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Travels with Bentley
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Saturday, July 30, 2016

July 24-26, 2016 – High Cliff State Park, Sherwood, WI

July 24-26, 2016 – High Cliff State Park, Sherwood, WI - Meeting an RV Blogger

Sunday, July 24, 2016
We left Rock Cut State Park just before 10 this morning and headed north.  It was nice being able to avoid the pike pass lanes rather than having to slow down to stop and pay our toll.

It wasn’t too long and we passed into Wisconsin.

We expected our drive to be about 3 hours so I didn’t take the time to make sandwiches to take in the truck like we usually do.  That was a mistake!  We arrived at the park around 1:30-1:45 but it was about 3:30 before we got parked in our site.  Check-in time is 3:00 and check-out time is at 3:00.  Typically when we arrive early the prior campers have already left and we can go ahead and set up right away, but today it didn't work that way.  

Someone was still in the site when we arrived and it was about 3:30 before they finally left.  Such is life when you travel, huh?  I guess it's no different than the many times I arrived at a hotel to attend a conference and had to wait for a room.  We made it though and were set up before 4.  After that we went for a drive around the park to give the AC time to cool Bentley down.  The park was very nice and clean.  I have to give kudos to the ladies in the park office.  They were the friendliest office park crew we have met in all of our travels.  It was a pleasure to visit with them.

By the time we returned to Bentley it was feeling pretty good inside.  Rather than have lunch we decided to wait until about 5 or so and we just ate what we could find in the frig.  Dean had left over orange chicken and rice and I just had cheese, fruit and crackers.  Actually, it would not hurt us to miss more meals if the truth be known!

Just a little info on our site.  We have site 112, an electric, pull-thru site.  It is a very large lot and nicely shaded.  There are lots of trees on both sides of us, and even though we are along the road there is still a decent amount of privacy.  While there is no water at our site we were able to fill up here in the park when we arrived, and we can empty our tanks at the dump station when we leave.  All of the sites in the campground are nicely spaced.  It is a very busy campground.

As you all know I read a number of RV blogs.  It so happens one of those blogs is written by a lady whose husband works here at High Cliff State Park.   I reached out to her to see in an email a few days ago to see if they might be able to meet up with us and I am hoping it will work out.

Monday, July 25, 2016
Last night while listening to the news we discovered the big EEA Airshow is being held this week in Oshkosh, WI – across the lake from us.  I thought it might be fun to go until I found out the tickets would be $47 for each of us, and that the traffic gets really congested.  I would have liked to attend if for nothing else knowing many of my former Airport Board members would have loved knowing I did. Several had attended the event over the years and talked fondly of it.  We did see a few planes fly over and I got a shot of these 4 as we were walking down to the beach to check it out.

We are pretty sure these were some of the planes attending the EEA Air Show at Oshkosh this week.

Closeup of the beach area.  It was a grass beach all the way to the water.  The lake itself is very shallow with the deepest point at about 20'.
This morning we walked some of the roads here in the campground and a short distance on one of the trails.  There are so many trees shading the campground it was really nice and cool, even though there was still a fair amount of humidity.

After we had breakfast and got around we decided to get out and enjoy some of the park instead of just a drive-by like yesterday.  Our first stop was the overlook and then of course, we had to walk up it.  My thighs were burning by the time we reached the top.  What beautiful views of Lake Winnebago awaited us!

Overlook in High Cliff State Park

Views looking out over Lake Winnebago

View of the Marina

Views of the park area below the overlook.
 And of course we had to take a selfie with the lake in the background.

We walked a short distance on one of the trails near the lookout as well.  Here is a picture of Red Bird, Chief of the Winnebago’s.
Sorry the picture is not very good.  The sun was not in the right position for me to get a better shot.

As I mentioned yesterday, I reached out to a fellow blogger by email before we arrived.  She emailed me with her phone number and I called her this morning to talk about meeting up.  Karen writes the blog RVing:  The USA is our BIG Backyard.  We had a nice visit and she will get back with me later if they are able to make it out and what time.  I mentioned we needed to get a few groceries and she recommended a grocery store in Sherwood.  Karen said it was relatively new and a little hard to find, but I figured we were up to the challenge since it’s a small town so off we went in search of the store.  I want you to know we drove that town from one side to the other, north/south, east/west and finally decided the store must have closed because we could not find it.  As we were heading out of town, I noticed a sign near the bank out on the highway – we had driven right by the grocery store as we came in to town.   In my defense the grocery store was behind the bank, but the sign was near the road - I just missed it!  It was a beautiful, fairly new store and what a great asset to this community and nearby High Cliff State Park.

After we returned from the store I cooked up a storm - making deviled eggs, peach crisp, formed hamburger patties with half of a package of hamburger for our dinner tonight and cooked the remaining hamburger.  I divided the cooked hamburger into two bags and froze for future meals. About 4:30 I made a large batch of potatoes and onions for Dean to put on the grill.  He added the hamburgers later and at 5:30 we set down to a great meal.

Karen called about 6:15 to let us know she and Steve would be heading our way soon, and they will bring some wood for a campfire.  Dean had attempted to get a fire started with some leftover firewood in the fire ring but it just did not want to burn.  Once Steve and Karen arrived, Steve added additional wood, along with some Tiki Torch oil he brought and we soon had a nice fire going.  The Tiki Torch oil worked wonderful and we will make sure to have some of this with us in the future. A major perk, the smell is not near as strong as charcoal lighter.  We learned another great tip from a fellow RV'er.

Steve is the park ranger here at High Cliff.  He and his staff have a big job keeping this place looking so nice and I’d say they are doing a very good job of it.

Karen and Steve RV part-time like we do and live in the nearby community of Chilton.  I can’t believe our visit lasted nearly 4 hours.  Time just flew by.  We really enjoyed hearing about their RV adventures and sharing some of our own.  I had the advantage of following her blog for about 2.5 years while they didn’t know us at all.  I shared my blog information with her and she posted it in her blog along with a story of meeting us.  Here is the link to that post.

A great couple that we hope to cross paths with us again someday.  Thank you Karen and Steve so much for taking time out of your schedule to spend the evening with us at High Cliff.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016
After our coffee this morning, it felt pretty nice out, so we decided we should take advantage of it and walk.  We drove down to the Lime Kiln Trail and walked almost 2 miles on it.  The trail followed along the bank of Lake Winnebago.  Here are some pictures of the Lime Kiln ruins along with information about the kiln.

I also took some pictures on the trail.  At times we were pretty near the water.

We headed back to Bentley for breakfast.  I worked on the blog most of the morning.  Unfortunately the signal here is not real good so I will have to wait to post them when we either have wi-fi or a better Verizon signal.

I took these pictures of our site today.

Our daughter Misti bought us this US map to go on Bentley for Christmas.  You might wonder what took us so long to get it on him.  Well, we had a hard time deciding where to place it.  Originally we planned to put it on the slide-out nearest the door, but the map was a little wider than we expected.  I told Dean we needed to make a decision before we left and we finally determined we thought it would look best on the bin door nearest the entrance into Bentley.  We only put the map on before we left and today I added the states.  We are only adding states we have actually camped in on the map.  Looks like we need to head to the northeast and out west.  We haven’t yet decided our route home from New York, but we may try and pick up Maryland, West Virginia and Kentucky, and of course we’ll be able to add Michigan when we leave here.

After lunch we decided to drive into nearby Appleton.  I actually found something I wanted to take a picture of, the largest grocery cart I've ever seen in front of a grocery store but I wasn't quick enough, and I didn't make Dean turn around just for that.

We used half of the hamburger I cooked last night and made taco salads for dinner, and later we ate the last of the peach cobbler with a little vanilla ice cream.  Yum yum!  By the way Peggy, the crisp was made with the peaches you brought me shortly before we left and they were delicious!

Dean built another campfire and we set outside for a while this evening.  We do not usually have a campfire, especially just for us, but found we really enjoyed it.  Dean thinks we should do it more often.  I have a feeling once we get further north in Michigan we might really enjoy an evening campfire.

Here is a little black squirrel that would visit us.  In fact, I think I saw him in a previous picture as well.  He didn't seem too shy.

We will leave here in the morning and head to Peninsula State Park in Fish Creek, WI, part of Door County.  We will be there 3 days.  I hope we will have better Verizon service there.

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