus Country in Tucson, AZ.  This saguaro cactus towers over Dean.  To his right is a fountain under the arbor.  I was at the laundromat, located right behind him.  I was setting outside while waiting for the clothes to finish.  I could hear the fountain bubbling and very much enjoyed it.

Once we had set up and I had finished doing our laundry we had a couple of things we wanted to do.  First, we wanted to check out the route we would take tomorrow to the Pima County Fairgrounds where we will stay for the 57th Escapade.  Dean and I belong to a local Escapees Chapter in our area that covers KS, MO, AR, and OK.  The Escapade brings all chapters together for one large event. It is our first time attending.  We found the route very easy to follow.   Once we had that figured out, the next thing on our list was to make the short drive to Saguaro National Park - about 9 miles from our park.  I took over 100 pictures but I narrowed it down to the following.  It was difficult to select just these as this place was really beautiful.  The Saguaro cactus are only found in the Sonoran Desert, which is located in in the southeastern part of California, southwestern part of Arizona and in the state of Sonora Mexico.

The Saguaro National Park was established by Congress in 1994.
You can click on any of these pictures to enlarge them.  

Interesting sign!  I'd hate to fall into any part of this area with all of these cacti...ouch!


I encourage you to take the time to enlarge this picture  - This was such a beautiful site.
We are meeting our friends Linda and Alvin tomorrow and going into the Escapade together so we can park next or near each other.  We plan to leave the park around 8:30 or so and will meet them at the exit near our park around 9:00.  It is about 3-3.5 miles from there to the campground.  We will stay pretty busy this week so I am not sure how often I will get a chance to post to the blog but will try to do at least 2-3 throughout the week and weekend before we begin our return trip home.

Tonight after dinner, Dean was outside getting things ready for us to leave tomorrow.  Our neighbor noticed our Heartland rig and asked him if we were a member of the Heartland Owners Group and Dean told him yes, we were.  He said he had a good friend named Bernie who owned a Heartland and went to many of their rallies. Dean said he knew a Bernie and came to ask me what his last name was and where he lived.  I couldn't remember his last name at the time except that it started with a V but I remembered where he lived and that his wife was Judy, and sure enough it was the same person. Dick, our neighbor here in the park, emailed Bernie and told him we were parked next to him.  We will see Bernie in May at a rally in Branson.  It's a small world with RVer's. Everyone is so friendly and nice.  We really love meeting all of these wonderful people.

There are activities going from 8:30am until 8:30pm or later every night.  There are seminars, vendors, RV's on display, exercise groups, crafts, games, etc. to do throughout the day and every evening there is some kind of entertainment.  It's going to be a fun-filled week in Tucson!!!!  See you soon.


  1. That's a garden one could not afford to plant at home. Wonderful! The scenery is like the Kansas Flint Hills on steroids.

    I clicked on a photo to enlarge and discovered I could page through them as a group. Not sure how Microsoft or Blogger does that.

    Took 110 photos over the last couple weeks with a new camera myself. It's so hard to narrow down to a few for the blog. I appreciate you taking the time to do that.

    Looking forward to watching the remainder of your trips and what goes on at the national rally.

    I was take a work trip next week to Jacksonville Florida for a trial. Looks like it is going to be continued until later. Darn, hoped to find Linda and Howard from RVDreams as they are outside Jacksonville per RVillage. Oh well.

    Stay safe

    1. Mark, the 2018 Escapade will be in Sedalia, MO. May 27-Jun 1. You and Karen should plan to join Escapades and attend the event. It has been great. They have a Boot Camp prior to the event beginning. If you have your rig by then you could spend the week or so there. The sessions, the people, entertainment, etc. was just great.
      How disappointing to miss the trip to Jacksonville and the opportunity to meet with with Howard and Linda. They are so knowledgeable. Such a great resource.

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  3. Hi Cheri, when I saw your post, a new 'blurker', I like to read more about you and how wonderful that you have a blog as well. I see we enjoy a lot of the same things, love the cactus pictures. We are moving to Grove, Ok today for 2 nights and then heading through Missouri, Indiana and Michigan.