Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Sunday, October 25 through Saturday, October 31, 2015 - Oswego & Wichita, KS

Sunday, October 25 through Saturday, October 31, 2015 - Oswego & Wichita, KS

Sunday, October 25, 2015 - Oswego, KS
This is going to be a busy week which is often how things are when we are at home.  We dawdled a bit this morning, taking our time getting up and around.  I went to church, leaving about 10:25 and got back around noon.  Dean told me Jarred and Andrea had called to see if we wanted to meet them in Parsons for lunch about 12:50.  As much as I hated to decline, I had made kind of a big deal to my sister Crystal about being at my sister Jody's for my 1st Sunday get together in almost 3 months.  Crystal and her husband Lonie were on vacation this past week so I have not had a chance to see her or my youngest sister Jody.  Since I made a big deal about it I felt like I should be there.  I am glad I did because Crystal not only showed up (she had planned to go into work to do some catching up before her first day back at work tomorrow), but Jody made me a birthday cake. 

We had a good time visiting and catching up with each other's families.  Since I will be gone on Sunday, November 1 and it's my turn to host on the first Sunday of the month, I felt bad about missing another Sunday as well.  More explanation on that later in this post.

Monday, October 26, 2015 - Oswego, KS
Our grandson Jaxson is coming to stay with us today while his mom Jennifer is working out of town.  I'm pretty excited to spend some time with him.  He's a pretty good little guy.  He turned three in July.  I had some of his favorite toys out waiting for him when he got here.  He loves to play with Hot Wheels and a little race track we have, as well as the Tinkertoys.    He jumped right in playing with the Hot Wheels and Tinkertoys and it kept him busy all morning. 
Jaxson playing with Tinkertoys, while sitting in the Tinkertoy tub!

Putting the wooden puzzles together.  Some of them were his Aunt Misti's and his dad's when they were small.  Logan in the background.

I also got out the wooden puzzles for him to try.  He picked up on those in no time and seemed to enjoy them quite a bit.  After lunch we drove over to my sister Cindy's to visit her.  He was being a real show-off for her and was quite proud of it too.  We came back  home and then we played outside for awhile.  When Logan, our 16 year old grandson was about 2, we bought a playschool wagon that has stayed here at the house for many years. All of the grandkids (except Emerson, although I'm sure her day is coming) has made use of this wagon.  Jaxson loves riding in it.  I pulled him around the house and yard for awhile, and then he helped me pick up sticks.  It seemed like it was no time and Jennifer was back to pick him up.  He is coming to visit us again next Monday and Tuesday.

Tonight is my favorite show, Dancing with the Stars so you know where I was after dinner.  I did manage to stay awake for the entire show though --- which does not always happen.  (I do record it though in case I don't make it!) 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015 - Joplin, MO
To back up a bit, Bentley went in for his repairs last week--tear in linoleum in kitchen, replacement of slide roller under the refrigerator and replacing the water pump.  Deryl at Chetopa RV called us on Friday or Saturday to let us know everything was done except for replacing a part they ordered that had not yet come in, however they expected to have it Tuesday when they open for the week.  So we are hoping Bentley will make it home later today.

I had my annual women's checkup today in Joplin, MO.  I like getting early morning appointments so I can have the rest of the day to spend running errands, shopping and sometimes making a visit along the way, and today I did all three.  I was done shortly before 10:00 and I headed to Khol's, Dress Barn, Northpark Mall, Ross' and Cato's looking for a few winter tops and some new jeans.  I must have tried on over 20 tops and 10-12 pairs of jeans.  I bought one pair of jeans at Macy's.  I needed just a few things from Wal-Mart and while there I picked up two more pairs of jeans (although I was tired of trying on clothes by now, so I just took them home to try them out) and a couple of pair of shoes.  I purchased a pair of shoes like the ones I bought today right before we left on our trip and I wore them almost every single day we were gone.  I loved them so much I wanted to get another pair like I had, plus a black pair.  How often do you find shoes that feel so comfortable for $15 a piece? 

A year or so ago my sister Cindy and I made a trip to Tulsa.  After hearing about how good Panda Express' orange chicken was from the Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond we decided to try it out.  We were both terribly disappointed.  In their defense we did get there after the lunch run, with hardly any left in the bottom of the bowl so it was somewhat dry with little to no sauce.  I just knew Ree would not lead me astray so I wanted to give this place another chance, and today was the day.  I'm glad I did because it was so much better than our first trip.  In fact, as they filled my bowl, I thought there is no way I can eat all of that, but it was so good I could not bear to leave any of it.  I will definitely come back here again.

My next stop was near Seneca, MO to see my step-dad Larry and his wife Verna.  As with everyone one else, I've not seen them for several months so I was really looking forward to having some time visiting with them.  I stayed for about an hour and a half and really enjoyed catching up with them and telling them about our trip.

Bentley was home when I got back.  Dean picked him up this afternoon.  It was so good to see him sitting on his pad next to the house.  I really miss staying in him.  It is so much easier than our big house.  In fact it has made me stop and think about what more can I get rid of in the big house to make life more simple.  I've been wanting to get rid of some furniture that I really do not need or want to keep.  I am reaching out to my kids and nieces and nephews since it is all Blackledge/Duncan family heirlooms.  Hopefully someone will want them and if not, then I'll try to figure out what I will do with them.

So tonight was also the first night of the World Series.  Our son Marc was fortunate enough to attend the game.  We watched it until we couldn't hardly keep our eyes open any longer and we finally headed to bed, but not before we DVR'ed the remainder so we can finish watching it in the morning. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015 - Wichita, KS
This morning we were up early and right away checked to see the outcome of the Royals game before we turned on any news.  What a great ending to the first game.  I texted Marc about 8:30 to see if they stayed to the end.  He said they and they didn't get home until about 3:45.  He said the traffic was horrible in Kansas City and then they had to drive in heavy fog back to Parsons.  I'm just thankful they had no problems getting home.  After breakfast we began packing Bentley up for a trip to Wichita to see our oldest and youngest sons and their families.  We will be there until Monday morning.  Fortunately for us it was pretty light packing.  We expect to eat dinner out every night so packing food for breakfast and lunch is simple compared to preparing a dinner meal.  Plus, I am always up for having dinner out, especially in Wichita where there are so many choices.

Dean left Oswego about 1, and I followed him in the car a short time later.  I was expecting a prescription refill in the mail today so I waited for the mail lady to arrive before taking out after him.  It wasn't too long and she showed up, but not with my prescription.  The Dr.'s office called it in on October 20, it was mailed the 22 by first class mail.  I suppose it will show up the day after we leave.  We'll find out when we get back.

Since I am watching Jaxson again this Monday, I will get up and leave early that morning and plan to just pick him up in Parsons on my way home.  Dean will leave a little later with the RV.  It's kind of nice having a car while we are in Wichita and it's not the first time we've brought it along with us. 

I called Dean to let him know I was on my way and then he told me the bad news - no, there is nothing wrong with Bentley......

but there was LOTS of road construction and we found out it wasn't just in Labette County but in several stretches between Oswego and Wichita.  It wasn't too bad until I got stuck at one spot for almost 25 minutes and I really needed to have a bathroom break.  I was never so glad to see that big old flag flying outside of Fredonia and I knew it wouldn't be long.  I pulled in and almost ran into the store and the door was locked.  Oh no, but then I noticed it said Family Restroom on the door - that's not what it has said in the past.  I then realized there was some major renovation in the convenience store so I started looking around and they have an entire new women's restroom - with three stalls!  WOW!  I have stood in line here for 15 minutes or more many, many times.  What a treat!  I know, crazy to be excited about a bathroom, right?  Well, it wasn't long and I was on my way again.  Even though Dean only left about 15 minutes before me, however I was never lucky enough to make it through without them stopping me and he arrived well ahead of me at the RV Park in Goddard, KS - All Seasons.  It's a decent park and very convenient to Heath and Jarred so that is great.

The main reason we are here is to see everyone after almost 3.5 months but for a few other things as well.  Jarred and Andrea bought their first home and will be moving this week, and on Sunday they will have their daughter's dedication at their church.  Originally it had been planned for earlier in October before we got back, so we were pleased to hear the date had been changed.  Also, since we will be here over Halloween we will get to see Heath's kids in their costumes "Trick or Treating" for the first time. 

Once we had Bentley set up, we hopped in the van and took off to see Jarred and Andrea's new house.  It is so nice and will be a wonderful home for them and Emerson.  It has a very nice backyard that has been beautifully landscaped. They were wanting to get some more painting done, so Dean and I took Emerson with us.  We ran by a nearby Subway to get some sandwiches and then stopped by Heath and Casey's for a little while to say hello.  I think the boys enjoyed seeing Emerson and they kept her entertained while we quickly ate our sandwiches.  We didn't stay too long since it's a school night and we headed back to Jarred and Andrea's so Emerson could get some sleep too.

Once we were settled in we were soon watching the World Series, night 2.  Another win for the Royals.  We hope they keep it going like this for the next two games!

Thursday, October 29, 2015 - Wichita, KS
Today we have no plans until later this evening.  We started out our day by eating breakfast at Egg Crate CafĂ©.  Dean wasn't that thrilled with his - why am I not surprised, since it's not Tina's?  but mine was very good.  He had eggs, sausage and home fries with toast.  The home fries were pretty mushy with quite a bit of seasoning salt on them and he just didn't care for them at all.  I had a ham and cheese omelet.  It was very good, full of ham and lots of cheddar cheese, probably more than I needed.  I did not have anything with it though and it was just right. 

When I tried on the jeans from Wal-Mart before leaving home, I was very disappointed.  One pair was too tight and one pair was too big.  Same manufacturer and same size.  Errr!  So our next stop was to return those to a store nearby.

From there we drove south to visit Harbor Freight.  It's one of Dean's favorite stores.  Deryl had mentioned to him they had one of the platform stepstools on sale that Dean had asked him about when he picked up Bentley so he wanted to check it out.  (The bottom step of our entrance steps into Bentley is often just a bit too high to comfortably step up onto.  We have a Rubbermaid step we carry, but it is a little higher than we need so we hoped this would be just perfect.)  Not only were they out of stock, but in checking the dimensions it would have been too tall for what we needed.  But it was fun looking around.  We made a quick stop at Dillon's just down the road from the park so I could pick up some fruit for breakfast the rest of the week, then headed back.

We had some lunch about 1:30 or 2, and then I talked Dean into going with me to a few places to look for some tops.  Maybe I'll have better luck here in Wichita than I did in Joplin.  About two hours later, and after stopping at several stores I was still unable to find anything I liked.  It seems clothes are within that period between summer/early fall and winter clothing and there just isn't much in the stores right now to choose from.  Story of my life!

Dean and I stopped by Jarred's this evening after we had dinner at Applebee's.  We helped him move some more things from their old house to the new one.  They have already moved all of their kitchen items, their clothes and almost all of the small items and have two blow-up mattresses set up for them and Emerson to sleep on.  Saturday they have several friends coming to help them move the heavy items and then it will be a matter of getting everything in it's place.  Andrea has already done an amazing amount of work including decorating.  I am impressed!  We filled up both the van and the truck.  Andrea and Emerson were at Andrea's parents working on Emerson's dress for her dedication at church on Sunday.  Jarred asked me if I would want to watch Emerson tomorrow and of course, I said I would.  

Friday, October 30, 2015 - Wichita, KS
Today is our granddaughter Haleigh's birthday.  She is 14 years old.  Wow, where has the time gone.  My dad had red hair and I always wanted red hair myself, but the most I had was a bit of a reddish tint when I was in the sun.  Haleigh has beautiful red hair and her middle name is Kay, my mom's middle name so she is one special girl to me with a little bit of my dad and a little bit of my mom, and her birthday is only one week to the day after mine!  Oswego has no school today so that made her day all that more special! 

My granddaughter Haleigh Kay Bates - 14 years today!

We were up pretty early this morning to be at Jarred's so I could drop off Dean and pick up Emerson and bring her back to Bentley for the day.  Dean left his truck at their house last night so he rode over with me.  Jarred has several things he needs Dean's help with today so Emerson will have fun hanging out. 

Emerson is 7 months old.  She is such a pleasant little girl.  Very, very happy and easy going.  I say that, and then after we got back, we played for awhile and then she started getting a little restless.  I tried to rock her, walked with her and finally laid her on the loveseat.  I could tell she was tired but she just wouldn't give it up and finally just flat out cried.  I was beginning to think I had lost my touch as a grandma.  I finally decided I would take her in and lay her on our bed.  She laid on her side, rolled to her stomach, pulled her knees up under her and was asleep in about 1 minute.  WOW, you just have to get used to their routine, don't you?  I piled every pillow I had around her, pulled the covers up in a big roll on the end, and turned everything off so I could hear her if she woke up.  She slept about an hour and a half. 

Emerson having a good time with her bounce toy.  She's pulling herself up really well.  She loves to grin!

She woke up so happy and played in her bouncer for quite awhile, just as content as she could be.  She ate great and then took another short nap before Jarred picked her up later that afternoon.  They have dinner plans for the evening. 

Dean and I decided to eat at Logan's tonight for dinner.  I chose the grilled chicken with peppercorn sauce, grilled vegetables and salad.  He had the fish, fries and a salad.  I think mine turned out much better than his.

We headed to Heath's after dinner so we could visit some more.  Our family loves Lori's cookies from Oswego.  Lori is extremely talented and her decorated sugar cookies are extremely good and loved by many in the 4-state area.  I stopped and bought a dozen before we left town.  I knew the boys would love the Halloween cookies better than they would candy.  We took these in with us and yes, they all wanted one.  Their boys are really growing up.  We had such a nice evening visiting with all of them and watching the start of the 3rd game of the World Series.  We left about 8 or so, so they boys could get ready for bed. 

We finished watching the game back at Bentley.  Disappointing loss, but that's okay we are still a game ahead and we hope for a better outcome tomorrow night.

Saturday, October 31, 2015 - Wichita, KS
I am watching Emerson again this morning while they move the last of the items from the other house, allowing Andrea time to put things in place as they bring them in.  She is hosting a dinner at their house tomorrow for about 25 people after Emerson's dedication.  I can't believe what she got done yesterday.  She already has pictures hung and many areas decorated.  They finished painting Emerson's room yesterday so she'll be ready to settle in after today. 

She was just as good as gold again today and this time I knew what to do when she got sleepy.  She woke up just as happy as she did yesterday.  I took her back home about 11:30 as her and mom had plans with Emerson's Grandma & Grandpa Braitsch and her Uncle Chris and Aunt Kelly (Andrea's sister).  They are going to a special Halloween event at the hockey game this afternoon.  They are big Wichita hockey supporters.  Jarred was still moving things, plus he has some other things he needs to work on as well.

Jarred is the Missions Director at their church (Pathway Church) here in Wichita and he is leaving Monday on a trip to Tanzania, Africa, so he has a lot of things to finish getting ready before leaving, as well as finishing up with getting things settled after the move.  It's been a very busy time in their lives the past few weeks, as you can imagine.  With all of tomorrow's events he really needs this afternoon and evening to make sure he has things ready for his trip.

I decided to get caught up on the week's happenings for the blog this afternoon while Dean is helping Heath with a project, so I can post this Sunday evening.  We will be heading to Heath's later this evening to see the boys in costume and probably visit for awhile.  I can't believe how fast this time here has passed.  I really love having Bentley here.  While both Jarred and Heath are gracious hosts, it's wonderful having your own bed and your own chair to rest in at day's end.  I've never regretted buying our Bentley.  He's been great to travel with and he gives us absolutely no back talk.  He's still getting broke in though so occasionally we have a mild hiccup but thanks to our great dealer Deryl he always gets him fixed up in no time. 

We headed to Heath's about 6:15 so we could see the boys in their Halloween costumes before they take out for the evening.  What fun!

The Man in the Big Yellow Hat - Roman

Steve from Minecraft - Gideon

Character from Star Wars - Abram

On their front porch before heading out to "Trick or Treat"!
It was fun watching the boys get ready for the evening.  I'm sure they will have lots of stories to share tomorrow and of course we'll have to see what they got.  They assured Papa he could have the candy they don't like! 

After we left their house we stopped for some Chinese food.  Should have stuck with my crackers, ham and cheese and more veggies.  Mine was not very good at all, but Dean really liked his.  I think he'll have a problem getting me to go back to this place.  Oh well, at least I didn't eat much.

We are now watching the 4th game of the series.  The Mets just scored Run 3.  Hope the Royals can pull it together before the night is over.  We'll see.

See you next week!

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