Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
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Saturday, September 3, 2016

August 29 & 30, 2016 - Pine Hill RV Park, Kutztown, PA

August 29 & 30, 2016 - Pine Hill RV Park, Kutztown, PA - Catching up with a dear friend

Recently divorced back in 1993 I was attending the Assembly of God Church in Oswego with my sisters.  Dean had been attending there for quite awhile and in May of 1993 he called me and asked me out.  The following February we were married at this church.  The Pastor at the time was Rick Harrison.  Rick sang the song "I Wish You Jesus" at our wedding and my Uncle (my mom's only borther - Richard Stapleton) married us.  About a year after we married, Pastor Rick and his family moved back east to Pennsylvania.

Last year as we made our trip home from New York we had planned to stop and visit him, but our plans changed and we had to move on, so this year it was high on our list to meet up with Rick and his wife Sandy.  I contacted them about a week before we expected to travel to the area they live and we set up a time to meet.  We are really excited at the opportunity to see him again as he was very special to us in our early married years and we have thought of him often over the years.

This morning we left Oswego, New York and traveled south to Allentown, PA then west to a rural area near Kutztown where Pine Hill RV Park is located.  This was a very nice park with 50 amp, full hookups.  Our site was a pull-thru. The roads and sites were gravel and our site was level. There was free wi-fi and we had a good Verizon signal here.  We did not use any of their other facilities and I did not take time to check them out.

Once we were set up I sent Rick a text to let him know we arrived.  He called me a short time later and we made plans to drive to their home tomorrow for a late breakfast at 10:30.

We were tired from the drive so we drove into Kutztown to eat dinner.  We have not had Mexican since before we left Oswego and lately I've been craving it so we tried a place called La Cocina.  After we ordered we realized they did not bring us chips.  I went to ask if we would receive chips and salsa with our meal or did we need to order them.  He smiled and looked toward the end of the counter where our chips were setting, as he was getting ready to bring them out to us.  He explained they no longer bring them to the table until customers order first due to people coming in and eating the chips and then leaving without ordering anything. Wow, I never thought about anyone doing this.  It is a college town so maybe it was a cheap way for college students to eat.  Anyway we received very few chips and the salsa was green chili sauce with a cabbage mix.  Never had anything like that before.  It was okay but we prefer salsa.

Green chili salsa with cabbage mixture.

We did get just a few more chips than this - but it was the least amount of chips we have ever received at a Mexican Restaurant.  I miss Mi Pueblo!
 My meal was quite good - I had two pork enchiladas with red sauce, beans and rice. Everything was delicious.  Dean on the other hand had pieces of chicken in some kind of sauce. He said the chicken was dry.  It was served with the rice and beans which he did not care for.

We walked down main street after dinner.  Alot of the buildings downtown have been converted to student housing for the college referred to as KU (Kutztown University).  This was one of the buildings being used for housing.  Most didn't look anywhere as nice as this one, however I was surprised they were in such good shape.
Student Housing for KU (Kutztown, PA)

Downtown Banners
We had to walk about two blocks from a shopping area behind a bank to reach the restaurant.  It was evidently move in day for students at the college and things were pretty busy.  We had to walk past a bank, and I snapped these pictures of flowers along side the bank walkway.  They were just beautiful.

Afterwards we finally found an ice cream place after driving around and traveling around 25-30 miles, called Friendly's. I can't remember the name of the ice cream but something like nuts over salted caramel.  It was really good.

This morning we left the RV park at 9:30 to allow plenty of time to reach Pastor Rick and Sandy's home, not knowing what traffic would be like.  The traffic on 78 was horrible yesterday.  Fortunately there were no back-ups and we made it to Nazareth, PA about 30 minutes early so we drove around the area just enjoying the views and the rural areas near their home.

Beautiful view on a back road near Pastor Rick's house

Another beautiful view.

Beautiful treed road.

We arrived at their house a few minutes before our scheduled time - and it was like 20 years had never passed.  Rick looked exactly the same.  His wife Sandy is so sweet and we enjoyed our time with them so much.  Rick fixed us omelets for breakfast, "blue" potatoes from his garden, along with a custard tart topped with fruit.  The cheese on the omelets was amazing, the potatoes were excellent as was the tart.  What a wonderful meal.  We enjoyed visiting with them for awhile and just catching up. Their son "Ricky" which they now call Rich stopped by for a while.  What a beautiful smile he has and we enjoyed visiting with him as well.

Here is a couple of pictures I took of Rick and Sandy outside their screened in back porch where we enjoyed our breakfast this morning.

We left their house and headed back to the RV park.  We will meet up with them at 4:30 for dinner at the Cracker Barrel near our RV Park.  After we left we needed to stop at Wal-mart.  Dean didn't want to get on I-78 so we took some back roads.  By the time we found Wal-mart and started back I-78 was backing up.  Apparently there was a wreck on an entrance ramp.  Traffic was exiting I-78 which was clogging up 22 highway that we needed to take back to the park.  We met LOTS of semi's traveling through small towns on our way back.  Oh for the traffic jams of Oswego, Kansas - what is that --- about 10 cars at 5:00 pm?

After dinner, Rick and Sandy are coming back to the park to see Bentley so I had a little cleaning to do real quick before we headed to Cracker Barrel.  We had about 40 minutes after we got here to get things done and head to Cracker Barrel where we managed to arrive on time.  Rick and Sandy were waiting inside and we were soon seated.  We visited for another hour or maybe two over dinner and then returned to Bentley.  Since Rick has to work tomorrow morning and gets up early, they did not stay too late.

What a wonderful time we had and we are so very glad we made the time to stop and visit. We hope to stay in touch and not wait so long to see each other again.

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