Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
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Thursday, November 3, 2016

October 24-30, 2016 - Treasure Lake Resort, Branson, MO

Dean and I bought a membership at Treasure Lake Resort in Barnson, MO last year.  So far we have only visited two times.  We wanted to make use of it and this is a perfect time to visit the Branson area.

We had Bentley loaded and ready to go shortly after 9:30 this morning (Oct 24) and pulled out about 10 minutes later.  The drive seemed to go quickly and we were parked on site #345 at Treasure Lake Resort before 1:30.  We were quite surprised how full the campground was.  The annual meeting of the resort is this Saturday and they have a lot of activities and music events going on this week but we didn't expect it to be this busy on Monday.  The area we have always parked in was packed full but we soon found a nice site not too far away.

After having some lunch set outside to enjoy the sunshine.  It wasn't long and a white car pulled up in front of our site and I realized it was our SKP friends Vern and Joanne.  They unhooked their car from their motorhome in order to come in the park and scope out a place.  We visited for awhile and they left to find a spot.  A short time later they drove by to let us know where they would be parking - one row over from us. Dean wanted to do some shopping this afternoon.  He's been looking for a leather cell phone holder he can wear on his belt but he wants a certain kind.  We stopped at one store with no luck.  I checked for leather stores in Branson and found one right next to Cakes and Creams on 76, so we headed there next.  He was in luck - he found just what he wanted and it was the last one they had!!!

We have dinner plans with another SKP friend Carolyn for tonight.  She recently purchased a new home and I was anxious to see it.  She suggested we come to her home first and then we could eat afterwards.  Her home is located on Table Rock Lake and she has some beautiful views of the sunsets from her deck and living room.  It is beautifully decorated, including some marvelous pictures she painted herself.  She is a very talented lady and we enjoyed our time with her very much.  We drove separately to Danna's BBQ where we enjoyed our meal and talking to each other for quite awhile before we headed our separate ways.  Once we got settled in we watched Dancing with the Stars which we were recording and called it a night.

Dean and I walked almost every morning while here in the park and we managed to get in some pretty good distances.  There are quite a few uphill challenges on the walking paths and we "climbed some stairs" according to my fitbit.

Tuesday (Oct 25) morning we walked over and visited with Vern and Joanne for awhile and had a chance to see the inside of their new to them motorhome.  It is very nice and very open.

After leaving their rig, we had a quick lunch and then drove to my Aunt Lil's (my mom's youngest sister) house to visit with her and her husband Gary.  They live on Bull Shoals Lake.  It took us about an hour to get there and we visited for a couple of hours or so before heading back.  We had a really nice visit as always.

Dean grilled us some hamburgers for our dinner tonight.  They sure tasted good.

Wednesday (Oct 26) morning after our walk Vern and Joann stopped by for awhile to visit.  We sure enjoy their company!  They told us that Frank and Joyce, a couple we met at our SKP meeting in Grove had pulled in yesterday evening and were parked just a couple of spots down from them.  It's becoming a reunion of SKP members here.

I told them we were headed to Khol's later as I was looking for a new pair of tennis shoes.  I had a couple of coupons I was hoping I might be able to use - but unfortunately I didn't care for anything they had. We also checked out Shoe Carnival, Bass Pro and finally Famous Footwear at the Branson Landing.  FF had a shoe that I really liked and in the color I preferred but they did not have my size. They offered to call the Tanger Mall FF and as luck would have it they had it in my size so off we went.  I was quite happy to find something even though it took a good part of the day.

Later this evening we walked over and visited with Vern, Joanne, Frank and Joyce for awhile.  The weather has been beautiful here this week and the evenings while cooler are perfect for sitting outside visiting.  Too bad we don't have a campfire.

Thursday (Oct 27) Dean wanted to drive over to Hollister, MO where a new Menard's opened this week.  We spent a couple of hours walking around there and afterwards we stopped at a Mexican restaurant not too far away.  It was very good.  Afterwards we drove back to the Resort.  We had not been here too long when my sister Cindy called and wanted to know where we were at.  When I told her at the resort, she said but where, what is your site number?  Cindy and husband Elmer and her best friend Paula and husband Gary were in town for the next two days and they wanted to come by. In no time they showed up and we enjoyed visiting with them for an hour or so.   Later, we ended up at Vern and Joanne's to visit.

Friday (Oct 28) we asked Vern and Joanne to have breakfast with us at Cracker Barrel.  If you follow this blog regularly you know Dean likes to have breakfast out on Friday's.  We had another great visit. After we returned Dean and I walked up to the club house to get our name tags and ticket for the annual meeting tomorrow.  Then we walked over to the Lodge where they were having a concert. Greg Jones was the singer performing and we enjoyed our time listening to him.  He was quite good. After lunch we talked to our friend Carolyn and invited her to come out to visit, and she arrived an hour or so later.  We found out that another SKP friend Connie and friend Jack were at a different RV park in town.  Today they are at Silver Dollar City but we hope to get everyone together tomorrow if we can.  Later we all went back up to watch Comedian Terry Wayne Sanders at 3 in the Lodge.  I've never heard anyone talk so fast in my life, and he was pretty funny.  Vern and Joanne's grandson Chris drove down for the day, along with Gary and Connie more SKP friends from the Springfield area.  Afterward, Terry completed his set we all went to Godfather's Pizza for dinner.  Frank and Joyce joined us there.  What a fun time.  Here Dean and I thought we'd be down at the resort on our own and we probably would have ended up being bored.  We've had a great time and really enjoy time with our SKP family.  We returned to the park and ended up at Vern and Joanne's for a few hours before we all called it a night.

Saturday (Oct 29) after breakfast we followed Frank and Joyce to the Andy Williams Theater for the annual owners meeting of Treasure Lake Resort.  You won't believe this but we walked in and as we were taking our seats I happened to notice the people sitting behind us were also some of our SKP members - Ray and Carolyn.  They have been here two weeks but are in a different section of the park.  I wish we had known they were here before today.

The meeting was quite good and we were glad we attended.  As part of the opening ceremony George Dyer, an award winning tenor sang the National Anthem - what a voice!!!   Throughout the meeting, they had several other local entertainers from the various music venues in Branson.  The first was John Tweed, Branson's only four octave vocalist.  He was amazing!  After hearing the financial report of the park we were entertained by none other than Jim Stafford where he amazed us with his guitar expertise and some songs, including "I Don't Like Spiders and Snakes".  After they presented awards to various outstanding employees and volunteers at Treasure Lake we were entertained by Pierce Arrow.  This is one of our favorite groups here in Branson and as usual they did an awesome job. And finally they gave away LOTS of door prizes.  I am sure there were nearly 100 prizes, but unfortunately none of us won.  That was okay though, we still had a great time.

Afterwards we had lunch with Frank and Joyce at Tequila's, a Mexican restaurant on Hwy 248 not too far from the resort.  It was another excellent meal.  We love having the opportunity to visit restaurants with people from the area.  We used to have many favorites here in Branson but most of them have closed so we are learning the new to us "best" eating places all over again.

After lunch we headed to the clubhouse to hear Debbie & Gordy Wenzel.  We first heard this couple at the Hard Luck Cafe here in Branson about 18-20 years ago.  We returned there many a year to hear them again and again.  Later on we happened upon them at the Branson Mall (next to Wal-Mart on 76) and at that time we purchased several of their cd's that we have enjoyed listening to over the years.  This was the first time we have had the opportunity to see them in several years, and it was worth the wait.

Carolyn had planned to attend the annual meeting this morning but she sent me a text she was not feeling well and was going to rest.  While we were waiting for the show to start I sent her a text to see how she was feeling.  She was doing much better and wanted to know if we wanted to get together later this evening.  I told her we thinking of going to have a snack later and asked her if she wanted to check with Connie and Jack to see if they would like to join us and I would check to see if Joyce and Frank would like to go.  Vern and Joanne left this morning to head home.

We all met at McFarland's at 4:30 and had dinner together.  Carolyn surprised us by asking for the "Raising Table".  Dean and I had set at one of these tables before so we weren't surprised to find our table getting higher and higher by the minute.  It took awhile before the other two couples figured out their plates were getting closer and closer to their mouths as they ate.  We all had a good laugh and had to sing "Row Row Row Your Boat" before the table would return to it's normal height.  We had a great meal and a great time.  We stood in the parking lot talking to Joyce and Frank for awhile before we finally headed back to Bentley for the night.

Sunday (Oct 30) we hurried to get around as we plan to leave here around 9.  Joyce and Frank stopped as they were walking their dog to say goodbye and shortly after that we were hooked up and ready to go.

What a great week with many really great friends.  RVing has opened a whole new opportunity for friendships in our retirement.


  1. Sounds like you've had a busy week. Are you going to the Escapees Happy Hour in Quartzite?

  2. No, we are doing some work on the house over the winter, so we'll only make it to the Escapade this year. I'm hoping a year from now we'll be able to spend more time in Arizona over the winter.