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Travels with Bentley
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Sunday, September 20, 2015

September 18-20, 2015 - Greensboro, GA - Old Salem Campground

September 18-20, 2015 - Greensboro, GA - Old Salem Campground

Friday, September 18, 2015 - Greensboro, GA - Old Salem Campground
We left Magnolia Campground at 10:30 this morning and arrived here at the Old Salem Campground in Greensboro, GA about 1:30.  We were surprised at the number of peach trees as we drew closer to Georgia.  There were field after field of them.  I took these pictures of this area where pecan trees were growing alongside the road with peach trees in the fields either side.  It was really a beautiful drive. 
Pecan trees along the road, with peach trees beyond those.

Peach orchards.
We went out of our way to miss Atlanta.  Dean has had his fill of big city driving.  We did take the interstate through Augusta, which was pretty easy on, easy off.  Unfortunately no big golf tournaments going on here this weekend.  Dean said they were playing in Illinois.  He would know as he follows it pretty closely.
Speaking of golf, I just realized I didn't even mention the Chiefs game from Thursday night in the previous blog post.  Yes we watched in clear to the end and was sorely disappointed in the outcome.  Was sorry we stayed up to watch that!
As we neared Augusta, Georgia and the Savannah River which is the border between South Carolina and Georgia, I took this picture where you can see the area laid out below us.  It was prettier than the picture shows.

Augusta, GA just ahead on the Savannah River.

The campground is about 10 miles south of the interstate and in no time we were here and setting up.  This is a beautiful park, full of pine trees.  The sites are quite large with lots of room between the sites.  The site was level and we had both water and 50 amp electric hookup, which is good, because I think we will need it here.  It's quite warm if you are in the sun at all, and I'm sure we will want both air conditioners running. 
We took a walk around the park the first evening and I took a few pictures. 
Beautiful pines along Oconee Lake.

Laying back in my chair, watching the sky.

We are here for the weekend and the sites nearest the water are all full, but it has been very, very quiet here.  I was visiting with the park host Patsy yesterday and commented on that.  She said they  have been working here during the summer for the past 3 years and it is always like this. 
We have walked everyday we have been here.  It's very relaxing.  I wish all of the parks were this inviting to get out and move around.  None have been bad but many are gravel roads and dusty where this is all paved with pine needles on the ground along the road so it's just cleaner. 

We ate breakfast at CafĂ© 44 Saturday morning.  We were really impressed with the young lady at the counter.  When we came in she asked if we had been here before and when we told her no, she said she didn't think she recognized us.  She provided us with menus and told us we needed to order at the counter and they would bring our food to us.  She explained the drinks were self-serve and then told us about their baked goods.  The food was delicious and it was a great experience overall.  I wish every business we went to was as friendly as these young ladies were. 
Later in the day we drove to Eatonton, south of the park to check out a couple of golf courses.  We found one but with the weekend it looks to be pretty busy.  I took this picture of the Superior Court for Putnam County in downtown Eatonton. 

Superior Court Building for Putnam County, GA

We went to the Publix grocery store to get some fried chicken for dinner Saturday night.  Patsy told us it was really good.  It was pretty good but we were thinking more home cooking type chicken, but for a grocery store it was better than most.  For the most part we cook here at Bentley.  Tonight (Sunday) Dean grilled hamburgers.  
We drove into Greensboro, GA today and visited a large antique store.  It was two stories and just huge.  On the upper story at the very back of the store you could see an old lift.  We asked the owner about it. He told us the building was constructed in the late 1880's.  Originally it was a mercantile on the first story, with a funeral home located upstairs.  They used the lift to lower the coffins down into the hearse.  When the funeral home constructed a new building, they begin storing farm equipment upstairs.  Now it is packed from top to bottom with all kinds of antiques and flea market finds.  However, we didn't find anything we couldn't live without.
We took another walk this evening and here are a few more pictures.  I wanted to show you how nice our site was plus a few others nearer the water, as well as the beach area.
Our Bentley.

Nice area outside Bentley to relax.

Large parking area for the truck.  We could probably get 3 vehicles in here if we needed to.

Beautiful site on the water.

One with an even better view.

Beach area.

Pine trees along the roadway.

We'll be headed to Columbus, GA tomorrow to a Corp of Engineers Park for 2 nights.

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