Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October 2-7, 2016 - SKP Chapter 17 Fall Rally - Cedar Oaks RV Park - Grove, OK

I am way behind on the blog and trying to catch up.  Of course I can't remember everything that happened during this time so I'm going to just provide an overview of the following rally events.

October 2-7, 2016 - SKP Chapter 17 Fall Rally - Cedar Oaks RV Park, Grove, OK

Sunday, October 2
Dean and I made sure Bentley was packed and ready to go early this morning.  Dean was golfing with brother-in-law Elmer, and my sister, Crystal and I were headed to Chetopa to attend the 140th anniversary of the Chetopa Christian Church.  This is the church I attended until I graduated from the 8th grade.

Crystal noticed the speaker would be Loyal Harp a former resident, teacher and coach in Chetopa that attended the church when we did.  His wife Bobbie watched us after school and we had not seen them since they moved from Chetopa in the late 1960's.  As it was, not only did we get to see and visit with both Loyal and Bobbie, but all of their children were there as well.  It was great to see them and catch up a bit.

When Crystal dropped me off, Dean was already hooked up and ready to head south.  We were soon on the road and an hour later we pulled into Cedar Oaks RV Park.  In no time we were parked and set up.  A few members were already there - the Horstman's and Kern's.  Soon more pulled in and there were many hugs and visiting going on.  What a great bunch of people this group has.  We are so happy to be a part of this big extended family of rv'ers.

After quite a bit of visiting and catching up, we were hungry.  Most of us went to Charlie's Chicken for dinner.  When we returned to the park, we were surprised to see our friends Bill and Mary Van Nuys had arrived.  We did not expect them until tomorrow, and we had a nice evening visiting with them.

Monday, October 3
Monday morning the guys met for coffee and an officer's meeting was held around 1.  As the newsletter editor I attended the meeting.  I enjoy putting the newsletter together.  It's only published quarterly and I only have to mail 3 of the newsletters, as most go via email, so once it is done there is little work involved.  We had a great dinner by Wagon Masters Bill and Janice of sloppy jo's, coleslaw, potato salad, pies and cake.  It was delicious.  Dean and I visited with Bill and Mary again this evening.

Tuesday, October 4
Each morning as I have my coffee I read a number of RV blogs.  One of my favorite is "Bill and Jan RVING the USA."  I have been following their blog for about 2-2.5 years. As I am reading it I realize they are in the same park we are having our rally.  What is amusing, is as I was reading her blog last week while they were in Goshen, IN for the Montana Rally I noticed a picture of our friend Mary Van Nuys on her blog.  I contacted Mary to tell her I had read about her in Jan's blog and to encourage them to come to the fall rally.  What are the chances that Jan and Bill followed Bill & Mary's route from their rally to the same park where we are having our rally just a few days later.  Needless to say I sent her an email and asked if she would have time to meet up with us while they were here.  After a few emails we decided on sometime after 4:00 or so later today.

This afternoon we played Joker's Bingo in the clubhouse.  It was alot of fun!  Four people play with one deck of cards and our group was Dean, Mary, Linda Baker and me.  Guess who never won a hand?  That would be me!!

Mary and I walked over to Bill and Jan's RV and had the nicest visit with them.  Since they are SKP members, we invited them to join us for dinner tonight at our rally and they graciously accepted.   Bill, Mary, Dean and I had the best time visiting with Bill and Jan.  What a wonderful surprise and exciting day it was to get to meet these two wonderful people.

Wednesday, October 5

As I was having my coffee this morning and reading Jan's blog I found we were mentioned with a few pictures!  WOW!  Today Mary and I ran into town so I could return a shirt I had purchased here in Grove a few weeks when I was here with my sister..  I drove through Grove to show her around a bit before we returned to the park.  Today we mostly visited and I played hand and foot with a few of the ladies this afternoon at the clubhouse. Vern and Joanne Eide had chili dogs for dinner tonight and ice cream sandwiches for dessert.  Very good.  We spent the evening visiting some more.

Thursday, October 6

This morning we had our annual business meeting.  I will remain as the club's newsletter editor.  I enjoy putting it together.  There is one published each quarter so it's pretty easy to do.  In the past our spring and fall rally's have been held a week or two earlier than our regular monthly casual campouts held from April-October.  At this meeting it was voted and agreed to hold the rallies in conjunction with the monthly casual campouts in April and September rather than meeting two separate times in these two months.

One couple had to back out as wagonmasters for this evening so Dean and I agreed to fill in.  Since we had so much food left over from the last three nights we had a smorgasboard of leftovers for tonight's meal.

Following our meal tonight we had our brown bag exchange.  Each person brings a gift of approximately $5 value - typically something to eat.  Each person draws a number.  As the number is drawn from another set of numbers for each person in attendance they have to pick a brown bag.  The rules are you cannot touch it or move it.  Once they open it is available for view and can be stolen from the "owner" twice and then it stays with the last one to steal it.  It is lots of fun and we again had a great time.  Chocolate seems to be high on the list for all!

Leftover food items were auctioned off, and our rally closed.  Pam and Dennis will bring up doughnuts in the morning and there will be coffeee.  Then we will all head our separate ways until we either meet up in two weeks at Sequoyah State Park, Wagoner, OK; in Texas for those that will be going for the winter or next April at our spring rally at Monkey Island RV Park, Afton, OK.  It's always hard to leave our friends but we wish everyone safe travels and look forward to our next get togethers.


  1. Hopefully, we'll see you again in the future. Nice putting a face with a name.

  2. We definitely will be in Tuscon. I am very excited about attending our first Escapade!