Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sunday, Nov 8 to Saturday, Nov 14, 2015 - Oswego, Kansas City and Wichita, KS

Sunday, Nov 8 to Saturday, Nov 14, 2015 - Oswego, Kansas City and Wichita, KS

Sunday, Nov 8

Dean and I have decided to start walking again, and our first day was actually yesterday (Sat, Nov 7).  We walk at our park on the Northeast side of town.  Saturday we walked around the park 2 times, or 33 minutes.  
This morning we walked 42 minutes.  It was really nice outside and very hard to believe it is November with the weather we are enjoying right now.

After returning home and eating breakfast I got ready to attend church, where my sister Cindy and daughter Misti joined me.  Afterwards, Misti and I headed to the Community Center for the annual Methodist Bazaar, where we picked up "to go" boxes of chicken and noodles, potatoes, green beans, coleslaw, roll and dessert.  I purchased meals for Dean and I, and Misti purchased meals for her and Logan.  We brought it back to our house, before Misti and I headed to my sister Cindy's for our Sunday sister get together.  We had a nice visit and made plans for our family Christmas, the Sunday before Christmas this year.  

Dean has been looking at new trucks.  We want to upgrade from a 2500 to a 3500 for improvement in pulling Bentley and providing a better ride.  We spent quite a bit of time talking about the possibility of trading our vehicle in for one, before finally wearing ourselves out and needing a good night's rest.

Monday, Nov 9

Jaxson was back early this morning to spend today and tomorrow with us.  We played Hot Wheels cars, Tinkertoys, put puzzles together, built a bridge/tunnel out of chairs and blankets, played hide and seek and just had a fun time.  It was a fun day and I tried to get a few things done around the house in between his own play time and nap.

Dean took off to look at and drive another truck.  The one we really wanted sold over the weekend, but they have found a couple of others they want to show him.  He finally came back this evening, driving a new truck.  Haleigh and Misti stopped by, so we all loaded up and Papa took us for a drive around town.  I got really tickled at Jaxson when we came outside.  He said, WOW, look at all of the lights.  Later he looked up at the sky and said, WOW, look at all of the stars.  

Today he took a really long nap, and wasn't ready to go to bed when Nana was.  I laid down with him and we both finally fell asleep.  When I woke up I headed back to my own bed.  I really miss my pillow when I'm away!  HAHA

Tuesday, Nov 10

Jaxson was up pretty early this morning and I was surprised after his late night (11:00).  He was in his happy little mood.  He loves to crawl up on my lap when he gets up and he's a little lover which I figure I should enjoy as much as possible because that seems to fade as they get a little older.

While he played I made some pumpkin cookies for a meeting I am attending this evening. They turned out almost as good as the one's my own Nana made each year around Christmas time.  They are some of my favorite cookies.

Jennifer was able to leave a little early today as she has to go back and work an extra day this week so she picked Jaxson up not too long after lunch.  

Dean had to take the truck back and we decided we liked it well enough to go ahead and purchase it.  He was there until late afternoon filling out paperwork, etc.  Ugh.  I'm glad I didn't have to go along for all of that.  I had to leave before he got back home.  I picked up Cindy and Misti and we attended a women's meeting at the church.  We had such a good time with the 25-30 women who showed up.  There was several kinds of soups, salads and desserts.  It was hard not too try all of the various foods but I held out and thought I did pretty good at controlling myself.  I do love food.

Wednesday, Nov 11

Dean and I walked again this morning, 2.29 miles.  It was a little cooler but still pretty nice out.  Mostly it was the wind making it feel cooler.

After returning home I ate breakfast and then got around to head to a Bible Study at a friend's house.  I really enjoyed the morning with the 7 women in attendance.  I look forward to meeting with them again.

While I enjoyed having Jaxson these past two weeks for a few days, my housework had suffered so I tried to get caught up on some of it after lunch.  It's amazing how much better I feel when things are in their place.

Misti stopped by to pick me up about 1:45 and we attended the Veteran's Day Event at the Oswego Jr and Sr High School.  It was very, very nice and my brother-in-law Lonie Addis was the guest speaker.  Lonie served in the Marine Corps and shared some stories of his time in Vietnam.  It was very moving.

After dinner tonight I met Misti at the Oswego Gym to join her Bootcamp buddies in some exercises.  I did pretty well for almost the oldest person there.  A friend from High School who attended was a year older than me so I figured if she could get through it, so could I.  I won't mention she looks in much better shape than I do.  There were 10 of us attending and each person took a place at a machine where we did that particular exercise for one minute, then moved on to the next machine, etc.  The next set was leg exercises and the final set was various floor exercises, ball tosses, jumping jacks or jumping rope.  After that we did stretches on the floor while giving a brief positive comment.  It was great exercise and I enjoyed it much more than I imagined I would.

It sure has been busy since we've been home from our trip.

Thursday, Nov 12

Today Dean and I were brave and we not only walked, but after 2 full loops of the park on the 3rd loop, we also walked down the hill from the park, past the water plant and back up another hill to the road leading across the river bridge, then turn back and walked down that hill and then back up the REALLY STEEP hill leading into the park, to complete the 3rd loop.  It was the same as walking around the park loop 4 times the day before.   

Today I actually got some deep cleaning done which was really needed.  It felt good to get it out of the way.  I do not enjoy house work, it just has to be done, so you do it!   I really planned to do more but an hour or so after lunch they called from the car dealership and said the truck would be ready to pick up in about an hour or so.  We are 1.5 hours away and Dean needed to get his driver's license renewed.  We got ready and headed to Pittsburg where we had the most fun exchange with a Driver's License clerk I think we have ever experienced.  Dean told me later, he thought he would always go back to Pittsburg now.  
After we were through there we drove the remaining distance to the dealership where we had to wait another hour or so before the truck was ready.  Hmmm!  By the time we finished the walk through of the features, it was getting late.  We stopped in Pittsburg on the way home at Buffalo Wild Wings - not the best choice!  The food wasn't too bad, just really expensive and pretty loud.  I had wanted to pick up a couple of things at Wal-Mart but was too tired by then.  All I wanted to do was go home.

Friday, Nov 13

We always eat breakfast out on Friday's and we headed to Tina's here in Oswego a little after 8.  As usual it was quite good.  I overhead a couple of ladies talking about converting their old home movies into DVD's, so I asked a few questions.  She said that Sam's offers this service.  We have two large shoe boxes full of home movies my dad took when we were kids.  I will definitely look into this.

I was able to get several more things done around the house today.  I am still going through closets, drawers and cabinets, trying to pare down all of the "stuff" I have.  This house is just not as big as our previous home and I'm tired of walking over things, and digging through cabinets to find things.  I gathered up several things I want to donate.  My cousin's church has a nice building in Chetopa that they hold sales for household goods and clothing in.  I try to take everything down there.  They usually have a sale once a month, and if someone should lose their home or belongings to a fire or tornado they will let them come in and pick things at no cost.  I think it's a great help to many people.

I called Cindy to see if she wanted to run to Pittsburg after she got off work.  She did and we left soon after that.  I am looking for some winter tops.  We hit Penney's, Goody's and Cato's.  I found a couple of things at Penney's.  We made a quick Wal-mart stop for a couple of things and headed home.  By the time we got home I was tired, so Dean suggested running up to Parsons to the Hickory Hole for dinner.  This is a great little hole in the wall restaurant on the east side of town.  Their food is great.  They almost always have ribs, smoked chicken, polish sausage and pulled pork along with several sides.  I was good and ate green beans, cole slaw and meat only, no bar-b-que at all.  That as hard.

Saturday, Nov 14

So, this morning I got up and started going through things in the extra bedrooms in preparation for Thanksgiving.  I'm not sure if any of the kids will be spending the night or not, but in case they do I've got to get things in shape.  I have a hutch and buffet that belonged to my Great-Aunt Aletha but I just don't have room for it here.  It has been in the extra bedroom but I want to move my piano out of the living room, and I would like to move it to the bedroom.  I also have a heavy wooden plant stand that belonged to my "Nana" Blackledge and a mantel clock that was my great-grandpa and grandma Blackledge's.  I talked to my niece Nikki, Cindy's daughter to see if she had any interest in them.  I had mentioned it to my sisters and my kids already.  Bless her heart she took all of them.  I was ecstatic.  Before the day was over we had moved everything around the way I wanted it.  I still need to make changes with wall hangings and such but that will happen after Thanksgiving.  Too much going on to get that done before then.  What a great day of cleaning and reorganizing.  

Dean I managed to walk every morning this week.  We are averaging 2.29 miles per day. Every day has been easier and we are now beginning to really enjoy the time we are outside.  Our park is so beautiful.  There are still quite a few trees with beautiful leaves on them.  As the sun comes up it hits the leaves and it is just magical.  Our park is located on a bluff overlooking the Neosho River and the Neosho River Valley.  It is a beautiful site whether it be autumn fall colors, stormy skies, fog laying across the valley, etc.  

See you next week!

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