Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
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Thursday, September 8, 2016

September 6-7, 2016 - Clinton Lake State Recreational Area, Dewitt, IL

September 6-7, 2016 - Clinton Lake State Recreational Area, Dewitt, IL

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

We pulled out of Shipshewana a little after 9am this morning and headed north on Highway 20 to reach I-80, and then I-57 that we took most of the way to Clinton Lake.  We decided to turn off earlier than where we had programmed Bobbie (our GPS) to go when we left.  She was just having fits showing rotating arrows on the screen and telling us that we needed to turn around.  We were both tired of being on interstates so we took Highway 54.  We stopped outside of the small town of Thawville to have a "rest" stop.  I told Dean I'd like to try driving Bentley on this stretch of road.  It was a decent two lane road with little traffic, so he said go for it.  I drove the next 50 miles to Dewitt, IL where I pulled over in front of their post office so Dean could take it on into the park.  I made him take a picture of me driving as well as a video.  While the video is on his phone I couldn't figure out how to get it in the blog.  It's something I'll have to learn to do.  He said I did a great job.  One corner I turned a little too far left into the other lane but there wasn't any traffic there at the time.  Other than that it went fine and really it was no different than just driving the truck except for thinking about turning corners and making tight curves.

First time driving the truck and pulling Bentley!  I was focused!!

Clinton Nuclear Generating Station - located on the opposite of the lake from our campsite.

Our site.

We arrived here at the campsite at 2:00 p.m.  We found our site on Loop E, campsite 5 - this is a circle with 6 sites in it.  We have the only 50 amp full hookup site in this loop.  There are two other campers here.  There is nice spacing between the sites.  The downside to this campground is there is little to no Verizon signal so the same for internet.  The signal was so week I could not get our hotspot to work so I was unable to publish a blog post.  The roads leading into and throughout the campground are paved and the campsites are gravel.  Our site was level.  As you can see we had a campfire ring and a picnic table.  

I made a sausage pizza that Dean cooked on the grill in our cast iron frying pan.  We really love the way it cooks the pizza.  After I did the dishes, we took a walk around the campground.  Here is a picture of another loop, similar to the one we are in.
You can see the driveways off of this loop.  The campsites are nicely spaced.

After we got back Dean watched TV while I played some games on my Kindle until we could not keep our eyes open any longer and headed to bed.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016
We had no plans for the day so we took our time getting around this morning.  It seems we've been very busy since we left New York, so it was really appreciated.  Looking for something to do, we drove to Decatur, IL.  Dean wanted to stop at Lowe's to get some pricing on electrical wire and a few other things he needs to upgrade our RV electric hook-up at our house.  I wanted to return a couple of things I had purchased at Wal-Mart so we thought we'd get those out of the way, take a look around and eat some lunch while we were there.  

We had lunch at Cheddar's and it was pretty good.  I've really been trying to either eat better or eat less.  It's so very hard!  I just love food and unfortunately it loves to stay with me.

We really did not find anything in Decatur so we headed back to the campground, and decided to drive through the various campsites.  We found this wonderful Veteran's Memorial at Veteran's Point here along a pond on the campground property.

Beautiful view looking toward the water.

Located at the top of the hill.

I loved the wind blew just as I was planning to take pictures of these beautiful flags.

Flags for the branches of service.

Another memorial - with wording below.

Battlefield Cross

This entire memorial was beautiful and these pictures do not begin to show the beauty of this location and how well thought out this memorial was.  I was very touched by the importance our servicemen meant to the people of this area to have constructed such a beautiful sight in their honor!

I am so proud to be an American, to life in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  I am so proud and extremely thankful for each soldier who has served to protect our nation and our freedoms.  Thank you for your service!
We returned to Bentley.  I made grilled chicken salads for our dinner and then we watched the Presidential Forum.

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