Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
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Saturday, September 10, 2016

September 8, 2016 - Robertsville State Park, Robertsville, MO

September 8, 2016 - Robertsville State Park, Robertsville, MO

Thursday, September 8, 2016 

I'm not sure what time it started raining last night but I heard it several times throughout the night.  It was still raining when I got up this morning and hit the button to start the coffeemaker.  We were able to get our satellite to work her at Clinton Lake and the news indicated rain would occur most of the day.  After breakfast we tried to work getting things ready outside whenever their was a lull in the rain.  At times it just poured and we just had to wait it out.  We finally pulled out at 10:20 - about an hour later than normal - but with the rain we were pretty happy with this time since our travels today will be much shorter, just slightly over 200 miles.

Our drive went quick and there wasn't anything to share until we reached St. Louis.  I snapped these pictures and they looked pretty good to us as it's not far from our last stop before reaching home.  We are really missing our kids in Kansas and the grandkids.  We look forward to seeing the first bunch this weekend.  We'll head to the Wichita area next week to see the rest of them.

As we drove through St. Louis we talked about just driving on to Oswego tonight but decided we really didn't want to get there after dark and have to get parked and unload even the basics.  I called to a campground outside of Springfield to see if we they had a campsite open for tonight but unfortunately they were full, so our decision was made.  We will go ahead and stay here at Robertsville State Park.  We have a reservation but we are ready to be home so we were willing to just give it up if we could get home or closer.  Once we pulled in we soon felt that way even more.  I had changed our reservation and I could not get the confirmation to open on my phone, so I could not find our campsite location.  I finally remembered I made some notes on the previous reservation (that I had printed out) and was happy to find the campsite number was noted.  So after driving through the campground loop at least three times Dean tried backing in to site 22, and he tried and he tried and he tried. The roadway was very narrow, the entrance had a pretty good drop off and with the truck being a longbed he just could not get it in the site without getting the truck into the brush and off the road, so we drove around to the park host's site.  He said we could pick out a site, and to just let him know which one we chose.  We chose site 15 and Dean backed right into it without a problem, however it was pretty unlevel.  We looked it over and decided he could move over more towards the driver's side.  Fortunately that worked.  It went from a 3.9 to a 1.5 which only required a couple of boards under the passenger side of the RV.  Of course to make it more amusing (especially for anyone who might have been watching us) this was all happening in the rain!

Once we were set-up and inside, we were just tired and felt a bit water logged.  We watched a little TV before I got out my laptop and started working on the blog.  I hope to get it caught up while we are here.  Our site has 30 amp electric - thankfully the temperatures have dropped and this works fine for our overnight stay.  There is no water or sewer hookup but that is not a problem for one night as we have enough water on board and our tanks are nearly empty.  We do have a Verizon signal here - and that made me very happy.

This is really a pretty little campground, but it has lots of trees around us.  We don't really mind that too much except for the rain - it means Dean will have to check the roof and slides before we leave tomorrow and chances are it will be in the rain as it is in the forecast again tomorrow.

Tonight we nuked a couple of baked potatoes, heated up some frozen broccoli/cauliflower mix, and some leftover chicken to make a VERY loaded baked potato with all of the other fixings of cheese and bacon.  It was so simple and tasted really great.  Dean's been enjoying watching a football game even if it is the Denver Bronco's.  He hasn't yet had the chance to watch a Chief's game and I know he has them recorded to watch when we get home.

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