Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
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Sunday, November 13, 2016

November 9-13, 2016 - All-Seasons RV Resort, Wichita, KS

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I did not want to get up this morning even though I knew we had a lot to do.  I could not go to bed last night until I heard the final results of the election and it was almost 3 before I finally gave it up. I finally managed to pull myself out of bed around 6:30 (late for me).  Hopefully I'll sleep really well tonight and get caught up since we plan to spend the next several days visiting kids and grand kids in Wichita.  Dean's oldest and youngest sons and their families reside there.  Fortunately for us the campground we stay at is within a few miles from both of their homes so its very convenient for us.

It was 11:00 before we finally pulled out of Oswego.  We made 3 stops on the way including one for lunch, which we rarely do when pulling the RV.  Typically I just make us a sandwich to eat on the road. However the convenience store in Fredonia, KS has recently added a Subway and it is easy for us to get in and out of, besides providing truck/rv parking in the lot behind the store.  We noticed there were quite a few cars as we approached the roundabout intersection and we wondered if we should go on, but our rumbling stomachs quickly made the decision for us.  We really didn't have much of a wait to place our order, and after taking time to eat in the truck, we were soon on our way.

The rest of the ride went smoothly and we were in our site at All-Seasons RV Campground on West Maple St. in Goddard, KS, and we were unhooked by 3:30.  We enjoy this campground and we've stayed here often enough now the staff knows us.  While most of the units here are full-timers it is clean.  They leave an area in the front for those needing an overnight spot or short time visitors.  The sites are pull-through and have full hook-ups.  We've never had any problems here.  They have a nice activity room and very clean restrooms and showers.  While we never use them, it's nice to know they are available to those who might.  We were in site 3 this time, and we noticed they had a crew in to trim their trees.  We appreciate this!  The roads and sites are all gravel and while concrete is much nicer it's not too bad for the convenience.  The price is affordable and it is very easy to get to.  As we were checking in they asked us if were here to visit our sons.  It's nice to know we've been here enough now they know who we are.

Once we were set up, we relaxed for the rest of the afternoon and evening. Dean made roast beef hash for dinner, one of our favorite meals.    Afterwards we drove the 3.5 miles to our son Heath's house to visit with him and his family.  However, since it was a school night we didn't stay too late.  They have three boys, the oldest is 9 and the youngest will turn 6 next month.

We will be back on Saturday to spend the day with them.  Their oldest son Abram, has a basketball game Saturday morning that we will attend.  Following that we will hang out at their house for the rest of the day.

 After nodding off several times as we watched TV I finally headed to bed about 8:30.  Being up to the wee hours of this morning were catching up with me.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fortunately I had a great night's sleep.  Since all of our kids and their spouses are working today and the kids are in school, we had the day to ourselves.  Dean told me he actually had something he wanted to do - visit Academy, Cabela's and he wanted to eat lunch at Hooter's.  Yes my husband loves Hooter's.  For some reason after eating there once he was convinced they had the best wings ever, and wings are his favorite part of a chicken.  Since he rarely even mentions eating somewhere he really likes, or even has the opportunity to eat at a Hooter's, I agreed.  In fact in the nearly 23 years we've been married this might be the 4th time we've gone. Dean is the most easy going guy and rarely suggests doing anything, so how could I say no.  Off we went from the west to the east side of Wichita.

On our way there we were headed east on 13th Street when we approached a stoplight.  A driver coming from the north was pulled out into the intersection waiting to turn east.  Dean waited until this car turned (our light turned green as this car made it's turn east after his light had changed to red) and then began to enter the intersection and all of a sudden a grey van comes shooting through the intersection from the south.  I yelled and he hit the brakes.  The guy swerved to keep from hitting us and I really thought he was going to hit the car across the intersection from us that was heading west but he managed to get his van stopped.  Oh wow, my heart was in my throat and my poor heart was pounding.  What a close call!!  We didn't see the guy coming at all so we had to wonder if he was on the phone or something that he was that distracted to run a red light.  Fortunately for us God's hand was on us and other than the rise in our heart rates we were just fine, and we continued on to our first stop, Cabela's.

Surprisingly Dean actually purchased some summer clothing that was on sale at Cabela's.  He really likes the light weight clothing made by Magellen and Columbia .  Cabela's happened to have a markdown on these and he was able to get two pairs of pants and one shirt.  Dean rarely spends money on himself so I was pleased he agreed to purchase these.

When we left I checked our phone and a Hooter's was pretty near us so we headed there next.  I was pleased to see a large sign advertising that on Tues and Thurs you can order 10 wings and get 10 boneless wings for Free.  Since I prefer the boneless, this was perfect for us.  I have to admit I felt a little uneasy walking in as other than the man and woman we seen leaving I was the only woman in the entire place except of course for the waitresses.  Dean did tell me later it wasn't as good as he remembered, his wings were a bit overcooked.  On the other hand, mine were excellent.  We took half of our food home with us to enjoy for lunch tomorrow.

As we were leaving Dean asked if I would want to drive and I agreed.  He doesn't mind the driving but enjoys having the opportunity to really look around and of course, he can't do that too well at the wheel.  At our next stop, Academy, he bought a new ball cap (on sale of course), golf balls and golf tees. Wow, I think I started something encouraging him earlier!  Seriously, as I mentioned before I was pleased that he spent something on himself, as he so rarely does.

We headed back to Bentley after our shopping trip to rest up a while.  We are spending some time this evening with Jarred and his family, and headed to their house an hour or two later.  Jarred had not arrived home yet from picking up their daughter Emerson, so we visited with Andrea for awhile while waiting.  We were surprised that Emmy warmed up to us so quickly after Jarred arrived since we haven't seen her since September, but was elated that she did.  She is 20 months old now and I can't believe how many words she can say.  We went to dinner this evening at Abuelo's.  As always it was delicious.  I snapped this picture of Emmy and her daddy Jarred.

 Afterwards we stayed to visit for a short while and then headed home.  Jarred has a meeting in the morning and he is going to drop Emmy by Bentley so we can spend some time with her and then we'll hang out with them the rest of the day.

Friday, November 11, 2016

After coffee this morning, I straightened things up and did some dishes while we waited for Emmy to arrive. Jarred brought her a little doll crib full of toys and we had a great time playing with her until he returned. Once he arrived we discussed what to do later and decided we'd go see the new movie directed by Mel Gibson, "Hacksaw Ridge".  After he left, we had leftovers for lunch and then headed to Jarred's.  A short time later we dropped Emmy off at the babysitter's and then we headed to the show.

This movie was just amazing and a little too real to life for what I prefer when it came to the battle scenes, however I think it was good for me to better understand some of the horrific things soldiers have to witness.  As you may know the story is about a young man, Desmond Doss, who enlists during WWII but refuses to carry a gun as a conscientious objector. No one in the military can understand his reasoning and he is given a pretty difficult time for his decision, even facing court martial. In a twist I did not expect a decision was reached that he would remain in the army.  Other than give away the story all I will say is I came away with a couple of things.  While I have always felt all soldiers were heroes I have an even stronger appreciation for our armed forces and what they endure for our freedoms; and it proved our faith in God will permit us to overcome even unbelievable obstacles, allowing us to do anything he puts before us.  This was a great movie, one of the best I've seen in quite awhile and I would highly recommend it.

It was a very fitting movie to watch on Veteran's Day, and I'd just like to say I appreciate all of our Veteran's and the freedoms we enjoy today because of their commitment and service to our nation.

We left the theater, picked up Emerson and headed back to Jarred's for awhile before we went to Pie 5 for pizza.  It was our first time visiting this restaurant and it was "okay".  You can choose from several standard pizzas on their menu or you can build your own.  They make the pizzas as you move through the order line and they are ready when you pay.  Dean and I each had a garden salad, and a special made to order chicken alfredo pizza, with artichokes on half of it (for me).  While it was good, it is not one of our favorite pizza places.  I didn't care for waiting in line such a long time and I think they were a little skimpy on the toppings.

We headed back to Bentley after dinner so Jarred could share some time with Emerson (Andrea was attending a football game in Derby with her sister and aunt).

Tomorrow we will spend the day with Heath and his family, so stay tuned.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Heath texted us last night to let us know they were going to Lamar's in the morning and advised if we wanted to join them they would be there at 9:15a.m.  Well, since we've learned about Lamar's Donuts in Wichita we rarely pass up an opportunity to go.  Heath and Casey found out about it shortly after they moved to their former home, just around the corner from Lamar's several years ago.  Lamar's is located just east of 21st & Maize on the south side of the road.  If you are ever out there stop in. We've never had anything we didn't like, (of course, it's not as good as our own Jinks Bakery in Oswego used to be, but it's the best we've had since) and we both agree the apple fritters are our very favorites, and Dean really likes the doughnut.  We arrived at 9:15 and we should have made it about 10 minutes earlier.  Heath & Casey had already made their selections and were paying when we arrived.  We had to wait 7-10 minutes before we had our 2 apple fritters and 1 regular doughnut, but as usual it was worth the wait.

Abram's basketball game begins at 10:00 and it is just a short drive north from here to the City of Maize so we arrived a good 10 minutes before game time.  Since the game in progress went slightly over we were all good. Abram has never played basketball before this year and we thought he did a good job.  He's tall for his age, seemed to be the tallest of his teammates.  He just turned 9 in August and the team is for ages 10 and under. (I'm sure there is another age group younger but I'm not sure what that age bracket is.)

Abram is No. 12, Blue team.

We enjoyed watching him play although the other team either had some really talented kids or they had been playing together for awhile.  They were very good and made great shots.  But more importantly the kids are learning the basics, teamwork and how to get along with others and that is what is important right now.  Their season ends in just a few weeks so I'm not sure if we will get an opportunity to see another game this year.  If not, we'll look forward to next year.

Jarred, Andrea and Emerson showed up shortly after the game started and Emerson was having fun cheering for Abram and later playing with her cousin Roman.

Notice Emmy's hair in this picture.  She was jumping up and down and cheering for Abram!

Roman enjoying a game on his tablet, leaning on mom.
Just happened to get this picture and thought it was pretty cute.

Afterward the game, Dean and I headed back to Heath's.  Jarred and Andrea asked Dean and I if we would want to watch Emerson for awhile this evening while they attend an event at their church.  Of course, we agreed.  We hung out with Heath's family, had some sandwiches and just visited.  About mid-afternoon Heath, Casey, Dean, Abram and Roman went out to shoot some baskets and practice with Abram.  I went out for a short while but it was pretty cool today and I was soon back inside. Roman and I played cards for awhile later.  He loves to play games but today was a little tough since he had only part of a deck of cards.  We tried to play Slapjack, but with only one jack we called it Slapqueen! HAHA  We still had a lot of fun.  A new deck of cards might be in his stocking this Christmas!

Jarred and Andrea dropped Emmy off about 3:30.  She had already taken a great nap and she was a busy little thing but as good as gold.  While she loved Heath's dog Jewel, she was also afraid of it. She kept saying "Jewel" or "Puppy" but then run from it when it came towards her.

We ordered from Pizza Hut for dinner.  It's so nice place your order and pay for it on the internet and then have it delivered.  As usual it was very good.  Unless I make it at home, we prefer Pizza Hut to most other chain pizza restaurants.  Jarred and Andrea returned to pick up Emmy at about 7:45 and we headed back to Bentley not too long afterwards.  I don't know if it was due to the time change or the weather has caught up with me, or maybe even the fact I was sick last week, but I was in bed shortly after 9.  I just couldn't keep my eyes open.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

I could not believe it when I woke up this morning and it was almost 6:15.  I cannot remember the last time I slept this long in one night.  I told Dean I think when it's really cold (it was around 33 degrees last night) and we have really nice warm covers on the bed I sleep much better.

After our coffee, breakfast and getting around we soon had everything packed up.  We pulled out of the campground at 8:35, and Dean had Bentley backed into his parking spot at our house at 11:50. We noticed when we turned off of the highway there was a lot of equipment in front of our house, on the road south of our house, and a truck with a large trailer was pulling off of the road right in front of our house blocking our driveway.  The contractors are doing work for Centurylink, Dean's former employer to upgrade fiber cable here in Oswego.

We were slightly concerned we might have a problem getting by all of the equipment but it was not a problem and we were able to get backed in pretty quick.  One of the contractor's came up and talked to Dean and indicated they would move their equipment if needed, to accommodate us which I thought was extremely professional and courteous of them.  They did move the truck with the large trailer but other than that we had no problems at all.

Now I have to tell a little story on myself.  I had read the local Methodist Church was having their annual chicken and noodle bazaar, so we were kind of in a hurry to get home so I could run out and pick up two meals for us.  It's great food and we've attended almost every year for as long as I can remember.  I moved the truck after Dean unhooked it and then ran in and got the keys to the van and ran out to the community center.  There were several cars there and while I thought it seemed like a small crowd, the churches weren't out yet (or at least you could not tell any of them were by the looks of the local restaurants as I drove by them on the way to the community center, since they are usually packed after church) so I assumed I was just early.  Guess what, it was the previous weekend!!  I was sick last Saturday and Sunday and I guess it was the previous week's paper I had read and then because I didn't feel well of course I forgot all about it and we did not go.  Talk about feeling silly ---- and extremely disappointed.  So after we have ate pizza twice in the past couple of days we ran up to our local Pizza Hut and had a salad and pizza from their buffet. It was still very good, especially the salad!

My sisters and I get together on Sunday afternoons from one to three.  There are four of us and we all still live in Oswego.  As the oldest I host the first Sunday, and by age the rest host the 2-4th.  We do not get together on the 5th Sunday.  I have not been able to attend except maybe once in the past 4 months so that was the other reason for rushing to get home early today.  I missed them!!  I had planned to host last weekend but since I was sick, no one wanted to come to my house!!  We had a great afternoon visiting, catching up and planning our annual family Christmas for December 18.

Since the weather is finally cooling down it means we need to winterize our dear Bentley and put him into hibernation until spring.  So that means my posts will probably be minimal until March, when we will begin our 2017 "Travels with Bentley".  At that time we will head south to attend our first ever Escapade in Tuscon, AZ.  We already have a really busy RV schedule for next year with our Heartland Owners Group-including the National Rally in Indiana (June), and our Chapter 17 Escapees rallies/casual campouts (April through October).  We also plan to spend more time in Branson at Treasure Lake Resort where we are owners as well as visiting several places around Kansas we've always wanted to see.  We'll see you down the road!


  1. I really think you should come south sooner. You'd love to experience Quartzite and the Winter Blast. I guess I'm not the only one who is calendar challenged.

  2. Can I ask what you do to be able to watch TV? We've talked about several options, but not made any decisions yet.

  3. We purchased a Tailgator since we had Dish at home. It's worked pretty well for us. Since we purchased ours they have come out with a new version that will operate 2 tv's. At some point we hope to upgrade.