Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wednesday, June 1, 2016 - Colorado Springs KOA, Fountain, CO - Shopping, Swimming & A Movie

Wednesday, June 1, 2016 - Colorado Springs KOA, Fountain, CO - Shopping, Swimming & Movie

This morning we are having breakfast out.  I've done some research and found a place downtown Colorado Springs called "Over Easy".  It had wonderful reviews so we decided to try it out.  I really like finding places with a good selection of breakfast meals, not just the regular stuff.  They are known for their famous biscuits & gravy and Dean ordered those and they come with hashbrowns, Haleigh had french toast, Dacy had blueberry pancakes and I had Huevos Rancheros.  Everyone loved their meal.  Dean said the gravy and hashbrowns were wonderful and the biscuits were okay.  I loved my breakfast.  It was the best Rancheros I've ever had and the hashbrowns were as close to Tina's (our local diner) as we've ever found.  I wish we could eat there one more time before we leave, but we are leaving about 9 in the morning.  With a five hour drive facing us, I think we'll get on the road early so we can have a little downtime tomorrow.

Caught the girls off guard - these are pictures of "Over Easy"

In the entryway

Booths in the upper area

Bar area behind Dacy

After breakfast we drove to Citadel Mall.

Neat statute on the way.

Beautiful park.

We walked around the mall, visiting several stores, and we saw our first "marijuana store".  Seems so weird to have it right out in the open and in a mall, no less.

We came back to Bentley and had some lunch of leftovers and almost got those cleared out of the refrigerator.

Dean took the girls up to swim for an hour or so while I worked on the blog some more.  We are taking them to see a movie this afternoon.  "Alice Through the Looking Glass"  I wasn't too excited but they both mentioned they really wanted to see it on the way out, so we thought it would be a treat for today.  It was actually better than I expected and actually held my attention - which doesn't happen a lot with movies.

Afterwards we stopped by Culver's for ice cream, since we refused to pay almost $40 for popcorn and drinks at the theater.  Can you believe that?  We went to the matinee and even at that the tickets were over $30.  I can't believe it costs so much to attend a movie.

Once we returned we all did some things to make our moving day tomorrow go a little smoother.  I hope we can pull out by 9:00 or so.  We have at least a five hour drive tomorrow.  We prefer getting set up early enough we can check out the community we are staying in.  We are actually staying in a State Park north of Scott City, but we'll still drive down and check out their community.

Here's a picture I took of Pike's Peak today.  We have not seen the top of it all day.  Lots of weather going on up there.  Tonight I got a picture of the sunset - what little sun there was peeking through those clouds.
This is how Pike's Peak has looked all day - hidden behind these dark clouds.

The sun set peeking through this small window.
This campground has really worked well for us.  It was a good location for us for our travel days.  It was clean, with several amenities, and nice sized lots.  Here are a few shots of our site.
Across the road behind us.  It was very full until Monday.  When we returned from our day trip we were amazed at how many of the rigs had left.

These pictures show the nice spacing between sites.

One negative for the park was the water pressure.  We were barely getting water out of the bathroom sink and into the toilet.  It was just okay at the kitchen sink.  Yesterday we drove down the road to Camping World to see what we could find.  We found a water regulator that we can adjust ourselves.  Dean put it on yesterday and it has improved drastically.  It's still not like we would have at home but more like what we are used to having in other campgrounds.

We also made a stop at Wal-Mart and they happened to have a Sam's next door.  Dean has been looking for a new camp chair.  He saw one he really liked at one of our rallies and they told him they bought it at Sam's.  Well, we were lucky today and found it.  It was very reasonable too, so we marked two "wishes" off our RV wish list.

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