Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
Bentley - our Heartland Bighorn

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October 16-21, 2016 - Sequoyah State Park, Wagoner, OK

Sunday, October 16
When I got home from church Dean already had Bentley hooked up and was ready to pull out.  We had loaded everything inside earlier this morning.  We pulled out shortly before 1:00 and made the 2 hour +/- drive to the Seminole Campground within Sequoyah State Park at Wagoner, OK.  Our site is #25.  We loved the site as we are separated some distance from immediate neighbors - which doesn't happen in many of the campgrounds.  While this campground does have sewer at some sites ours did not, however it does have 50 amp electric and water hookups.  The weather was beautiful while we were here and we enjoyed watching the deer and turkeys that visited the campgrounds early in the morning and later in the evening.  Our campground had a beautiful waterview with stunning sunsets every evening.  We had a number of campfires in the evening and even enjoyed one morning campfire.

Upon arrival we noticed Phil and Janelle were pulled into a site but were sitting in their truck with their RV still connected.  We walked up to see what was going on and they explained someone was in the site they had reserved, and had apparently left.  They were parked in a vacant site that will be Pam and Dennis' site when they arrive tomorrow morning.  The park host had contacted the owner of the trailer and he had indicated he did not plan to return until the following day.  The host had contacted the park ranger and they were waiting to see how they were going to handle it.  Long story short, the owner of the trailer finally arrived and they got into their site sometime around 7:30-8:00 that evening.  They arrived at the park at 12:30.  Needless to say they were not happy and it made a very long day for them.  Fortunately hings like this do not happen often, and it is difficult to understand why someone would even do this when the site was clearly marked that someone had it reserved.

Friends Keith and Drena were also onsite.  We visited with everyone before heading to bed.

Monday, October 17
So this morning we were getting around and before leaving I needed to use the bathroom one last time.  While I was sitting there, I felt the toilet give a little bit and it made a popping sound.  I know I've gained a few pounds, but really!!!!  I called Dean in to see what had happened and a section of the back of the toilet had cracked.  It did not affect the bowl and no water was leaking but we were concerned about how sturdy it was for further use, and even more concerned about how it might hold up bouncing up and down as we drove 69 Highway back home.  That is a terrible road.

I called our warranty company to see about purchasing a new toilet.  We found that Dean cannot just go buy one and change it out himself to make use of the warranty, it must be installed by an RV repair person.  We drove to Muskogee, OK and obtained a price for a new toilet at an RV company that provides both sales and service.  The cost is more than we would pay if we utilized our warranty so we inquired if there was a mobile RV repairman in the area.  They gave us the name of an individual and we called, leaving a message.  Chad called back later in the day.  (Outcome:  He took our information and after seeing what was involved he contacted our insurance company.  They authorized him to do the work and he will replace the toilet.  Our deductible is $100 and the final cost will be nearly $400 so it was well worth it to go through the RV technician rather than undertake it ourselves.  Chad finally arrived late afternoon/evening before we planned to leave the next day and had it changed out in less than 30 minutes.  We were happy to know it was repaired and we didn't have to worry about what would happen if it wasn't repaired before bouncing back up 69 Highway.)

Alvin pulled in later this morning and his wife Linda will join us later as she already had plans for today.  As usual we had lots of great food to eat this week.  Phil smoked 2 Boston pork butts on his Traeger grill, along with several hot links.  Everyone brought a side dish to go with the meat, and it was all delicious.

Terry and Jennifer arrived a few days into the campout and we enjoyed meeting and getting to know them.  They joined our group and we are thrilled to have them.  We look forward to seeing them more in the upcoming year.

One morning Linda and I decided to ride their (hers and her husband's) bicycles around the park.  We pedaled from within the Seminole campground where we were parked out to the main road.  It is uphill for a fairly long distance.  Linda was able to pedal clear to the top but I had to stop part way up and walk mine the rest of the way.  I just couldn't pedal.  Come to find out she had dropped her gear to 2, and I thought I was dropping my gear but instead raised it and I was trying to go up on gear 5.  It made me feel better and I made myself ride it to the top the second time we tried it - but in the right gear that time.  We wore both pretty winded when we finished the second ride and called it quits.

I would like to get bicycles for Dean and I to ride while we are camping and maybe down the road that will happen.

On the last full day of the campout Janelle, Linda, Pam and I went into Wagoner.  We visited two flea markets, then had lunch at a wonderful bistro downtown.  Afterwards we visited the Wagoner Historical Museum.  It was really interesting.  Janelle's family (The Cobb's) were one of the early families in Wagoner and there were several things of interest with her family on display.  Janelle took us by her house and showed us a beautiful Murphy bed that has been in her family for many years.  I was not expecting it to be so beautiful and would have never have known it was a bed had she not opened it up for us to see.  We also admired the beautiful quilts made by her husband Phil.  He not only hand stitches the pieces but does beautiful embroidery on a number of them as well.

We all said our goodbyes on Friday morning and we headed back home.  We have a busy week ahead of us before we take off for at least one more trip next week before we put Bentley away for the winter.

Saturday, October 22
So I have to add this little story.  We arrived home on Friday.  Misti, my daughter, called me to see if I wanted to have lunch Saturday for my birthday (which is the 23rd).  I told her that sounded great and she is going to pick me up after she gets off work at noon.  Dean had some errands to run and then was going to run by the golf course to see what was going on.  Misti picked me up and told me she wanted to stop at her house first.  Last weekend before we left to camp, her 17 year old son Logan had his Senior pictures taken.  Some of those were at the piano in Riverside Park.  Afterwards we moved the piano to Misti's home.  Misti, my sister Cindy and I helped her hang pictures in the rest of the house the week prior to that.  She told me she wanted to show me what she had done with the shelves she had hung over the piano before we went to eat.  We pulled up to her house and walked in through the garage.  She walked around the corner before me and then I walked in - to a room full of people - my husband, my son, two daughter-in-law's, grandkids, my sisters and their husbands, and necies and nephews, along with two of our dear friends who recently moved from Oswego.  They said SURPRISE and Happy Birthday!  I was so surprised I couldn't even speak.  All I could do was stare at them.

While I took a few minutes to walk around and talk to each of them Misti and my sisters were setting everything out.  What a feast --- pulled pork, several sides and desserts, including a beautiful birthday cake.  It was so nice of them to do this and I was really touched that they did.  I love my family very much.  Thank you again to all my family and our friends who are reading this.  It really meant so much to me.  I love you all!