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Travels with Bentley
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Saturday, September 12, 2015

August 26-27, 2015 - Our Last Two Days in Grand Island, NY

Wednesday – August 26 – Something we all were interested in was a boat ride on Ms. Buffalo on Lake Erie and the Niagara River.  The boat was to leave the dock at 12:30 so we loaded up and headed out around noon.  We arrived a little later than we had hoped, but it worked out well as we were able to board right away.  We were fortunate to get a picnic type table right up font where we would have a great view the entire ride.  Dean and Megan took the necessary motion sickness medicine to make sure they were not bothered by any “waves”.  Well, it was pretty overcast today and a bit windier than the past several days.  Not sure we picked a great day to ride a boat on open water!  While no one ever got sick, one or two felt a little rough by the time we got back to the dock.  I was not one of them.  I don’t know why but one thing I am blessed with is never having been sea sick – hope it sticks with me forever!
Josh seemed to enjoy the ride despite it being a little cold especially going into the wind on Lake Erie.  Once we turned north into the river things calmed considerably but it was still a cool trip. 
We learned so much on this tour and of course it is now two-three weeks later and I cannot remember a lot of the information provided to us so I’ll provide as much as I can with the pictures I have to share.
You can see how choppy the water was on Lake Erie.
I believe this is the new water intake for the City of Buffalo, where water is taken in and then transferred to the water treatment plant.
The Canadian side of Lake Erie/Niagara River.
The original water intake.  Notice the current. 
As we navigated up the Niagara River, we then turned and began our cruise back toward the dock we left from.  This part of the trip included going through the lock system, where the water level must be raised in order for us to pass through.  Here are a few pictures.  You can see how the dockside changes in relation to the boat as the water rises to allow us to pass through the locks.
Notice the platform to the left of the picture, and the watermark on the side of the lock.
After the water level rises, look where the platform is now - we are above it, rather than below it.
You can the water level is almost to the top of the mark in the first photo regarding the lock.
The gates are opening for our tour boat to pass out of the lock.  Notice the bridge in front of you.

Because it is too low, it pivots to the side in order to let taller boats such as our tour boat and this sail boat pass through.
Here is the bridge pivoting back into a closed position.
Almost closed now.


Many old abandoned buildings along the waterfront.  Notice the writing on the walls in the pictures above and below.  The US and Canadian rowing teams use this part of the Niagara River as their practice area.  As they win various meets they decorate their wins on the walls.  There are many, many sections where they boast their success!

This bridge is known as the Peace Bridge linking the United States to Canada.  See the flags in the middle showing the boundary and the appropriate side by where the flags are being flown.

This is a section of the original Erie Canal.

This is the "Boat House", a architectural wonder of Frank Lloyd Wright.  It resembles a ship in the way it is laid out.

The skyline of Buffalo from the water.  As you can see it was pretty cloudy although there was never any rain, but it sure did make the water unhappy.

Picture of a beautiful sailboat as we returned to dock.  What a great day!!

Tonight we have reservations at the Cheesecake Factory!  I just had a salad so I would not have to pass up the Carrot Cake Cheesecake-my very favorite!

Thursday, August 27 – Today is our last full day in Grand Island with Matt, Megan and Josh.  One place Matt told us early on that he wanted to take us was to the Original House of Pancakes.  We are so glad he remembered and that we checked it out this morning.  Oh my!  Megan and I had French toast; Matt had eggnog French toast and Dean had a baked ham and cheese omelet with pancakes.  The French toast was amazing – 4 large slices.  I could only eat 3 of mine – way more than I needed.  Matt had some left over and I had to try it.  If it was possible for the French toast to be even more amazing than what I ordered – it was what he had ordered!  The omelet was huge and puffed up about 4-5” high and filled most of the center of the plate.  It too was very good.  This would definitely make the list of one of my best breakfasts!
Afterwards we headed back to the house, visited awhile and I offered to watch Josh one last time while they all golfed.  I wanted to get all of our laundry done before we leave tomorrow so that worked out well.  Upon their return, they said it was the best game any of them had had this year!  Practice makes perfect!

Josh enjoying mom and dad.
Clowning around!

Tonight we traveled to nearby Lewiston, NY to visit the Historic Silo restaurant which was made somewhat famous when Adam Richman of the Travel Channel's Man V. Food visited in 2010 where he advised their Beef on Weck (a New York sandwich favorite) should be called "Beef on Wonderful".  The Silo itself has an interesting history.  The Silo and terminal were built as one complex in the 1930's to accommodate thousands of passengers - all transferring from the Great Gorge Railway and boarding steamers in Lewiston taking them on to Toronto.  The Lewiston Silo was home to the coal that fueled the steamers, housing the fuel that help keep the waterfront alive.  In 1938 most of the terminal was destroyed by an ice jam.  The terminal was later torn down but the Silo remained a fixture for many years.
In 1997, Richard Hastings of Youngstown approached the Village of Lewiston with the idea of converting the silo into a place for refreshment.  His idea included building a platform that would encircle the entire structure to provide seating for customers.  This was a great idea as any seat provides a great view of the waterfront.  Richard's son Alan Hastings now operates the Silo Restaurant.  The Beef on Weck known as the Haystack at the Silo includes seasoned rib-eye steak slices with melted mozzarella cheese and toasted hash browns.  It is served on a baked hoagie roll with mayonnaise.  Despite being a bit salty for me it was pretty good.  Dean and I shared the Footlong Haystack.

Here are a few pictures of the Silo Restaurant

The Silo - a restaurant on the Niagara River.  Yes, that is Canada on the other side near Niagara on the Lake.
Always enjoy the scene of a boat on the water!

Outside of the building.

Thought the sun looked pretty shining on the water and highlighting the inside sitting area.

This picture shows how they added the seating around the silo.

They had a few of these swings along the waterfront.  Very solid built.  Josh was tired of the sun in his eyes.

Thank you to Matt and Megan for being such great hosts, for making sure we saw some of the Best of the Buffalo/Niagara Falls area, and for introducing us to many more great food stops!  Thanks to Josh for entertaining us with his antics.  We sure did love getting to know him better.


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