Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
Bentley - our Heartland Bighorn

Saturday, September 3, 2016

August 31 - September 1, 2016 - RV Village Camping Resort, Mercer, PA

Wednesday, August 31 & Thursday, September 1, 2016 - RV Village Camping Resort, Mercer, PA

We left Kutztown, PA this morning about 9:15 and headed north then west on I-80 to Mercer, PA where we will stay two nights as we work our way back to Kansas.

Today was a long travel day but not without some beautiful scenery along the way.

Various views of the Pocono Mountains

We are not used to traveling more than 100-150 miles per day however we are increasing the miles from 200-250 between stops to reach home by September 9 due to commitments we have.  We were glad to stop today even though it was raining as we pulled into the campground and that means setting up in the rain.  It would not have been too bad except our site was pretty unlevel and it required trying twice to get enough boards under Bentley's wheel to get us leveled good enough to complete the set-up.  Of course, it has to happen in the rain!  Fortunately I had my raincoat and Dean had a big old umbrella and they kept us pretty dry.

Once we were set up, we drove to nearby Hermitage, PA to Wal-mart and to have dinner.  We ate at the China Wok.  The regular Chinese dishes were pretty good but we did not really care for the spring rolls, crab rangoon or some of the other sides dishes.   We headed back to Bentley to rest awhile before heading to bed.

Dean called the local Chevrolet dearlership in Mercer to see if we could get the oil changed on the truck while we are here.  He's was able to get an appointment for 12:30 today, so after we had lunch we headed into town to take care of that chore.  Their courthouse was really awesome and I had to take some pictures of it.  A block over a construction crew was putting this steeple on the church.

Mercer County Courthouse

Not sure what church this was, as the street was blocked off, but watching them set the steeple was pretty neat.

As we returned to the campground I snapped a picture of their huge swimming pool, and you can see the equally large open pavilion for gatherings held at the campground.
Road to the campground.

Large swimming pool.  Notice the large pavilion to the pool's left.

Dean talked to the neighbor behind us and asked him what the draw was to the resort.  People love the large pool and the campground does a lot of activities for people to participate in.  They have tennis courts, horseshoes, shuffleboard, and a baseball field.  There were several rigs coming in while we were here.

Here is Bentley on our site.

While our site was unlevel, it it was a pull-thru, full hookup site which we do prefer.  We had a good Verizon signal and they had decent wi-fi on site.

Tomorrow we move on to Indiana.

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