Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
Bentley - our Heartland Bighorn

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Monday-Saturday, October 12-17, 2015 - Cedar Oaks RV Resort, Grove, OK

Monday-Saturday, October 12-17, 2015 - Cedar Oaks RV Resort, Grove, OK

Monday, October 12, 2015

This morning we got up and headed into town for breakfast at the Eastside Caf√©.  It was very good.  We also checked out the route we wanted to take leaving Pryor and purchased fuel.  We had not paid anyone for our stay and I was unable to find anything stating how much the nightly fee was or where we should leave our payment at the bathhouses across from us where a large bulletin board displayed several flyers and phone numbers to call.  I tried to call the numbers listed online with no answer, and the ones on the flyers here were the same numbers.  I emailed the address listed in the email but wasn't sure how quickly I would hear from someone.  I walked over to the office area to see if there was any other direction noted there and did find a different phone number than was listed on the website.  I called it but the person who takes payments was not in the office.  I was told they would call me back.  After a few times of phone tag, I received an email telling me where I could mail the payment and how much it was.  I emailed back that I would send it.  A few hours later I received a phone call, from the same person who had emailed me earlier, not realizing I was the same person.  So finally we were able to settle our overnight fee.  First time we have run into this.

As we were about ready to hook up, a little white car pulled up and it was my cousin Jim.  He told us he comes to the park everyday to walk.  He didn't expect to still find us there but sure was glad he did.  He suggested another route for us to take.  It turned out to be a great solution and for Bentley we think it was the best one. 

I can't believe I failed to get a picture of Jim and Wanda or our spot at the Recreation Area. 
We were soon headed to Grove, OK where we will attend an Escapees Rally.  As you know our original plans had been to attend the Oklahoma Heartland Rally in Durant this week, and then on our way home we planned to attend the Escapees Casual Campout near Wagoner, OK but since we are anxious to get home, see the kids and get Bentley in for repairs we decided to bypass the Durant rally and instead attend the Escapees Fall Rally then go on home.  We saw almost all of our Heartland friends at the Texas rally and while we hate to miss the OK rally we didn't want to bypass a get together with our Escapee friends either.  This way we got to see them all and still get home a week earlier than we had expected.

We had a nice drive from Salina, Ok to Grove, Ok via the route Jim gave us.  We headed south out of Salina to Highway 412, and then east to 59 highway through Jay, OK and on to Grove.  We noticed some of the trees were really beautiful as the colors are changing.  The most we have seen in all of our travels this fall. 

As we head into Grove from the south near Honey Creek Bridge.

We were really glad to see some of our SKP (say that fast and it sounds like Escapees)friends already here once we pulled in. After we got set up we had a quick bite to eat, and then took our chairs over to the Chapter President's motorhome where several others were gathered outside in the shade to visit. 

After visiting for awhile the discussion about what everyone was doing for dinner was discussed.  It was decided for those who wanted to go we would head to Rib Crib at 4:30.  Phil and Janelle Mackey asked us to ride with them and we enjoyed their company.  

We set outside for awhile after we returned, but I suddenly remembered it was Monday night and my favorite show, Dancing with the Stars was on so I quickly headed back to Bentley.  I do not watch much TV but this is my favorite show and I hate missing it, especially since I could not record it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Other SKP members continued to arrive throughout today.  It was good to see everyone again.  The Opening Ceremony for our rally was held at 2:00 at the clubhouse where we received a copy of the schedule of events for the week and were advised of a few minor changes.  A wagonmaster is in charge of each day's events.  Each wagonmaster is responsible for preparing the main meal of the day, getting help from other SKP members if needed, and organizing any other events for the day.  The club reimburses the wagonmaster for their expenses. Tonight we did not have a wagonmaster so they ordered pizzas from Pizza Hut and had salad prepared by a few of the ladies.

Afterwards several of us played Hand and Foot in the clubhouse.  I fell in love with this game after playing it at the spring SKP rally here in Grove.  It consists of four rounds, and takes about two hours or so to complete a full game. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

As I've mentioned before, each morning while drinking my coffee I read the RV blogs I follow.  This morning I opened one I've been following for just over two years and noticed their blog was a review of their recent visit to Bartlesville, OK including Woolaroc Museum.  I thought wow, they were not too far from us.  As I read on it said they were now parked at Cedar Oaks RV Resort on Grand Lake o' the Cherokees.  Hey, wait, that's where we are.  I quickly read through and saw they were not planning to leave here until Saturday.  I was thrilled at the opportunity to meet one of the bloggers I've been following.  I sent them an email asking if they would have time to meet up.  Later in the day I received a message that they would love to but they were on an overnight trip but would return to the park this evening.  We agreed to meet up Thursday morning at their place. 

Dean went to play golf with one of the new chapter members, Tom, this morning so I decided to go visit my bestfriend from high school, Cheryel, who recently moved to Grove.  We had a great visit and then I headed to Wal-Mart for a few groceries - since we had nothing left to eat for breakfast or lunch.  Dean returned from golf not long after I got back so we had some lunch.  We spent part of the afternoon visiting with various members.

Tonight we had an interesting meal, trash bag tacos.  I've never had or even seen this before.  Salad and most of the fixings were all poured into a large trash bag together, shook up and then laid open on the table for each of us to come by and fill our plates.  Additional fixings we could choose from were set out on the table.  It was very, very good.  For dessert we had brownies.  A perfect bit of sweet after dinner.

Dumping the food in the trash bag!

Afterwards a couple of the ladies wanted to walk and asked if I'd like to join them.  The resort has a nice area to walk and it's another opportunity to build friendships and get to know the other members. 

Another night of Hand and Foot followed with lots of laughs and getting to know the new members.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Well, I was anxious to meet my blogger friend this morning so I tried to keep myself busy around Bentley, getting ready, cleaning, picking up, etc.  Soon it was time to walk about 100 feet, two rows over from us to meet them.  They were so nice and we had such a great visit for a little over an hour.  We discussed all kind of travels, including theirs in Kansas.  I inquired if they had ever driven any of the Flint Hills area.  They had not.  I strongly suggested they include that in a future trip to our state.  I love the Flint Hill area on 400 Highway and believe it to be some of the prettiest country I've ever seen.  I love that drive no matter the season, or the weather!

After lunch, one of the ladies walked over to see if I wanted to play cards and of course I said yes.  We had a great game then took a break before dinner.  The resort supplied smoked brisket (which was awesome) and the wagonmaster for the day supplied baked beans, coleslaw and potato salad.  DELICIOUS!

Afterwards we took another walk around the park before playing more Hand and Foot.  So much fun!

Friday, October 16, 2015

After breakfast, we visited a bit and then headed to the clubhouse for the Business Meeting, where I accepted the job of newsletter editor for our Chapter for the upcoming year.  This will mean preparing and emailing it to all members 4 times a year (and mailing it to 1 member), which isn't too bad.  I think once I've done it, it will be fairly simple.  At least I hope so!  We had three new couples join our chapter during this rally.  We had a total of 16 rigs with 31 attending.  It was a great turnout!

Most of the members who attended posed for this picture.  One couple had to leave before the brown bag exchange and this was taken following that.

Following the business meeting the Chapter treated everyone to lunch at Rib Crib.  It was a great meal and a good time.  At 4:30 we had our brown bag exchange.  What fun it is!  Each person brings some type of gift and puts it in a brown bag and closes it up where you CANNOT see inside.  All of the bags are put in the center of the room, with enough chairs placed in a circle around the brown bags.  Each person draws a number.  The "emcee", for lack of a better word, determines how the numbers will be called.  This time they were chosen randomly rather than from first to last, or last to first.  Once a person picks up a bag they have to take that one, but after opening it they have the choice of keeping what they picked, or they can steal from someone else.  A gift can only be stolen two times.  There is someone to mark the bag each time it has been stolen so that once it has two marks, you know you cannot steal it again.  It is a lot of fun and provides lots of laughs to everyone playing. 

Following the brown bag exchange there were 3 couples besides us who thought ice cream sounded pretty good and we were soon headed to Braum's.  It was really good.  A few of us ladies took a quick walk around the park before heading to the clubhouse for our nightly game of Hand and Foot.  This time our group of six were all ladies playing together.  It was a little wilder than when the men play with us and much laughing going on.  What a great time. 

I just want to mention Dean is not much for playing games but he does enjoying sitting out with the other guys talking after dinner for awhile.  Once the guys head in for the evening he watches TV.  By the time I get back we still have an hour or so to visit about the day before heading to bed.

Today was the last day of the rally and tomorrow we will head home.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

We were up and around pretty early this morning, getting breakfast out of the way early enough that even I was able to head to the clubhouse for coffee and say our goodbyes.  We are ready to head home but always hate leaving our friends (both Heartland and Escapees) behind knowing that it will be several months before we will see them again.  Many of the couples are heading south for the winter and will be leaving soon.  Most will stay in the south until March.  We actually considered going down for the months of January and February of 2016 but have decided to put that off for a year as we have a few projects we hope to get out of the way at home before we start our spring/summer RVing. 

We were ready to head out about 10:00 or so and were home by 11:30.  We took the long way home in order to bypass the bridge north of Welch near the Oklahoma state line as it is very rough to take Bentley across. 

Our daughter Misti knew we would be home today and it wasn't too long after we arrived that she and our grandson Logan showed up to welcome us back.  We visited for awhile and decided we would meet later for dinner at our local Mexican restaurant.  I called our son Brett and he agreed he and his family would join us as well.  Our son Marc and his family will be down tomorrow.

We had a great time visiting with the kids and grandkids this evening and hearing about everyone's activities and telling some of our traveling stories.  It's great to be home and see them again!

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