Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Thursday and Friday - September 30, October 1, 2015 - Brandon, MS

Wednesday and Thursday - September 30, October 1, 2015 - Brandon, MS
Wednesday, September 30, 2015

We left Rainbow Plantation at 9:45 a.m.  Dean was dreading the drive around Mobile and we worked on the route for over an hour or more once we returned from our movie and dinner.  The drive went quite well and was really pretty easy.  It always looks worse on the map than it is once we actually drive it. 

From the bridge that routed us around downtown Mobile, AL. 

Lots of barges passing through here.

A ship docked to unload or reload.

We had to make a bathroom break along the highway, and a large Chinook helicopter landed on the field across the highway from us.  Really neat!

We have seen a number of trucks loaded with pine trees logged from the forests in this part of the country.
He did great as always and once we were through Mobile it was smooth sailing all the way to Goshen Springs Campground on the Barnett Reservoir near Brandon, MS. 
What a pleasant surprise!  This campground is wonderful and we would not hesitate to stay here again if we are ever in the area again.  The sites are level concrete and wide enough to park your vehicle on.  Each site has a picnic table and nice trees and bushes have been planted between each site to provide privacy.  All sites are full hookup.  As you drive into the facility the office, laundry, and bathhouses are all located together with a very nice swimming pool.  Right across the parking lot is a nice boat ramp and several boat slips.  There is a canal that leads out into the reservoir.  There are many RV’s here and several park models.  It appears a number of people live here and many must rent by the month as half or more of the RV’s are currently empty with their boats or other watercraft sitting on their campsite.  Many of the sites have the mobile pagoda type tents at the back of their lots and decorated with lights, plants, etc.  For the most part everything is very tasteful and manicured looking. 
This is the office,

The boat slips and boat ramp are in front of us to the left of the water. 

This is the back of the office area where the pool is located.

Here is a shot of an empty site, that is right behind us.

Bentley and our truck.

Trees and bushes to help provide privacy between sites.
It was 3:30 before we arrived.  By the time we had things set up we were pretty much worn out.  We took a walk around the park, about 1.5 miles.  When we returned I made a half sausage and half chicken pizza for dinner.  We watched some TV and headed to bed pretty early. 


Thursday, October 1, 2015
After coffee and breakfast we decided to run into Jackson.  We have a few things we wanted to get at Sam’s and again, we need more groceries.  We needed to wash down our big patio mat.  We put it out in Summerdale since we were there for several days.  With the sandy soil they had and the heavy rains, the sand really attached itself.  We tried to shake it off some before we left but it was still too damp and just didn’t want to “let loose”.  So before we left this morning I helped Dean unfold it and lay it out on the grass so he could wash one side of it.  Then we laid it over the picnic table to clean the other side and left it there to dry while we were gone.
We found Sam’s and it happened to be right next to Bass Pro, so guess where we headed next.  We had a good look around but found nothing to buy.  By now it was after noon, so we happened to spy a Logan’s just down the road.  I had a salad and Dean had their yummy fried cheese, cheeseburger.  I’ve had one before and they are so good, but I'm really trying to be good.  The salad was okay, not what I expected but it was good.
Since we’ve been back I’ve made a few phone calls to make some appointments for when we return home and trying to update the blog posts even though I cannot post them until October 3rd or later. We are practically out of our data plan and I refuse to buy any more gigabytes this month. 
We will head to Minden, LA tomorrow where we will spend 4 nights.  We really don’t know too much about the park or what we’ll do, so stay tuned to find out more.



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