Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
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Thursday, September 8, 2016

September 4-5, 2016 - Shipshewana South Campground, Shipshewana, IN

September 4-5, 2016 - Shipshewana South Campground, Shipshewana, IN

Sunday, September 4, 2016 

We didn't rush around this morning since everything is pretty much shut down here on Sunday.  I called my sister Cindy this morning and had a chance to talk with her for over 30 minutes or so.  We talk to each other often when we are at home, and it's been awhile since we had a good conversation so it was nice to catch up.  I worked on the blog yesterday evening and then again this morning.  We had leftovers for lunch.  I continued to work on the blog while Dean promptly took a nap.  About 1:30, we decided to drive to the nearby community of White Pigeon to visit Bontraeger's Surplus. When I checked their website it said it was open on Sunday's from 12-4. When we arrived it was closed even though their sign had the hours for Sunday listed.  Maybe it was due to the Labor Day Holiday?  Either way we had a nice drive through the countryside.

Dean wanted me to drive on the way back so he could have a chance to really look around.  It was a nice leisurely drive that we enjoyed.  When we pulled into our site, I told Dean the neighbors were having something sweet to eat - not sure what it was - but it looked like cake or pie.  I asked him if he would like for me to make a peach crisp and he thought that sounded great, so I put one together for him to cook in our cast iron casserole/pie dish.  It works really great and we cook it at the same temperature and time frame as we would in the oven.  It will be great later this evening with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Once I had the peach crisp ready I took it out for Dean to put on the grill but he was no where in sight.  I found him visiting with the neighbors next door (you know, the ones with the sweet treat that made me hungry).  So after I put the crisp on we visited with them while it cooked - about 25/30 minutes. A very nice couple, Larry and Joyce are from Warsaw, IN.  They typically come to Shipshewana every Labor Day.

After dinner we walked around the campground a couple of times.  It has been really nice in the evenings once the sun starts to set.  It's still a bit muggy but the temps have been dropping which is a treat.

Monday, September 5, 2016

There were several places we wanted to visit here in Shipshewana before we leave tomorrow.  Dean mentioned how much traffic was on Highway 20 here in front of the RV Park.  Unbeknownst to us there is a HUGE antique auction here today and I think everyone within 100+ miles came to see what would be available.  The traffic has been stop and go and has been for quite awhile already.

We wanted to check out a store south of here that makes furniture for RV's.  We are interested in recliners they make and just wanted to see what they are like and if it might be something we'd like to purchase down the road.  Traffic was pretty light heading south and we soon arrived at Lambright Comfort Chairs.  Unfortunately they were closed today.

When we left, we got back in the line of traffic heading north pretty easy, but I didn't think we would ever make it the 1/4-1/3 mile to the 4 way stop.
This was at least a quarter mile back from the stop sign.

While waiting for traffic to move, I noticed a blimp off to the left of us.  Dean got the binoculars and sure enough, it was the Goodyear Blimp.

As we neared the intersection we could see what had been holding everyone up.  The traffic coming from the east, turning right (north) at the intersection had a yield sign but they were not really yielding much.  When people coming from the west tried to turn north, the yielders would not let them in.  The intersection would get so full of cars trying to turn that it would prevent anyone moving at all until finally the traffic heading north was able to move forward enough for those in the intersection to get out of the way.  We set entirely through one green light with no movement at all, and most of the next one. It seems like eliminating yield and/or no right turns on red might help the situation when an auction or other major attraction is going on.

When we made it to the intersection we turned right, then took back roads heading north and back west to the areas we wanted to visit and stayed off of Highway 20 as much as possible.  Doing this we managed to get around pretty well, but due to the heavy traffic we still decided to eliminate two places we had planned to stop off of our list because of the time we lost in getting around.

Our first stop was at Yoder's Red Barn Shoppe and Yoder's Meat & Cheese Co.  We did buy some summer sausage and cheese curds here. (We were really disappointed with the cheese curds.  In fact I wouldn't eat any more at all after the first couple I tried.  They didn't even begin to compare with the ones from Shullsburg Creamery.)  We made a stop at Bentley to put our purchases in the refrigerator and make a "rest" stop.

Our next stop was at Davis Mercantile, a huge three story building in downtown Shipshewana, that also had a full basement, all with shops, cafes, a carousal and a huge tree that is part of the 4 story staircase here in the stairwell.
1st floor

Second Floor

Looking down from top floor

Information about the tree.  Dean took these pictures and I didn't read the information about the tree until later so I don't know the types of wood used.  Something to find out when we go back, right?

From there we headed north, found a road so we could turn off to the left, went around the block and then turned back on the main road headed south stopping next at the Yoder Department Store where I made two big purchases, a butter dish and two teaspoons (long handled for stirring).  Big spender, huh?  The traffic was still very, very heavy but not as bad as it was this morning.  We actually stopped here on our way back from Elkhart a couple of days ago but it was near closing time so we didn't get to finish looking.  At that time I purchased a new thermometer for the inside of our refrigerator in Bentley.  Temperatures have to be adjusted on the refrigerator depending on the outside temperatures especially when the sun is shining on that side of the RV.  The one we had broke a few days ago and with the temperatures going up we were glad to find this.  Another store in the building had vinyl tablecloths.  I've been looking for one to put in Bentley so we could use it on the picnic tables in the campgrounds.  I finally found one I liked well enough to buy.

We headed on south and managed to turn across traffic to Ben's Pretzels.  This was a great stop.  We both agreed this was the best pretzel we've ever had, and Dean wasn't even interested until he tried it. It was very soft.  I ordered a cinnamon pretzel with vanilla icing.

Ben's Soft Pretzels - this was place was so good.

Loved their Pretzel Garden out back.
After Ben's we walked across the street to E&S Sales.  We walked in, took one look at what seemed like a sea of people, turned around and walked right back out.  Every aisle and checkout lane was swarming with people, with many, many people waiting to check out.  I could not imagine anything I might want bad enough to stand in lines like that.
Taken later in the day.  Hard to believe you couldn't find a place to park in this lot earlier today.

At this point we just wanted to get back to Bentley and rest a bit before dinner, so that's what we did. It was a good day even though it was quite warm and the traffic was so bad.  It was a relief to relax.

For dinner we drove over to nearby Middlebury to eat at Das Dutchman Essenhaus.  Dean ordered the regular meal of beef and noodles, with a side salad.  I ordered the small order of chicken and noodles with a side of bread dressing and gravy.  When they brought our food Dean was quite upset because while my food was on a plate that was more oval and his was round, I had far more food than he did for about $4 less.  The meals were both very good.  I tried to sooth him by sharing my dressing with him!

On our way back I took some pictures of the beautiful Amish homes and barns.  Here are a few.
Simple, but so neat and clean.  The flowers are so colorful.

I thought this pond in front of the barn with the horse grazing in the pasture was really beautiful.

Beautiful trees and flower gardens at all of the homes.
Neatly groomed lawns.

I really don't know anything about this dairy, if it's still in operation or not, but it's a beautiful structure.

Buggies waiting on their owners to return.

We walked around the park one last time tonight before we leave tomorrow.
Entrance into the campground.
Our site.
We've enjoyed ourselves here.  If we make it back next year for the Heartland National Rally we'll be sure to revisit Shipshewana and hit a few places we missed this time around.

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