Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
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Monday, December 14, 2015

Sunday, November 29 to Saturday, December 5, 2015

Sunday, November 29, 2015 -

Since I retired I have been trying to purge extra stuff from our house, our files, our garage, etc.  I really hate "stuff" that has no purpose so I've slowly been removing it from our lives.  It is hard at times since sometimes the stuff seems like it might be meaningful to me but I am trying to figure out what is really important and what isn't.

This is at least my third, maybe fourth time trying to empty closets and drawers, storage containers and dressers of things we no longer need.  We moved from a 5 bedroom/3 bath house to a 3 bedroom/2 bath house.  That's not an extreme difference but we did have 2 dining areas and a large utility room whereas here we have a very small dining and utility area and little to no storage in comparison.  Needless to say we brought many things that I've tried to cram in a smaller space.

My cousin's wife Sherry works tirelessly for her church in Chetopa, KS.  They accept donations of clothes, furniture, household goods, decorations, etc.  When they have "sales", the proceeds go towards upgrades to their church or to help those less fortunate.  If someone should have a fire in their home, they allow them to come in and take what they need.  I started taking things to her over a year ago and I feel better about knowing someone might truly be able to use these things and it is going to a very good cause.

I also had several pieces of furniture that were family heirlooms and I have managed to find other relatives that wanted them and have given them a new home.  It makes me feel good knowing they have a place to go besides to someone who might not appreciate them as much as I have.

After church today I spent most of the day working on the Ozark Chapter 17 (OK, MO, AR, & KS) SKP Newsletter, mostly learning the program since it is not one that I'm entirely familiar with.  I sent emails and posted to the Chapter's Facebook page seeking information from Chapter members they might want to include in the newsletter.  I want to have it emailed and mailed by December 15.

Monday, November 30, 2015

I spent more time today going through closets, my cedar chest, storage rounding up more things to take to Chetopa.

I also had several "things" I wanted to do.  We added a hotspot to our phone last spring and we increased our data when we traveled this summer/fall.  I called to reduce the coverage in October but found I was better off making use of the remaining data rather than have them charge me half even though I had not used half of it.  So I decided to use it at every opportunity I had through Dec 2. Today I called Verizon to ask them to reduce it to 2 gigabytes of data at the end of this billing period, ending December 2.  It will save us some money over the winter.  Since we do not have any major trips planned for this year (over 10-12 days at a time) I am not sure we will increase it, and if we do it might just be a small amount.

It's amazing how much time it takes to make phone calls and take care of different situations.

Pretty mundane day today.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I met my dear friend and former co-worker Carol Eddington for lunch today at our local Mexican restaurant, Mi Pueblo.  We had a good visit and it was nice catching up on our kids and their families. We took a drive around Oswego before I dropped her off at City Hall.  I miss my staff but I don't miss being involved in all of the city business as I thought I might.  It was much easier for me to leave it behind than I ever dreamed.

This afternoon I finished taking some final items out of Bentley before we put him away for the winter.  I think I have everything and then discover another item - mostly things that I am afraid might freeze, or I remember some duplicate item such as spices, etc. I have.  Rather than let it set all winter I like to bring it in and use it.  I can always buy more in the spring.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

This morning I attended a Bible Study with some other ladies.  It was a good time with some wonderful people.  One of the things that came up in last Sunday's sermon was how we should praise god and thank him even when things do not seem like we have anything to praise him or thank him for.  Throughout the week I feel God has continually put this same teaching before me as almost everyday it has come back to me through something a friend said to me, a devotional I read, another scripture I've read, etc.  While I know it seems hard to do at times, I do believe it helps to keep you focused on the love God has for us. I really enjoy attending this group get together.

I worked on a few things around the house.  Misti called me later to see if I would like to go to the Oswego Christmas Parade.  Dean didn't want to go, but I said I would go with her.  They are serving free chili so I got something ready for Dean to eat and we headed downtown at 5:30 when they start serving the chili.  Logan and Haleigh joined us.  Haleigh is riding the Diamond Coach bus with her Uncle Brady Bates.  Some of you who read this might remember I mentioned Diamond Coach when we visited the Biltmore Estate.  This is the company here in Oswego that makes the people movers.  Some of their movers are utilized at the Biltmore.

While eating our chili our pastor and his wife, Roger and Tish Daniels and their children came in.  They joined us at the table and we had a great time visiting with them.  We are fortunate to have such a great couple like Roger & Tish leading our church.

The parade was great.  It was one of the best I can remember here in Oswego.  My former city staff and other city crew members had a cute float of Charlie Brown characters.  I took a few pictures however they really do not do their float justice.  Very, very cute idea!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

My "sideburns" are getting a little shaggy so I was able to squeeze into my hairdresser's for a little trim.  Marla is always very accommodating and I really appreciate her.

At 11, I reminded Dean of the Catholic Church Bazaar and Chili and Vegetable Soup Dinner at the Oswego Community Center.  We've not been able to attend for a few years due to conflicts.  This year we made it a point to attend.  The church does many great things in the community and it is always good to support our community events.

Even though I had chili last night, I had it again today.  Both were very, very good.  We visited with two couples while we were there, the Tullis' and the Foster's, both great community minded folks in communities west and south of us.

This evening I went to Bootcamp.  I bowed out last week because I didn't want to be so sore on Thanksgiving Day when I had so much to do.  Tonight went well and I think I'm finally beginning to toughen up a bit.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Today was a busy day.  We got up and around early as we have a big day planned.  Today is the SKP (say Escapee fast) Luncheon in Springfield, MO.  I want to stop in Joplin on the way to pick up a Christmas present I ordered for Haleigh.  Once we picked it up we headed to Sam's.  We are meeting a friend, Connie Mace here and she will ride with us to the luncheon.  We arrived and after looking around for the car she described to us we did not see it.  I double checked the information she emailed me to make sure I had the car make correct and realized she would not be here for another hour.  We were an hour early.  Somehow I do this alot, the only thing I can say is - at least we are not late!

We planned to stop at Sam's when we dropped Connie off on our way home, so we took this hour to go in and get the few things we wanted.  We got back to the car just a short time before Connie arrived.  Talk about perfect timing.

Soon we were on our way.  Connie and I talked almost non-stop and Dean had the opportunity to listen to a fantastic conversation.  Lol!  He even got a word in edge wise once or twice.

The SKP's meet on the first Friday of the month at 12:30 at the Golden Corral, located at I-44 and Kansas Expressway.  There was a great turnout today with 21 in attendance.  We had one couple who have not yet joined but intend to.  Our group has added several new people in the past year or so.  We had a great time catching up with everyone and the lunch itself was quite good.  Dean and I really enjoy Golden Corral and eat at the one in Joplin every few months.

In no time we were on the road home.  We parted ways with Connie about 3:30 or so and arrived home near 4:30.  Logan plays basketball tonight for the Junior Varsity.  We will head out to the school at about 5:45.  It was a good game, even though Oswego did not win.  They were up by 7 points or more and I thought they were going to pull it off but at the last minute St. Paul took the lead.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

I decided at the last minute that I would head to Joplin to do some Christmas shopping.  All of a sudden it occurred to me that Christmas is only a few weeks away.  I still need to buy presents, wrap them and get the house ready for guests to stay.  What am I thinking waiting until the last minute to do these things.  Before retirement I usually had presents purchased the week of Thanksgiving and wrapped soon after.  Plus I made different cookies or candies every day before I went to work, and that was while the kids were still at home.  I don't know what happened to me, but just have no desire to do that anymore.  I justify this with the fact we do not need all that extra "stuff" to eat that only adds extra pounds over the holidays.

I managed to get presents for 6 of the grandkids but I still have 6 to go.  Amazon may see me later rather than fight these crowds again.  It wasn't TOO bad, but I was really tired when I got home.  How did I use to shop all day long and be the last one going?  It's hard to believe that was me.  I think the big change is I really just do not enjoy shopping anymore.  It's not near as fun as it seemed in the past.

I had to call Dean on the way home and have him talk to me that last 15 miles to keep me awake.  I no more than set down in my chair and I was taking a little nap.  Once I had dinner ready we watched two Christmas movies - my favorite thing to do this time of year - but I might have snoozed just a bit through each of them.

Another week coming up!

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