Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
Bentley - our Heartland Bighorn

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Monday/Tuesday, March 21-22, 2106 Nashville, TN

Monday/Tuesday, March 21-22, 2016 Nashville, TN

We left Montgomery, AL at 5 minutes after 9:00 this morning.  We had a long drive ahead of us to Nashville, and we arrived at 3:03 p.m.

Here's our entrance to Tennessee.

We pulled into this rest stop and I had to get a picture of the redbud trees.  There were many of them along the roads just beginning to bloom.  I hope ours is still in bloom when we return home.

Here is a beautiful farm as we entered Franklin, TN just south of Nashville.

We passed the Grand Old Opry on our way to our campground which was just a mile or two down the road.  We stayed at Two Rivers Campground.  It was located right next door to Camping World.  I love the large flags Camping World has at each of their stores.

Here is a picture of Bentley as Dean is getting it set up for the evening.

We were pretty tired after a hard traveling day.

Two Rivers Campground is approximately 2 miles from the Grand Old Opry and the Opry Mills Mall, so this was a perfect location for us.  They had great wi-fi and cable.  We were able to get a good Verizon signal.  Spots were nice, even though they were close quarters.  Each site had a small picnic table on a small concrete pad.  We walked each morning in the campground.  They had a small pool onsite, a nice store inside and it was located next door to Camping World.  We had full hookups at this site and the site was level.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016 - GRAND OLD OPRY

We walked this morning, ate breakfast and then headed for a short drive to get our bearings of the area.  The Tennessee River runs behind the mall, Grand Old Opry, Gaylord Opryland Hotel and Two River Campground.  We took the road to the left as we exited the campground that took us along the River.

Here is a picture of the river along the road we drove.  You can see the high bluff on the opposite side.  The next picture reminds me of our park, looking up toward the bluff from the river side.

Does anyone else see the similarity of the bluff at Oswego Riverside Park and this one here along the Tennessee River in Nashville?

We passed the Gaylord Opryland Hotel.  Gizzy (from the RV-Dreams rally) told me to be sure and take the time to walk in and look around.  She said it is really something you must see.  We hope to do that later today before we go to the Opry.

Closeup of Grand Old Opry

Here is another shot of the flag at Camping World.  I love seeing our flag wave in the breeze.

We spent a couple of hours at Bass Pro and the Mall, mostly just walking around.  Dean found a shirt he wanted at Bass Pro.  We lunched at Panda Express in the mall.  It was very good.  We arrived back at Bentley around 2 or so.  We plan to have dinner at Dave & Buster's, also located in the Opry Mills mall.  It is located across the road from the Opry so it will be within walking distance to both from the adjacent mall parking.

After dinner at Dave & Buster's, we walked down to the Gaylord Opryland Hotel.  Gizzy was right, this place was gorgeous.  I could have spent more time walking around, but Dean was ready to go.

While standing in line the couple in front of us asked us if we knew what type of seating there was for the Opry.  We told them we really didn't know too much about it as we were from Kansas, and it was our first visit.  They told us they were from Denmark.  We enjoyed visiting with them while we waited for the doors to open.  They were here for about 3-4 weeks.  They had several places they were traveling to while here.

It was not long before the doors opened and we were soon inside and in our seats.

I was really excited when I first bought our tickets because Rascal Flatts was one of the main entertainers for the evening, but one of their members became sick and they had to cancel, however Darius Rucker stepped in.

Our entertainers for the night were Larry Gatlin  (my pictures of him did not turn out)

Pam Tillis

Craig Campbell - he sang his new song, "Outskirts of Heaven".  All of you hunters and fishermen will enjoy this song.

Del McCoury Band (Bluegrass)

At intermission I took this selfie.

Here is a shot of the auditorium.  It was pretty packed this evening.

Next up, was William Michael Morgan - he sang his new song "I Met A Girl".  It too was quite good. Unfortunately I did not get a decent picture of him.

Darrius Rucker stepped in for Rascal Flatts and did an outstanding job.

He introduced a young lady, Trista Macintosh (recently voted off American Idol - she was one of my favorites) during his song Wagon Wheel. He's a great entertainer and Trista held her own with Darius quite well, doing a fantastic job.  I was really glad to be here for this!

Charlie Daniels.  WOW!  Everyone was really good but Charlie can play the fiddle!.  Between him, and the banjo and piano players I have never seen fingers fly so quickly.  It was AMAZING!  Devil Went Down to Georgia was wonderful.

He also did another song that I had never heard called (What this world needs is) A Few More Rednecks.  Pretty good!  If you have not heard it, you should check it out on UTube!

All in all, we were so glad we chose to fit this in on our trip home.  It was worth every penny, and we were not done yet!

Afterwards we took the Backstage Tour.  Chandler led our group throughout the tour and he did a great job.

This first picture shows a metal strip, that marks the level the water reached within the Grand Old Opry during the flood of the Tennessee River several years ago.  There were numerous pictures on the walls throughout the waiting area for the members and guests.

This is the door that the stars use to enter the Grand Old Opry.
Outside door that Opry members and special guests use to enter the Grand Ole Opry.

Entry into the waiting rooms from where singers/musicians enter the GOO.

A selfie on the Grand Old Opry stage.

Look at the lights over the stage.  Wouldn't you hate to try and decide what needs to be where and when?

This is the post office for members of the Grand Old Opry.  If you want to send fan mail to the Grand Old Opry for any of their members it actually will be placed in these boxes for the members to pick up.

Names of all members of the Grand Old Opry are listed on this wall.  If you enlarge the picture you can read many of the names.

There are several waiting rooms that Opry members and guests use while waiting to perform.  I tried to get a picture of each one.

This was one of the room's used this evening for some of the singers.  You can see the used cups sitting on the counter in front of the mirror if you enlarge the picture.

A few more pictures, including one where Carrie Underwood has just been asked by Randy Travis if she would like to become a member of the Grand Old Opry.  She had just sang his song "I Told You So" and then he walked on the stage to ask her.  She had no idea he would be there or this would be happening.

Here is a large sign with metal plates.  I can't remember what they have to do to have their name added to this, but Pam Tillis received hers at the end of her while we were there.

Here our tour group is standing on stage.

The stage from the back of the first floor.
And here is the picture we had taken by the Opry staff.  We are standing in the circle, which is a piece of floor from the Ryman Theater where the Opry used to be held.  During the flood in Nashville, it was under water.  They came in an removed it right away to prevent it from being seriously damaged and then replaced it when the renovations were completed.  A piece of history for sure!

Leaving for the evening.

Had to get one last picture of the flag at the Opry.

What a great evening we had here in Nashville.  We will definitely come back here again.  I'm still hoping to see Vince Gill!  This was really great to see so many great musicians in a small venue at a very reasonable price.  Even Dean enjoyed it.  He's not to excited about concerts.  This is more like visiting one of the music shows in Branson, but with a lot more stars!

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