Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
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Sunday, September 20, 2015

September 15, 16 & 17, 2015 - Kenards, South Carolina @ Magnolia RV Park and Campground

Tuesday, September 15, 2015 - Kenards, SC
We were not in a rush to leave Asheville, NC this morning as we only had 100 miles to travel today.  We took our time getting around, taking care of some of our preparation work for moving before taking a break to run down the road to fill the truck with fuel and have breakfast at the Country Corner CafĂ©.  Our neighbor and a park host, Jim, here at Lake Powhatan Campground told us about this place.  The eggs and bacon/sausage were great but the biscuits were a bit dry and the gravy was pretty bland.  We'd give it a 3 out of 5. 
When we returned to the campground sometime after 10, we finished packing things up.  We were ready to leave a little before 11:30 or so.  Our neighbor across the street, one of the camp hosts, Sharon came over to say goodbye and we visited with her for about 15-20 minutes.  We sure enjoyed having her as a neighbor.
About noon we pulled out of Lake Powhatan to move on down the road to Kenards, SC.  There is not too much around here but it's a full hookup campground with laundry and Wifi.  We were fortunate to get a site with an open signal for satellite.  I really wanted to see the Presidential Debate on Wednesday night and Dean wants to see the Thursday night football game with the Chiefs and the Broncos.  Since it's a week night he's sure they will be on one of the major networks and there is no guarantee we'll get to see them on Sunday's so he wants to take advantage of it.  He loves his Kansas City Chiefs football.
We arrived here at Magnolia RV Park & Campground around 2:30.  It's a very good stopover location because of the amenities I mentioned.  If we did not need to use them we might have only spent one night here.
Once we had Bentley set up I wanted to dust and vacuum before setting everything out.  Once I finished that, we needed to make a run to get some groceries and found a Wal-Mart in the nearby town of Newberry.  We are down to very little food so it was good time to stock up on more fruits and vegetables in an attempt to get back to healthier eating habits.

We looked around Newberry a bit however we didn't find anything that grabbed our attention so we headed back to Bentley. 

We rested for a bit and then Dean got out the grill and we soon had our dinner.  We watched the overview of Dancing with the Stars from the night before.  This is one of my favorite shows and fortunately Dean enjoys it too.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015 - Kenards, SC
This morning after breakfast I did some more cleaning, changed the sheets on the bed, and then I had a nice long shower using our new Oxygenics shower head.  At first I wasn't too impressed but I did not have the water on very high.  Once I turned it up I could really tell a difference and I took advantage of no limit on water usage.  That was nice!  By the time I had all of the work done inside and my shower and hair done it was almost noon so we had a sandwich. 
In checking Trip Advisor for the area we found Rose Hill Plantation wasn't too far away and decided we would make the drive over to check it out.  It was near the town of Union, SC.  The home was originally the home of South Carolina Governor William Henry Gist, known as the "Secession Governor." 

Information about the Rose Hill Plantation

The drive up to the house

The house.

This door was quite wide and very beautiful.

A beautiful staircase.
An original ornate, hand carved fireplace.

Governor Gist led South Carolina to be the first state of succession.

The front door from the stairway.

The two pictures above are handmade children and doll clothing made by Mrs. Gist.

The two pictures above are hand sewn and painted pictures by Mary Gist.  These were some of the most beautiful handwork I have ever seen.  Really amazing!

This is an uncompleted lap quilt.  It is very, very old.  I love the 3 dimensional look to it.  Has anyone ever seen this pattern before? 

Gist was the son of a Charleston merchant who arose from modest beginnings to be elected governor of SC in 1858.  By then, he had become to accept the belief that SC could protect slavery only by withdrawing from the Union.
The home was constructed prior to 1832 and was originally named for its landscaped rose garden.  Today it has restored gardens, historic trees, Georgian-style architectural features and period furnishings. 
Garden area.
Fencing around the front yard
Large magnolia trees that were planted by Gov. Gist when house was constructed.
One of the original rose bushes that was planted.
More shots of the 4 or 5 very large magnolia trees in the front yard.  Very beautiful trees.

We were the only ones present for the 2:00 tour with docent Elizabeth Moses, who did a wonderful job of explaining the features and furnishings of the home.  They are in the process of determining the original wall colors of the home to provide a more accurate and historical setting.  The home was purchased by some local people after Gist's family moved.  They made changes to the home, such as adding the front and back porches which were in need of repair at the time of their purchase.  However, they never lived in the home and then sold it to the National Forest Park to preserve as a National Historical Site. 

After completing the tour, we asked Elizabeth if there was anything else she would recommend we see while in the area.  She suggested the Union County Historical Museum.  Since Union, SC was not too far away we headed there to check out the Museum.  Unfortunately it is not open on Wednesday.  We did drive around town and look at some of their downtown buildings.  It looks like it was a great little town in its heyday but as we have seen in our travels there were many empty downtown buildings.  The downtown had beautiful street lighting, and would have been quite inviting had the buildings been full rather than vacant.  One of the booklets we picked up at Rose Hill Plantation was a list of restaurants in the area communities.  Gene's Fine Food stated they specialized in fried chicken, one of Dean's favorite foods, so we headed there to check it out.  He said it was okay but nothing real special.  He had cole slaw and French fries with a leg and thigh.  I ordered chicken and dumplings, fried okra and mac n cheese.  The dumplings were so-so, but the okra was amazing and the mac n cheese was pretty good as well.  I think they breaded and seasoned their own okra.  Very, very good!  After dinner we headed back to Bentley. 
I needed to do some laundry and wanted to get it out of the way before the debate started, so I headed to the laundry area behind the campground office.  Two hours later we have a closet full of clean clothes again.  I still need to wash a load of towels and sheets but I hated to use all of the washers/dryers in case anyone else came in.  There were only 3 washers and 3 dryers. I should have done them all as no one else showed up. 
We got settled in, turned on the RV and I stayed up for the entire debate, but Dean gave it up a little after 10.  While I did come away knowing a little more about some of the candidates overall I thought it was mostly sensationalism on the part of CNN.  I don't want to know how a candidate feels about what someone else has said about them.  What I want to know is what are they going to do for us and how to do they intend to do it.  I have decided if I really want to know more about each candidate it's probably more up to my research than what the media is going to provide. 
Tomorrow we plan to try something else to do in the area so stayed tune for what we find.

Thursday, September 17, 2015
I couldn't believe it was almost 7:00 a.m. when I woke up this morning.  I don't think I even woke up during the night.  I soon had the coffee going and while waiting I pulled up my email to check my morning RV blogs.  We watched the morning news and listed to all of the commentators regarding the debate last night.  Interesting!
We had our breakfast and just messed around here putting a few things away, and just puttering around.  We had lunch and then headed to Clinton, SC, just a few miles away.  We drove around a bit thinking we might find an antique store - but had no luck.  In fact, I could not find any listings without driving nearly 45 min to an hour.  However, I did find that just a few miles outside of Clinton was the Musgrove Mill State Historic Site.  The battle of Musgrove Mill was fought here near the Enoree River on August 19, 1780 as part of the Revolutionary War.  A detachment of American militia engaged and defeated a superior British force composed almost entirely of loyalist troops.  This battle came at a time when American prospects for winning the war seemed to grow dimmer by the day and this win bolstered the patriot morale in the Carolina backcountry, creating a turning point in the war. 
The visitor's center had a wonderful visual display of the historical site mapped out with lighting to show where and how the battle occurred.  It was a great visual to follow the oral interpretation provided as part of the display. The site contains a portion of the battlefield, and some of the foundations of the colonial home and mill sites of Edward Musgrove, whose property was used as a temporary camp by the British, which led to the battle that was fought near his home.
There are two interpretive trails located at the site and we walked the Home and Mill Site near the Visitor's center; and a short distance on the Musgrave Mill Battlefield site to see Horseshoe Falls. 
The Home and Mill Site was one mile in distance and there were a few signs along the way included below. 

Visitor's Center

Remains of the Musgrove House

Start of British Camp Trail

Explaining importance of Musgrave home and mill to the British

The trail was really nice and easy to follow.

Women were important during the American Revolution in helping to pass along information to the Patriot militia.


Interpretative sign regarding fords and importance during the war.

Interesting tree along the trail.

Information regarding Musgrove Mill.

The river along the trail.

We wondered if these were pilings from the old bridge mentioned in the earlier sign.

Some of the pine trees were really tall.  I was standing looking up at this so there is a good 6 feet below it and I could not get the top in the picture.
I was thinking of the many men, young and old who walked this trail.  This battle, according to the information we heard at the visitor's center, was severe for the British and they lost many soldiers.  As they made their way toward where they believed the Patriots were camped, the Patriots learned of it and were waiting for them.  Even though they were few in number they took them by surprise and created many casualties for the British.  When their commander was killed the British retreated.  It is believed the information was passed on to the Patriots by the women in the area who had overheard information about the planned British attack.  It was a very interesting place to visit and I'm glad we took the time to visit.

The Horseshoe Falls wasn't too much to see today as the water level is pretty low.  I took a couple of pictures and you can see the horseshoe shape of the large rock.  It would be beautiful if the river was running full.

After leaving the site, we stopped to fuel up and headed back to Bentley where I have been working on the blog.  Dean watched a little TV and is now getting some of his outside work done so we'll be ready to go in the morning.  My plan is to post this update tonight and begin uploading pictures for the blog post of our visit in Asheville.  It may take me awhile to get the pictures uploaded to the blog, so please be patient, I will eventually get it done.  The internet here has not been that fast and I can only upload 4 or 5 pictures over a 10-15 minute period.  It is very tedious. 
Our next stop will be at Greensboro, Georgia.  We will be staying at Old Salem Park Recreation Area for one, maybe two nights, depending on how well we like it.  Unfortunately they do not have internet.  We are not sure where we will be going from there, but we will be looking for full hookups and internet after that.  I look for inexpensive places to stay and try to keep our nightly cost at $20 or less per night.  Fortunately, we have had little campsite fees on this trip as we have boondocked at family and friends' homes a good part of the time which has saved us tremendously.  We really appreciate that. 
Stay tuned for what we find in Greensboro, GA.

Even though we had Wi-Fi at Kenards, SC it was extremely slow.  I decided to take a chance here to upload the rest of the pictures in order to get this posted and I'm glad I did.  I had it finished in less than 10 minutes. 

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