Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
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Sunday, July 31, 2016

July 29-31, 2016 - Pioneer Trail Park, Gladstone, MI

July 29-31, 2016 - Pioneer Trail Park, Gladstone, MI

Friday, July 29, 2016
This morning before we leave Peninsula State Park, we have a few more stops to make.  We did not have time yesterday to stop at any of the roadside markets/shops to check out any of the locally made products.  Cherries are in season so we were really interested in something cherry.

We first visited Wood Orchard Market.  We liked it here because they had LOTS of things we could taste.  We ended up purchasing a cherry struesel and some caramel corn like we found in Amana.

Our second stop was Lautenbach's Orchard County Winery & Market.  Again, another wonderful market.  They make their own wine, and like the previous stop they had cherry items for sale.  We purchased two bottles of sparkling wine - raspberry and peach.  They were light and semi-sweet.  I bought a cheese knife for soft cheeses and spreads, and a jar of cherry pie filling.

Before we left we had done quite a bit of preparation prior to leaving.  We had to put in the slides and hookup and we were pulling out of Peninsula State Park at about 10:20.  It was a beautiful morning, 71 degrees.  We have about a 4 hour drive to Pioneer Trail Park in Gladstone, MI - our first time to camp in Michigan.

Dean remarked as were were moving out of Door County it seemed like the drive south went much faster than when we were first heading north to Peninsula SP.  We find that happens often in our travels.  In no time we had routed around Green Bay, WI.  At Marinette we took state highway 35 into Escanaba.  Highway 35 ran alongside of Lake Michigan most of the way.  It did not seem like long and we were pulling into Pioneer Trail Park, a Delta County park.  The campground sets along the Escanaba River.  All of the sites are very open and nicely spaced with 50 amp electric and water at each site.  It is really nice to have a water hookup since we've had to use the water pump the last several days.  There are beautiful tall pines throughout the park and they shade the campsites very nicely.

We are not sure when it occurred, but we moved into Eastern Standard Time so it was 3:30 when we arrived here at the park.  I took some pictures of our site.
Our site

Love these tall pine trees.

Areas open next to us.  Large yards!

We prefer to have an easy meal our first night after arriving at a new campground.  We are usually tired from the drive.  Occasionally we will go into the nearest town and look for something if we just really are not in the mood to cook.  Tonight we decided to have a few more of Matt's hot dogs that I have in the freezer.  We are now down to just 3 more.  I sure wish I would have made room to bring all of them with us so we could share them with our Matt and Megan when we arrive in a couple of weeks.

We met our neighbors to our left, Scott and Casey.  They recently sold their home and are now full-time however they will remain in this area for awhile while he is finishing up a job.  We enjoyed talking with them and hearing about the upgrades they have made to their new DVR Mobilesuites RV. It is a beauty.  I asked him how long it was and I think he said it was about 46', which is 10' longer than Bentley.  I'd never get Dean to pull something that size and after staying at Peninsula SP I'm sure I would not want anything longer with the trouble we had on corners.

It was a quiet evening watching TV while I worked on the blog.  I'm trying very hard to get caught up before we move to Copper Harbor, MI.  There is little chance we will have any Verizon signal or internet connection the three days we are there.

Saturday, July 30, 2013
It's been awhile since we have went out to eat for breakfast.  I suggested we see if we could find someplace this morning and Dean was all for it.  Taking a look at TripAdvisor, I found Rosy's Diner.  It sounded like our kind of place, so we headed to Escanaba to check it out.  What a find!  Dean loved it, it reminded him of Tina's - his favorite breakfast diner, located in our hometown of Oswego, KS.  Rosy was the cook, waitress, chief bottlewasher and whatever else she needed to do, such as let children pick a toy from a big container she had on her counter.  It was like being transported back to Tina's.  She had the same type of little signs around the restaurant like Tina has in hers.  Here are a few pictures inside and out.
Front of the diner

Side shot with Wimpy!

From here we drove down to Ludington Park that sets alongside the Little Bay de Noc.  It was a beautiful sitting with a marina housing several sailboats, the Sand Point Lighthouse and a wonderful paved walking trail throughout the large park area.  They were having some kind of festival so we decided to get out and walk the trail to see if there was anything interesting going on.  I think we missed whatever the festival itself had going on this morning, but there was a bad sitting up to play. Before we were through there was some great jazz music being belted out.  It was a beautiful morning in the upper 70's and felt very nice as we walked along the path, a large part alongside the bay.

We stopped at the Sandy Point Lighthouse to take some pictures and read the various informational signs.  After that we left the park.  We drove back toward the highway and took a road that took us toward the south part of town.  I noticed a sign we had seen as we came into town with a camera on it with the name of a road.  Typically when you see a camera on a sign it indicates there is a scenic area. We drove the road but we did not see anything scenic enough to take pictures of so I'm not sure what the camera was all about.

I love the color of the skies here!

Sand Point Lighthouse

Interesting story of Mary Terry, female keeper of Sand Point Lighthouse.

On the way back to the campsite, we decided to go on north to Gladstone.  We drove around a bit. They too have a nice park, Van Cleve Park along the Little Bay de Noc, as well as the Gladstone Bay Campground.  It appeared to be as popular as our campground here at Pioneer Trail.

Once we returned we had some lunch and then we just pretty much hung out here for the rest of the day.  I worked on the blog and Dean watched some TV.  Later I made a sausage pizza and Dean cooked it on the grill.  It was great!

Sunday, July 31, 2016
I kept hearing my phone making sounds this morning and I could not figure out why that was happening since I have it on "Do Not Disturb" if it's before 5:30am.  Yes, I am an early riser.  I did notice it seemed light outside but guess I was to asleep to realize what that meant.  Then I realized if my phone was going off and it was before 5:30 maybe someone was trying to call me - as I have my phone set for certain to people to be able to call me at anytime in case of emergency.  When I looked at my phone and saw it was 7:34 I could not believe it.  It's been quite awhile since I've slept that late.

After breakfast we walked the entire campground, including down to the boat launch.  Here are a few pictures I took.

Today is laundry day.  I've mentioned in previous posts that we have a hand crank washer and a spin-dryer that removes most of the moisture from the clothes.  We still need to hang things up to dry afterwards but they both do a great job.  So Dean manned the washer and I took care of the drying portion and hanging up the clothes.

Here are a few pictures of the process.  We washed three full loads in about an hour.  I hung the white clothes in the shower with a fan on them, and the dehumidifier running, and our shirts and pants out on the arms of our awning.  The clothes outside were dry in about an hour or so.  It really works pretty well for us.

Here's Dean cranking the washer on his left, and filling pitchers on his right for the next load.
We made a pretty good team.
My job:
Insert wet clothes.

Add plastic cover and push down well.  Turn on.

Water dispenses into shower.

After lunch I went back to working on the blog and Dean set outside for awhile.  Later he cleaned the awning.  It was really looking pretty bad.  It looks great now!

Tonight we ran into town to get lunch meat and bread, fill up the truck with diesel and decided to eat dinner at The Buck Inn.  Dean had roasted chicken, rice and a salad.  I had a burger with pepperjack cheese and chipolte sauce, with sweet potato fries on the side.  We both thought our meals were very good.

Tomorrow morning we will pull up our jacks and move on north.

I am relieved to have the blog caught up to this point.  I apologize if it has errors or at times does not make sense.  I was determined to finish it before we leave here so it did not get that one last read through before posting.

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  1. Really enjoy the fine details about what you guys are up to daily as this paints a scene. Karen is from Michigan as you may recall. We always enjoyed Lake Michigan in August which is about the only time the water is warm for us Midwesterners. Hope you find a spot to camp near the lake.

    At a rally once you guys parked next to Bill Napier. He is the truck expert I talked to Dean about when we visited. Bill has towed a rig over 100,000 miles and is a second generation full timer. He is suggesting we look for a trailer in the 37 to 38' range max. We are hoping to find a livable floor plan in as short a rig as possible, but I'm keeping Bill's suggestion in mind all the time. So every time you write about what Dean drives through I watch it with a close eye.

    Be safe!