Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
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Saturday, September 12, 2015

August 28-30, 2015 - Traveling from New York to Delaware

Friday, August 28 – We were up pretty early this morning to begin the task of packing things up but it was still almost 10 before we pulled out of the driveway headed toward Pennsylvania and then Delaware.  We drove from Buffalo to Syracuse, then south to Binghamton and just east to our overnight stay at Beldon Hill Campground.  While I took a number of pictures along the way, I accidently deleted those pictures from my camera without saving them to my computer.  Fortunately there wasn't much to be missed.
It was a pretty uneventful drive.  The campground we stayed at was very nice, and we had a great view of some beautiful hills to the west and south of us.  Once we unhooked and setup we both just sit down and pretty much stayed where we were until it was time to head to bed.  I did get up long enough to make some taco soup for our dinner. 


Saturday, August 29 – We were up early and pulling out of Beldon Hill Campground at 9:15 this morning.  We have about a 5 hour travel day and I want to try and make it before 2:00 p.m. so I can spend the rest of the day visiting with my cousin Cathy (Duncan) Lawrence.  We have not seen each other in over 45-50 years.  She is actually my dad’s first cousin but we are only four years apart in age.  Daddy was the youngest child of his parents, and his parents were the older children of large families so many of my second cousins are closer in age to me than they were to my Dad.  Cathy’s dad, my great uncle Richard (Dick) Duncan is still alive at 103 years of age. 

A few pictures along the way.
Fog on the mountains.


Entering the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania.
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We have arrived.  This is the house where my Uncle Richard "Dick" Duncan still lives at 103 years of age.  He does have a round the clock care due to health issues.

We pulled into his house at about 2:00 p.m.  This is where we would set up the 5th wheel and spend the next two nights.  Uncle Dick already had a hookup for a small trailer he has had in his backyard for many years, and his brother-in-law used when they visited with their travel trailer.  How lucky is that? 
We were soon set up and Cathy and I had lots of catching up to do, sharing our memories of times together when we were just small children when she and her family visited my Great-Grandma Daisy Duncan in Chetopa.  We did take a break to have dinner with them at Ruby Tuesday's, where we had a great time visiting.
We went back to their house after dinner.  She had a small photograph album of her dad’s that we went through together and at the very end – there was a picture of my sister Cindy and I, Cathy and her brother Raymond and our cousin Randy Walker in 1961, taken on what might have been one of her last visits to Chetopa.  It was amazing the things we remembered about time spent with her grandma, my great-grandma, Daisy Bell (Smith) Duncan.  It was so much fun visiting and reminiscing with her. 

My second cousin Cathy (Duncan) Lawrence and her dad Richard (Dick) Duncan, 103 years old.

Dennis Lawrence (Cathy's husband, Dean, me and Cathy

Dean, Me and Uncle Dick
Cathy's husband Dennis is quite the collector, mostly of drive-in memorabilia including MANY drive-in speakers from numerous drive-in's.  It was fun taking a look at his collection.  He was a very interesting guy and had many questions for us regarding our travels and Bentley.
Uncle Dick worked laying water and gas lines within the United States, mostly from Texas to New York.  They lived in a trailer house that they pulled with the construction trucks used on the job from one site to another.  I had no idea she had not lived in a sticks and bricks home during her school years.  She moved from one community to another a lot while in school.  As young children I’m sure it never occurred to us to talk about things like that.  Her parents settled here in 1977 and built a home on a two acre tract in Port Penn, DE.  This little community is just beautiful. 

We were up pretty late and it didn’t take us long to get to bed after we returned from their house.  The temperatures dropped to the upper 50’s.  It was so quiet, it was almost like being at home.
It was great getting to see my Uncle Dick, even though he suffers from Alzheimer’s.  I was amazed at how well he walked (even though he did use a walker), his legs seemed pretty steady for 103.  While most of what he said was not always understandable at times he spoke very clearly.   

Sunday, August 30, 2015 - Cathy stays with her dad most mornings from 8-12.  His health requires someone to be with him all the time now and she has several people who split shifts through the week.  I visited with her for a while this morning and then Dean and I needed to make a run into town to get a few groceries, and fuel for the next leg of our trip.  Tonight we are having a cook-out here.  Cathy’s daughter Helena and her husband Ron will also join us.  I cannot believe I failed to get a picture of these two.
After Dean and I returned we had a quick lunch of leftover taco soup and then I worked on downloading pictures from my phone and camera to files on the laptop so I could delete the pictures from my phone.  It is so full my phone is almost at a crawl.  I hate to say this but as I was downloading all of the pictures from the past several days I accidently deleted all of the pictures I took the day we left Matt’s until we arrived at Beldon Campground near Binghamton.  Fortunately most of them were just shots from our window as we drove down the road.  There were a few neat shots of downtown Syracuse and of the change in the countryside as we headed into the southern part of New York.  I am disappointed but there definitely were days I would have hated this happening much more than these pictures.  I finished about 4:00 and immediately started in on getting things ready for tonight.  Dean is grilling hamburgers, hot dogs, and Italian sausage.  I made corn dip as soon as we returned from the grocery store.  We also had cole slaw, mac & cheese, green beans, corn on the cob, fruit, veggies and apple pie.  It was all very good – made more so by the opportunity to reconnect with wonderful family members.
We visited for a few more hours and finally around 8 we headed to Bentley.  We want to get some things done this evening before heading to bed as we can plan to leave here about 9 tomorrow morning.  We want to miss the morning traffic and then get around Washington DC and Richmond, VA before traffic picks up again in the afternoon. 
Dean took me on a quick drive through Port Penn before we left this morning (Monday) to take a few pictures because Cathy and I just stayed too busy trying to pack nearly 50 years of our lives into less than 24 hours to stop and do this.

Welcome to Port Penn
Port Penn Museum

Local Tavern

My very good friend, a high school classmate, Carolyn collects pictures from her friends who visit beaches and write her name in the sand.  This is on the Delaware River/Bay.  This is Augustine Beach.  Right across the water is a nuclear plant.

Cathy told me this was a former biker bar that is right across from the beach area.  I thought the architecture was really neat looking.

A historical home in Port Penn.

You can read in the sign that the house was purchased by mail and then brought in and built on site. 

We sure hope that Dennis, Cathy, Helena and Ron make the trip to Kansas soon.  We had a great visit and thank them so much for their hospitality while we visited.  We hope to have the chance to return the favor when they make it to Kansas!

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