Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sunday, October 18 through Saturday, October 24, 2015 - Oswego, Kansas

Sunday, October 18 to Saturday, October 24, 2015 - Oswego, Kansas

I have decided to try and do a weekly post as things happen during the winter to just keep friends and family up to date with our happenings.  Here is the first one.  I may not get something posted every week but will try to do one or two each month. 

Our son, Marc and  his wife Jen and family came down today (Sunday) to have lunch with us and Misti's family.  Marc picked Haleigh, Misti's daughter, up at her dad's on his way through Altamont and we all went back to the local Mexican restaurant.  Good thing we like it, huh?

Between seeing kids, and taking care of every day stuff we have stayed pretty busy every day our first week home.  Things we have done included unpacking Bentley so he could get him to the RV hospital to repair our broken roller on our slide, replace the water pump and to repair our linoleum that was ripped when the slide caught it, doing laundry, calling all the various services to let them know we are back home (city, phone, etc.), making changes in our Verizon data plan, updating our Century-link internet service, fixing problems we found with our second Dish Network receiver that controls the extra bedroom and garage TV's, etc.  We tried to remove anything from the RV that might be in the way of the workers, which included emptying most of the basement.  Going through mail took me awhile as well.  While my sister Cindy was kind enough to pick it up every two weeks and check it for anything important there were still things I needed to go through, file, toss or take care of.  Dean spent a couple of days giving Bentley a much needed bath and scrubbing.  Cindy needed to run to Joplin on Tuesday and wanted me to go with her.  She's had horrible withdrawals from seeing me for so long.  HAHA!

We had a good time getting to visit in person and I really did miss her (and my other sisters Crystal and Jody too).  She is having a jewelry party tomorrow night at her house and she wanted a few things for decoration.  We spent a good hour to hour or two in Hobby Lobby looking for things.  She came up with some cute and affordable things to do.  We made a quick stop at Wal-Mart for a few more things and then headed home. 

Wednesday morning I had an appointment to get my hair cut and colored and I was ready.  I only had it cut once while we were gone and my bangs were driving me nuts.  I never colored it while we were away.  Marla was surprised as there were only a few places the gray was really noticeable.  After lunch I went to Cindy's to help her get things ready for the party - decorating, getting food items made, etc.  I headed home in time to fix Dean something for dinner and change, then headed back to help Cindy with last minute things.  She had a great party and since all of her guests pretty much knew each other, we all had a good time visiting.  I enjoyed spending some more time with my daughter and niece Nikki, Cindy's daughter afterwards.
Thursday I did more laundry and more stuff around the house.  Our grandson Tucker has his last football game of the season tonight and granddaughter Dacy will also be cheering.  This will be her last middle school cheering experience so we headed to Columbus after dinner of homemade vegetable soup.  Yummy!  On the way over son Jarred called to say they were on their way to Branson for the weekend and were thinking of stopping by.   We had to pass on that since of course we will not be there.  We really hated to pass up an opportunity to see them and our granddaughter Emerson.  She was 4.5 months old when we left so I'm sure she has changed a lot while we were gone.  If they have time, they might stop by on their way back to Wichita on Sunday.  Hope it works out.

The 8th grade game was pretty good and Dacy did a great job.  I only managed to get one good picture of her. 

Dacy is the one in the middle that you can see clearly!
Tucker's game didn't go so well.  Not only did it begin to rain but they lost.  Dean and I left when it started to rain harder and set in the van along the north side of the field.  We did get to see Tucker as we walked by his team setting near the fence at half time so he at least knew we were there.  We left a short time before the game was over. 
Friday was my birthday.  When I woke up Dean had a nice card laying out for me at the coffeemaker.  He knows that is where I always head first!!   It's Friday and that means we eat breakfast out, and of course it was at Tina's in downtown Oswego.  I know I've said this before but all breakfasts are compared to Tina's and he was ready to have the best breakfast he's ever had here in our hometown.  He said it was just as good as always.  We decided we would take a drive to Grand Lake and just drive around to a few places.  We love the area.  It rained off and on but never really bad so we enjoyed the drive and just seeing the sights.  Misti called while we were gone to see if we wanted to go eat dinner with her and boyfriend Chuck and Marc, Jen and their family at Josie's Restaurante in Scammon.  Well, it's one of my favorite places to go, so of course we said yes.

I snapped this picture as we left Oswego on our way to Josie's.  Loved the sky and sun hitting the trees on the left.

We met them there about 6:30.  The food seemed even better than what I remembered it and the company was fantastic.  Unfortunately I failed to take a picture of everyone as I had planned to do.

I received lots of emails, texts and Facebook posts from friends and family members wishing me a happy birthday and that meant very much to me.  I received some nice cards in the mail and my granddaughter Kamron made me a special card herself.  My granddaughter Haleigh called me early this morning to wish me a happy birthday.  Really a great day for my last birthday in the 50's!

What a way to end our first week at home!

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