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Travels with Bentley
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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Tuesday, May 31, 2016 - Colorado Springs KOA, Fountain, CO - Garden of the Gods

Tuesday, May 31, 2016 - Colorado Springs KOA, Fountain, Co - Garden of the Gods

This morning I made breakfast biscuits before we left for Garden of the Gods.  They weren't quite as good as McDonald's but almost!  

Originally the weather channel was calling for rain all day today but when I checked this morning it said no rain until 12 or so.  Since the temperatures were to be in the 60's we thought it would be a better day to visit Garden of the Gods, because now they are calling for rain all day tomorrow. 

We arrived about 9:30.  Our first stop was balanced rock where we took several pictures.

The red rocks are beautiful but when the sun hits them they really light up.

There are a couple of routes with in the Garden.  One is Garden Lane and the other is Juniper Way Loop.

Not too long after we left Balanced Rock we noticed two deer crossing the road.  Funny, they crossed at the crosswalk.  Do you think they are trained?  Lol!

We first drove the Juniper Way Loop, where we stopped to walk a trail up to some beautiful red rocks.  We took several pictures at this location as well and saw a number of different birds, including magpies, falcons and pigeons.

Surrounding landscape.  Unfortunately the sun wasn't in our favor for this picture.

Looking back towards Pike Peak.


Beautiful red rock.

Pretty granddaughters!



Nana and the granddaughters
The sky was beautiful this morning!

Beautiful in the sun!
This rock seemed to be a bit out of place with its white granite color.
We came across this young lady rock climbing.  She was getting lessons.
Here's a close-up.
 We stopped at the gift shop as we were leaving.  I'm not sure but we might have spent more time there than scrambling around on the rocks in the Garden of the Gods.

We returned to Bentley and had some lunch.  Later Dean took the girls up to the pool so they could swim and I worked on the blog for awhile.    I made pizzas later and we just hung around the campground the rest of the evening.  It rained this afternoon for awhile leaving things pretty muddy.

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