Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

August 12-16, 2016 - Grand Island, NY

August 12-16, 2016 - Grand Island, NY - Meeting our new granddaughter for the first time and catching up with her family.

Since I am behind I decided to go ahead and right about the last few days and I will work on catching up the previous stops later this week.

Since we arrived here Saturday morning, Aug. 12 we've been busy getting lots of hugs and cuddles with our newest granddaughter, Sarah and her big brother, Josh.  We were very happy that Josh at almost 2 1/2 remembered us from the few times we've seen him.  Mom and Dad are really good about sharing pictures and telling him who everyone is which is really appreciated.

We left our site in Fairview (Erie), PA just before 10am to make the last 100 mile drive to Grand Island. The drive was quite smooth with views of Lake Erie a good part of the way.  We pulled into Matt's by 12:30pm.  Matt and family had let us know yesterday they wouldn't be here when we arrived as they had a family luncheon to attend as part of Matt's Army Reserve Unit.  By the time we had put out the slides, hooked up the electric, unpacked our stowables and made something for lunch, Matt texted us they were on their way home.

We had a good afternoon playing with Josh, loving on Sarah and catching up with Matt and Megan. Josh had lots of tricks and toys to show us.  When we last saw him at Christmas, his vocabulary was pretty good but he is now making sentences.  It was a good afternoon.

We went to a local restaurant for dinner our first evening here at Riverstone Grill.  What a great meal it was - I had chicken parmigiana, enough for 2 meals - and it was even better the next day when I had the second meal.

We spent the rest of the evening visiting before finally heading to Bentley for the night.

Since our first day Dean has been helping Matt with a few projects around the house, we attended the Erie County Fair where we enjoyed watching Josh ride some carnival rides and seeing the animals on display.  Right before we left he played a carnival game where he threw ping pong balls into a large square table filled with glass bowls.  The bowls had crumpled paper inside.  If the ball landed in the bowl then he won a goldfish, sure enough he managed to do just that.  Before we left he had named his new friend Champ - with a little help selecting the name from Dad.

Of course I have to share just a few pictures.

Josh was so excited about riding the pony!

He loved the animals.

And the merry-go-round!

Of course, can you attend a fair without partaking of the food booths?  I don't think so!  We stopped for ice cream cones.  These were interesting and nothing like I've seen before.  It was soft serve and as it was dispensed from the machine, it would insert a swirl into the ice cream in a flavor of your choice, and for me it was raspberry.  I have to admit it was much better than I expected as I'm not a big fan of soft serve ice cream unless it is mixed with lots of goodies.  The raspberry was infused pretty good and the flavor was there until I finished it.

Megan has planned some delicious meals for us every evening.  She's a great cook and enjoys doing it.  We've had grilled salmon; wonderful grilled hamburgers; and baked chicken with hasselback potatoes.  Yummmm!

Sunday morning we went to church with Matt and family, where we enjoyed some great music and a wonderful sermon from their pastor.

Matt's birthday was August 9.  Last year when we were here I made him no-bake cookies and he loved them, so Monday morning, I got up and made a batch for him that we delivered with his birthday card.  It is his favorite cookie and as of last night they were almost gone.  I may have to make another batch before we leave.

This morning the guys are going to play golf and Dean is looking forward to that since we've carried our clubs all the way here for that purpose.  He's not played since we left home and is getting golfitis! Before we left he was playing 3-4 times a week at our local golf course, so for you golfers you know what I'm talking about.

I wanted to post an update of where we are and what's been happening.  I hope to get our last few stops posted soon.  We will be here another 10 days so I'm sure we'll have more to share about our visit here too.

By the way more pictures to come including the new granddaughter!

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