Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
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Thursday, September 1, 2016

August 27 & 28, 2016 - Oswego, New York

August 27 & 28, 2016 - Oswego, New York

Our plans were to leave from Grand Island on Sunday morning.  Matt suggested that all of us travel to Oswego, NY and stay on Saturday night in our RV and they would come back home on Sunday afternoon. So that's what we did.  Megan and I drove in their van with Sarah, and Matt and Josh rode with Dean as he pulled Bentley.

It was different following Bentley!
We left Grand Island around 10:00.  We arrived at Yesterday's RV Park in Oswego, NY a little after 2:00.  We were a little disappointed in the park when we pulled in, but all in all it worked out fine for us.  It was a bit unkept and the grass really needed to be mowed so it wasn't very pleasing to the sight as we drove in. However, it was a full hook-up site, with 50 amp electric and we had a great Verizon signal and that worked well for us.  Our site was pretty level, requiring a board under the tires on one side.  Once we had things set up, leveled and the slides put out, we hauled all of their stuff in the RV.  Wow, there is a lot of stuff required with a new baby and a toddler.  We turned on the air, then hopped in the car to take a drive around Oswego while Bentley cooled off.  I can't believe I forgot to take pictures of this campsite!

As almost all of you know we are from Oswego, KS.  Oswego, NY is our town's namesake and I've always wanted to visit here so I thoroughly enjoyed taking the tour.

Oswego Street Banners

Park in the downtown area near the Courthouse.

Oswego County Courthouse, Oswego, NY

Former railroad bed

Daddy and Papa playing with Josh at the playground.

Sarah Ruth Peine - isn't she a little doll!

Lighthouse near Fort Oswego
 After about an hour we headed back to Bentley where it was now quite comfortable inside.  We grilled some hot dogs and I made corn dip, one of Megan's favorites, for our dinner.  We enjoyed visiting but we gave it up about 9 and settled in for the evening.  While we were out we stopped at Wal-mart to pick up a few things including a few toys for Josh as somehow they were forgotten in packing.  He picked out 4 small zoo animals and mommy picked out some neat swords that light up. He played with those animals the entire weekend and just had a blast.  He had some fun with the swords as well.  Sometimes just few new, cheap toys are a wonderful purchase!

We made plans to have breakfast out this morning and we are going to try Wade's Diner, with a back-up plan to try Maria's if Wade's is too busy.  Sure enough that was the case and we were quite glad that it worked out that way because we loved Maria's.  The food was excellent.

Afterwards we drove down to the waterfront and checked out the Maritime Museum.

Information on the NY State Canal System that included Oswego, NY.

United States Coast Guard 

Large tanker in dock was unloading something.



This boat was here today in order for people to board and take a look around.  The line was VERY long and it was HOT outside.  Needless to say a picture was good enough for us.

Oswego Historic Maritime District

Oswego Harbor Trail

Fort Oswego - it was just too hot for us to take the children on this tour, but I think it would have been enjoyable if the weather had been a little cooler.

Rock that marked the location of Fort Oswego.

Afterwards we stopped at the Oswego Train Museum.

You can see the tunnel in the picture above and below - I believe this is the same one I took a picture of near the Courthouse.

Two above pictures are of the Oswego Train Station.
By the time we had finished going through both of these it was nearly lunchtime.  We had planned to have sandwiches back at Bentley, but decided to have lunch in town, return to the RV and visit for awhile before they all headed back to Grand Island, with the idea Josh and Sarah would sleep most of the way home.  We chose Alex's on the Dock??  It was good but I would definitely try out some other places if I return.  After dinner we did some more driving around Oswego and I was able to snap these pictures of the one of the locks here in Oswego.
Pictures of the Oswego River where locks were in place to by pass this low water dam and ripples.

Afterwards, we returned to Bentley where we visited for another hour or two and  managed to get these last few pictures before Matt said they needed to head home.

Josh loves his baby sister.

Hamming it up!

It was awful quiet after they left and we miss them already.  We will see them again at Christmas as they plan to return to Oswego, KS for a week.


  1. Love your posts always. The same Viking boat was down in our area yesterday but I didn't know anything about it until I saw a picture of it on facebook late last night. Would have loved to go see it. Thank your for all your posts.

    1. Thank you and thanks for commenting. It's really good to hear that others are reading and enjoying what I'm writing about.