Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Saturday, May 28 - Fountain, CO - Checking out Colorado Springs and the Neighboring areas

Saturday, May 28, 2016

We all tried to sleep in this morning and just took our time getting around.  I pre-cooked quite a few meals before we left so this morning we had breakfast burritoes.  We enjoyed this changed from our quick breakfast yesterday.

We took our time getting around this morning.  Dean went online to see when we could check into our campground in Fountain, CO (a suburb of Colorado Springs) and we found out it was noon, so we decided to go ahead and get around so we could have a good part of the day to check out the area.

We pulled out of Shady Grove at 10:00 with the sun shining.  Here are a few pictures I took along the way.

You can't miss Flagler, CO.

Our first sighting of the mountains.

Two chinooks flew over as we neared our campground.  I love these aircraft.

We arrived at the campground and were set-up by 12:50.  We had a little lunch and then walked around the campground.  First stop was the office to pick up a few brochures of the area and to get a map.  We had to visit the pool and the girls are excited about making a trip there later.  Then we walked the perimeter of the campground where we found a nice creek running behind it.

This is the view out of our back window.  Pike's Peak is to the right and is partly hidden by one of the trees.  The girls told Papa he should go cut it down!  Lol!

A creek that runs behind the campground.

And a little further down it has a bit of a waterfall or spillway.
We discussed various things to do.  We finally decided we would drive to Manitou Springs and do some looking around.  Our first stop was Garden of the Gods.  We stopped at what we thought was the Visitor's Center but soon discovered it was a VERY LARGE gift shop.  The girls informed us they want to come back here before we leave Colorado.

Driving into the Garden of the Gods Park.

When we first arrived and got out of the truck I was envious of Haleigh and Dacy who had worn shorts and t-shirts. I wore my lined sweats with a t-shirt.  I brought a jacket in case I needed it - and I did not.  After leaving the gift shop we decided to drive the loop through the Garden of Gods to check things out.  I'm not sure if it was because it is the beginning of a holiday weekend or just later in the day but this place was packed.  It was impossible to find a place along the road to park our big dually truck so we just drove around and oohed and aahed.  We will come back here later in the week but we will come early in the morning before the crowds hit - we hope!

We did stop at the main parking area where we did finally find a place for the truck.  There was a large area where we could climb around on some of the rocks.  It was a little cool when we got out and the girls both grabbed their jackets as did Dean and I.  Pretty soon it began to rain but I managed to get a couple of pictures of the girls before it was too bad.  They were pretty cold.

We found the Visitor Information Center and wandered through it for a bit checking out exhibits and a model of the park.  Dacy really enjoyed a large moving wall picture depicting 4 seasons of the area with a fast forward feature that she enjoyed moving along quite fast.  It was a pretty neat exhibit.

I'm sorry I was unable to get very many good pictures so I'm not including most of them at this time since we plan to return.  I hope to have a chance to get out and take pictures next trip.

Here are a couple I took that were decent.

After leaving Garden of the Gods we drove through Historical Downtown Manitou Springs.

Metal sculpture.

After our drive through Manitou Springs we drove  over toward Pike's Peak to check out what was in the area.  That will be a full day since we can see water falls, drive to the top (or as close as we can get due to the snow) of Pike's Peak, visit the Cliffdwellings, and Wind of the Caves.  The girls decided to pass on Santa Claus' Village.  It was interesting to me to see it opened in 1956.  We visited here when I was 5.  I don't remember the Village but I do remember walking and driving across Royal Gorge.  My dad took alot of movies at that time and it might have helped keep the memory alive.

Nana was tired after 3 days of driving and touring so everyone gave me a break tonight.  We stopped at Red Robin for dinner.  Dacy had never ate at a Red Robin and we told her she was in for a treat.  She really liked it, and the rest of us did too.

When we returned to the campground the girls wanted to go swimming so I walked up to the pool with them.  Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent/grandparent.  I didn't mind sitting with them as the sun was setting behind the mountains and I was able to enjoy the view.  They were very pleased to find out the water was heated, but they sure were cold when they got out.  Brrr!

Here is a picture of tonight's sunset from the pool area and out Bentley's back window once we returned.
The sun hitting the clouds to the east.

It was a little cloudy but if you enlarge the picture you can see there is a little color too.
Colorado Springs KOA is a nice campground that we would definitely return to.  The sites are close but not too intrusive.  We have full hook-ups with 50 amp service.  The water pressure is a little low, and we especially notice it about the time folks get up in the morning and again in the evening.  Otherwise it isn't too bad.  Our cost for five nights is $248.96 with tax, so close to $50 a night.  More than we would normally pay but part of it is the area, the luxury of full hookups, internet, and the heated pool, especially with having the girls traveling with us.  They were so excited to have internet service after two full days without it.  We are in site #136 which is fairly close to the office, laundry and pool area.  Each site has a fire ring and a nice picnic table.

Tomorrow we are headed to Canon City and Royal Gorge.  The girls are very excited!

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