Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Sunday, December 13 - Saturday, December 19, 2015

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Kamron woke up this morning ready to go home.  She is a "family" girl and she misses them when she is gone.  We headed to Parsons about 10:00 to take her home.  I took advantage of the trip to take a few things to Marc he wanted - again making more open room in the spare bedrooms.  These were the last things I needed to remove so it was a great relief to have that job done.

We visited with Marc and I played with Jaxson a little before heading back home.  We had time to have a bit to eat before I headed to my sister Cindy's.  It's her turn to host the sis' today.  My niece Amy came with her mom today.  It was great to see her and catch up.

I texted Matt to see if he and Megan would have time to Skype with us this evening.  He told me he was studying for finals so it would depend on how much he could get done.  An hour or two later he sent a text saying he could Skype now, but Megan and Josh were both asleep.  The whole point in Skyping was to talk with Josh.  Matt & Megan announced they are expecting their second child, due in July.  Megan has been really nauseous all day every day.  I would appreciate prayers for her that she will be able to travel with little or no discomfort over Christmas.  They will be flying from Buffalo, NY.  She tends to be airsick so it could be a very difficult flight with a 2 year old.  They do try to fly in the evenings so Josh sleeps most of the time.

I emailed my first newsletter for Ozark Chapter 17 SKP's.  It was fun putting it together.  Only had one email come back saying it was undeliverable.  It felt good to get that done before heading into next week that will be spent on last minute Christmas preparations, food, cleaning, attending grandkid's Christmas concerts and more ballgames.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Our grandson Jaxson came to stay for a couple of days.  I really like that now he is excited about coming to Nana and Papa's.  For a long time he cried when mom would leave him, but he's getting old enough now he is enjoying it.  We had another fun day of hide and seek, TinkerToys, playing a few games on the computer and watching a few recorded shows of his favorite cartoon - Blaze.  I laid down with him this evening, and finally after rubbing his back for about 20 minutes he fell asleep.

I made a big pot of ham and beans today, adding some fried potatoes and cornbread this evening.  What a meal!  It's probably my favorite meal!

Tuesday Dec 15 to Saturday Dec 19

Tonight is Dacy & Tucker's Christmas program in Columbus, and Kamron's Christmas program in Parsons.  Dean will head to Columbus.  I am keeping Jaxson all day and will just take him with me when I go to Kamron's program.  Following her program I joined Marc, Jennifer, the kids and Jen's mom Lou for dinner at El Pueblito in Parsons.  It was really good and we had a nice visit.  Once home Dean and I discussed how great the programs were and how much we enjoy getting to see the kids participate.

Wednesday I went to my weekly Bible study which I always enjoy.  It's a small group and I love that. I have lists of things to get done before Christmas so I worked on getting many of those done this afternoon.  Tomorrow Cindy and I are headed to Joplin to finish up just a few things for Christmas gifts for grandkids and I'll be finished with all of that.  I was all over Joplin looking for the game "Pie in the Face" for one of the grandkids with no luck!  I sure hope I can order it online!  Thursday evening after getting back from Joplin, I had a bit of a rest before we headed to Logan and Haleigh's Christmas program here in Oswego.  As with the other two programs Dean and I attended on Tuesday, we enjoyed theirs as well.  Friday morning we had our routine breakfast out at Tina's here in Oswego.  Dean did a little favor for a family member of mine - or at least tried to.  They had a phone that wasn't working but as it was we decided it was the phone itself that was the problem and he couldn't really help them out.  But it was nice to visit with Chester and Lorene and I dropped off my Angel gift to her while I was there.  Tonight Logan had a basketball game that we attended.

Saturday was spent cooking, cleaning and just getting as much done as possible before Matt and Megan arrive next week.  I managed to get all of the presents wrapped and under the tree along with a host of other things.  It's hard to believe Christmas is less than 1 week away.

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