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Travels with Bentley
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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

August 5, 2016 - Tiki RV Park & Campground - St. Ignace, MI

August 5, 2016 - Tiki RV Park & Campground - Checking out St. Ignace, MI

Friday, August 5, 2016 

We pulled out of Farquar-Metsa Tourist Park just before 10 and headed toward Ignace, MI.  It was a beautiful day with the temperature at 73 when we left.  We've been enjoying 70's weather the past several days.  It's been really hot at home, 90+ degree temperatures.  Wish you all could be here with us.

We met several Corvettes on the highway today.  Maybe a convention somewhere?

We also saw these huge pile of logs, which really caught Dean's attention.  He loves the thought of having some specialty woods for some woodworking projects.  I hope not this much though.

As we traveled along the northern edge of Lake Michigan I just could not help but take pictures.  It was so gorgeous.  The colors were amazing and the pictures can not possibly show how truly beautiful it was - so many colors of blue and green along with a sandy brown.  The darkest blue was like midnight or navy blue, along with a lighter color and then a sea green.  Just amazing!

As we drove farther down  the road, we started to notice cars pulling off onto extra wide lanes on the side of the road, people were getting our of their cars headed towards the water and many were already swimming up and down Lake Michigan's coasts.  Talk about a super size swimming pool!

It seemed like no time and we were turning on to Main Street of St. Ignace (pronounced Ig-ness), MI. What a beautiful little coastal town along Lake Huron.

Our RV park for the night, Tiki RV Park & Campground was at the far north end of town.  While we had to drive right down a busy main street, it was nice to check things out as we drove through - or at least it was nice for me.  We were assigned Site #28, a pull-through.  This is a Full hook-up site, with wi-fi and a decent Verizon signal.  The only ding I have is they failed to tell me before we arrived that we would need to pay in cash.  We had enough between us to pay it, but we were getting low on cash since we were still using what we brought with us when we left July 11.  The park was gravel roads with a gravel/grass mixture for the sites.  As soon as we were set up, we headed downtown to explore.

The first thing we did was head to the Ignace Chamber of Commerce where we were looking for information on the area.  When I asked about taking one of the ferries over to Mackinaw Island, they told me to stop at the Visitor's Information Center.  They are selling "money bags" and within them is a ticket for buy one ferry ticket, get one free.  So we drove several blocks to the Visitor Information Center where we purchased one.  The cost of the bag, versus the cost of the ferry ticket saved us $9. There was also a coupon to climb Castle Rock that saved us a few more dollars, so we thought it was worth it, besides they gave us some other tips and information on things to do while we were here.

Sometimes we lose track of what day it is and I don't think either of us realized it was a weekend until Saturday and I'll explain that later.  We decided we would choose a local restaurant for dinner.  The VIC recommended Gangplank Pub and Grill, so that is where we headed.  We had to wait awhile but it was worth it.  Dean had froasted chicken - it is first roasted and then lightly fried, and he declared it was quite good.  I chose Fish tacos.  They offered two types - fried whitefish or cajun shrimp.  I asked if I could have one of each and our waiter said Certainly!  They were both good, along with the coleslaw I chose over the french fries.
They only had this open air dining.

Froasted chicken, fries & roasted brussel sprounts.
My fish tacos.

After our dinner,  we walked down to the Wawatam lighthouse, along the boardwalk bordering Chief Wawatam Park, and then past the nearby marina.

A sundial, within Chief Wawatam Park.
The time was off a bit, but not too bad.  It was actually 8:20 pm

St. Ignace has a beautiful boardwalk and we strolled along it until we reached the area where they sold ice cream.  We each chose 1 dip of ice cream in a waffle cone and then enjoyed eating it while walking back to the truck, which was back the other way several blocks.  We were walking off all of those calories!

As we walked along the boardwalk that boarded the marina, we noticed this little vegetable garden just over the boardwalk fence - pumpkins, tomatoes, corn and gourds.  There were flowers planted along here as well.

One of the jet-boats leaving the harbor that travels back and forth between St. Ignace and Mackinaw Island.

Another shot of the Wawatam lighthouse taken from the marina.

I couldn't help but snap a picture of this flag with backlighting from the sun, as it began it's nightly descent.

Once we returned to the truck we drove back to the RV park, where we settled in for the night.  Our next two days will be full of activities, so stay tuned.

Note:  I mentioned in the Copper Harbor post that we were going to get up early in order to try and catch the Northern Lights, but I forgot to tell you the outcome.  There was none.  Yours truly heard the alarm, laid her head down for just a minute and woke up a few hours later.  I guess I needed my sleep, huh?

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