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Travels with Bentley
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Sunday, August 21, 2016

August 17-20, 2016 - Grand Island, NY

August 17-20, 2016 - Grand Island, NY

We've managed to do several things and lots of visiting since I last posted.  We've taken grandson Josh to the playground a couple of times.  The grade school just down the street from their house has a large piece of playground equipment that includes several slides, climbing apparatuses, swings and something similar to a teeter-totter except 4 people can get on it and it is low to the ground. There is also a dinosaur bouncer for two.  It's been fairly warm here for this part of the country. Yesterday (20th) it was 89 degrees, ugh!
Teeter Totter - Papa took this from across the playground while he kept an eye on Sarah.  FYI - I was not pretending to ride a bucking horse, but trying to get Josh to wave to Papa for the picture!  Lol!

The guys played golf again while Megan and I have stayed with Josh and Sarah.  I've enjoyed spending time with them and visiting with Megan and her mom.  One afternoon Megan and I ventured out for awhile with Josh and Sarah to visit Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Megan had a gift card that she wanted to use on a few things she needed.  It was a successful trip, as she found what she wanted and the kids both did well.  One afternoon we took Josh to a bounce house where he enjoyed many activities - one being King of the Castle.
Afterwards we enjoyed burgers at Red Robin, followed up by ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery. Both were excellent.

Another outing was to Babies R Us so Nana & Papa could select a present for Sarah.  Megan told us she needed a play pad.  After we selected it and we were checking out Matt and Megan spied Halloween costumes of Micky and Minnie Mouse.  Josh loves watching the Mickey Mouse cartoon shows so they purchased costumes for Josh and Sarah.  Here's Josh modeling his costume.
Pretty cute Mickey Mouse!
We've visited a few eating establishments as well - Duff's Wings in Niagara Falls, (which were VERY good), Pono's in Buffalo, a Greek restaurant that also serves a number of American dishes.  Dean and I were still so full from eating lunch at Duff's we shared a BLT with fries, while most everyone else enjoyed Greek dishes.  Our sandwich was HUGE and delicious - probably the best BLT I've ever had. Megan's parents joined us for dinner at Pono's.  Her dad Mike ordered Lobster Mac & Cheese.  I wish I would have thought to take a picture of the bowl of food they brought him.  It looked like a casserole dish rather than an individual serving.  He definitely needed a take home box and chances are he can enjoy this for at least a couple more meals.

Another stop was Whirlpool State Park which is located downstream from Niagara Falls.  After going over the falls, water enters the Niagara River Gorge where it then heads north entering this large circular area that creates a whirlpool, swirling counter clockwise, then exits into what is known as the Devils' Hole Rapids.  You can take a walkway down to Devil's Hole, but since we had both of the kids and it was so hot we did not stop for the walk down.  We visited the State Park last year but they were in the middle of construction to improve the park and the view of the whirlpool so we weren't able to see too much.  The improvements were very nice and provided a wonderful view along the gorge and rapids to the whirlpool.  Boat rides are available as you will see in the pictures I've included.
Enjoying the view.

The water rushing into the whirlpool area.

The large circular area where water then moves counter clockwise creating the whirlpool.

One of the boats that you can take to see the whirlpool up close.  I think I'll just enjoy the view from above.

A shot of the whirlpool area.

Oswego, KS is home of Diamond Coach where they make buses (people movers) for tour companies, airport transportation, etc. to move folks from one location to another.  I noticed one of the buses in the parking lot had the red diamond logo from our own Diamond Coach.

Notice the diamond shaped logo on the right.  Diamond Coach, Oswego, KS.

One morning Dean and I walked from Matt's to a trail that runs along the Niagara River.  It was a nice 2.5 mile walk.  Although a beautiful cool morning, it was pretty humid.

Friday is Dean's morning for breakfast.  We chose "The Pancake House", one of Matt & Megan's favorite breakfast locations.  I ordered egg nog french toast.  They brought 4 huge slices of toast. I could only eat two of them but I brought the other two home.  The next day I put them in a frying pan and heated them up with a little butter and they were just as good as the day before.  Yumm!  Dean had one of their baked omelets.  They are huge.  I wish I had thought to take a picture of it.

Here are the promised pictures of our newest granddaughter, Sarah Ruth Peine.

Sarah Ruth Peine.

Sarah with big brother Josh.  He loves his little sister!

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