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Travels with Bentley
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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Saturday, March 5, 2016 - Ozark, MO

Saturday, March 5, 2016 - Owego, KS to Ozark, MO

Yesterday (Friday, March 4) Dean and I had to go to Joplin to run several errands at various places. While enroute I was looking at the weather channel app on my phone and discovered there is the potential for some pretty severe storms from Texas and to the north into Kansas that will move across the midwest towards the east coast with rains beginning in Kansas and a large area to the south and east on Tuesday.  Tuesday is the day we planned to leave on our adventure in Florida.  We talked about it some.  After we got home Dean got online to take a closer look.  We decided maybe we should head out early (as in tomorrow) and try to beat the rain.  We don't mind driving in the rain, but with severe storms and the possibility of tornadoes, we'd rather get there and be parked if that type of weather does materialize.  If there are weather alerts where we camp, we always check to see what shelter is available.  We will not hesitate to head out if something like this would occur.

So with that being said, you can imagine how our Friday evening was spent - packing Bentely, doing laundry, gathering up last minutes items and checking and re-checking our lists to be sure we had everything packed or ready to be packed this morning.

One of the things we had hoped to do before we left was make some bean bags to go with our bean bag baseball game we are taking with us to the RV-Dreams Rally that we are attending in Florida. Dean made the baseball box a few years ago.  When we used it at our house, Jarred brought some bean bags to the house with another game he had, and we never did get any purchased or made.  I was talking to my sister Crystal this afternoon and mentioned it.  She said I don't have anything planned for this evening, do you want me to bring my machine down and we can make them.  What a sister!  While she set things up, I cut the material and as she sewed the sides of each bean bag, Dean turned them right side out and filled them with beans.  I turned the ends in so Crystal could sew up the opening, and in no time we had all four of them made.

Here's Crystal in action!
After taking numerous loads of food, clothes, shoes, etc. to Bentley and throwing some clothes in the washer I had to leave a little after 7 to drive across the highway to my hairdresser for a quick haircut before we take out.  I was originally scheduled for tomorrow at 11:30.  I called Marla to see if there was any chance I could get in earlier, and she had me come in after her last customer this evening.  I really appreciated her doing that!  Thanks Marla!  You are the best!

I was up shortly after 5 this morning and Dean soon followed.  After our coffee and breakfast we were on the move, gathering up last minute items, packing, checking and double-checking and running a few errands.  We pulled out of Oswego a little after 10 a.m.

Our first overnight stop will be Ozark, MO.  We headed south on US Highway 59 to Chetopa, then east on US166, US400 and onto I-44 near Baxter Springs, KS.  A few miles east of Joplin, we took I-49 South to Alma, Ar and then headed east on I-40 to Ozark.  It was a beautiful drive through the Boston Mountains.

Spring is arriving here in Arkansas with many small trees budding out.  I caught a picture of this tree in full bloom.

We arrived in Ozark around 2 and checked in at Aux Arc COE Campground. Here's the bridge that crossed over Ozark Lake.

Interestingly enough, Ozark Lake is just downstream from Lake Dardanelle, where we stayed two years ago on our first voyage in Bentley while traveling to Texas for the birth of our grandson Joshua. We are parked on the south side of the lake near the dam and on the north side is a lock to allow barges to pass through the dam area, on the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System.  This is the same navigation system that begins at Catoosa, OK and travels to the Mississippi River.  There was one barge in the lock waiting to exit and another one waiting along the north bank to enter the locks.

We took a walk of about 1.5 miles through our campground and the two campgrounds west of us.

View from our campsite.

Here is the barge waiting to enter the lock.

View of downtown from the campgrounds.

Since we only had an almond bar and a bottle of water during our drive here, we were famished by the time we finished walking.  As we were starting our walk, our neighbor across the street was walking out to their truck.  We visited with her and her husband some about the area.  We also inquired where the best place to eat was.  They recommended Riverside BBQ and Southern Grille. They told us while they had not tried the Southern Grille they had heard very good things about it. We loaded up and went searching for these two places.  We could not find the BBQ but we tried Southern Grille.  It was very good.

Dean waiting patiently for his dinner.
Loved the 50's style decor of this diner.
As we were driving down their main street searching for the restaurants I saw a few things I thought worthy of pictures.  I loved how they had these turning lanes at each of the corners on this particular block.  Each island showcased a planter that separated the turning lane to the right.

They had numerous antique stores and this one was really unique on the outside.  If we had more time we would visit one or two.

Our dinners arrived pretty quickly.  I had grilled chicken with jalapenos, baked potato and fried okra. Dean had smoked sausage with fried potatoes and fried okra.  The meals also came with a dinner roll. They were both very good.

It was a beautiful day here in the 70's when we arrived.  By the time we returned the temperatures had dropped enough that it was too cool to sit outside.  I wanted to work on the blog before we went to bed and since I have several pictures to upload it will take awhile.

As we are entering our campground.

Our campsite.
Although it was pretty hectic this morning, it turned out to be a beautiful day for traveling.  Check back to see where we stop tomorrow.

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  1. Ozark is a beautiful area. Have to remember to ask if you have a favorite RV park near Springfield that has full hookups at a reasonable rate for long stays. We want to find a spot for later when we visit family.