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Travels with Bentley
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Friday, September 11, 2015

August 22 to August 25, 2015 - Grand Island, NY


Well as you know I am way behind on the blog.  We were very busy at Matt and Megan’s and I had a couple of days I wasn’t feeling quite up to par.  So this is my attempt to bring you up to date in a very abbreviated post from Saturday, August 22 to Thursday, August 30 spending time with Matt, Megan and Josh.  (My original plan was to include everything through August 30, however the post was just too long, so I will be posting three separate ones to bring you up to date through August 30.)

Saturday, August 22, Matt had his monthly Army Reserve weekend and Saturday was Family Day.  Megan and Josh headed out with Matt for a few hours, so Dean and I just hung out at the RV doing some routine chores and I worked on the blog a bit before finishing up the post last Sunday so you all would have it on Monday, August 24.  I also had a chance to get caught up on laundry which is always good to have out of the way.  That evening we had a cookout here at Matt’s with all of Megan’s family which was really nice.  We had hamburgers, hot dogs, bruschetta, potato salads, pasta salad, baked beans, chips, pop and for dessert we had cookie ice cream sandwiches and key lime pie.  It was all delicious and of course even though I tried to be good – as usual I ate way too much.  Josh was in heaven with his 7 cousins there to play with him in his new bounce house and just running around the new fenced in yard. 
The previous owner’s of Matt’s house had taken down fencing and some of the old poles were still in the ground, so after completing the new fence he and Dean worked this afternoon to tear out the old poles, move dirt to fill holes, and all of the necessary cleanup to spruce up this area.  He had put up a temporary woven wire fence he was using for the dogs, and he had placed bricks along the bottom to keep the dogs from digging out.  With the new fence up and the temporary fence removed, Megan loaded up all of the bricks after they returned from family day and built a circular fire pit with them in the middle of their backyard.  Between her and Matt they had a campfire going right after dinner and we all sit and talked for a couple of hours.  We had a great time with Megan’s family.  Unfortunately this was the afternoon I started feeling a little puny but I still really enjoyed spending more time with her family.

Sunday, August 23 - Dean and I hung out with Megan and Josh for the day.    Megan wanted to take me to a shop they have on Grand Island called Kelly’s Country Store.  Dean agreed to watch Josh so off we headed.  This was a neat store and according to Megan has been around for many years.  I should have taken pictures but it never occurred to me until later.  They make their own chocolate candy here and it was delicious.  They also have numerous jars of various kinds of “penny” candy including many that have been around for years that you may purchase by weight.  Megan purchased an assortment of various chocolates including several types of truffles and I bought Dean a half-pound of peanut clusters, his very favorite type of candy.  They were all delicious.  Besides the candy, they also had many knick-knack items including, jewelry, scarfs, home décor items, jellies, jams, dressings, etc.  In the back they had two large rooms that were entirely decorated for Christmas including one area that held many old toys which I enjoyed looking at.  Many stuffed toys and animals were hung from the ceiling.  They take pictures with Santa at Christmas time and they also make chocolate candy for Easter.  Megan said they have almost two rooms full of various chocolate delights during Easter.  Yum!  It seems they have built up quite a following over the years.
We played in the yard with Josh for awhile so he could enjoy his new toys.

As you can tell he caught on real quick how to get up the ladder and down the slide.  It's hard to believe he is only 16 months old.


He loves his bounce house, but he had even more fun once his cousins showed up and joined him. 

He loves putting this drum on his head and walking around.  Since it's clear, it works out great.  He kind of reminded us of a deep sea diver or an astronaut.  Wonder if either one will be a future career?
That evening we headed to a restaurant on Grand Island called the Riverstone Grill.  It was very good.  I had a wonderful hamburger with artichoke cheese dip and pepper cheese on a ciabatta bun.  Wow!  Unique and very good is all I can say!  We headed back to Matt’s and visited for a while before heading to bed.

Something funny was going on! 

Bath time! 

Monday, August 24  - Megan is on vacation this week.  Since I was still feeling a little puny I offered to watch Josh this morning so Dean, Matt and Megan could go play golf.  While I originally had planned to play with them I just didn’t feel up to going.  I didn’t have anything contagious and Josh is such a great little guy I knew it would not be a problem to keep an eye on him.  He entertains himself very well, and when it is nap time if he watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse he’s usually out before the 30 minute show is over; and he did that for me today.  Before playing golf Megan went to a local bakery (not sure if it was on Grand Island, or in a nearby town) to buy donuts for our breakfast.  They were very good.  Dean had apple filled, I had strawberry filled and I know Megan had a peanut butter type.  There were other kinds and they were all delicious.  I was very full after that.  I rested this afternoon and then we ordered Chinese for dinner from a place on the Island.  It was quite good as well.  I am gaining weight!!!!  But all the food is sooooo good!

Tuesday - August 25 – Today we decided to head back to Canada to Niagara on the Lake.  I have heard many wonderful comments about this community and asked about visiting here to see for myself.  It was our first experience at exchanging funds from American to another country’s.
Our Canadian money.



Nearing the border.
As we drove toward Niagara on the Lake, we began to see many wineries and vineyards. 

One of many vineyards.

Canada has done a great job drawing tourists to this area. 

As we entered Niagara on the Lake.

Headed to the downtown area from our parking spot.

Courthouse in Niagara on the Lake, Ontario

Town clock of Niagara on the Lake, Ontario
It was so beautiful, full of flowers in the downtown area, the parks and almost every house we walked or drove by.  It was amazing.  There were numerous shops with a variety of things for sale.

I resisted for the most part, only purchasing a couple of post cards.  The pictures I posted above are just a few of the many flowers we saw. 
We had lunch at the Golf Course which was right at the mouth of the Niagara River and Lake Ontario.  Matt asked if we could sit on the patio overlooking the water. 

The view from our table of the Niagara River.

As we were leaving I noticed the sign below about the golf course announcing it was the oldest course in North America. 

As we walked back toward the car, we spied this telephone booth.  Dean said he has worked on a many of these.  He had to pose for a picture!

We made one last stop at the City Park where I took a few more pictures, including a selfie of all of us and one of Matt and family.
Entrance to park, just beyond the horse and carriage giving rides.

As in the park at Niagara Falls in Canada there were many families out enjoying the beautiful day.
Josh is waving at you!
Matt, Megan and Josh
Just a swinging.......
Clapping and having fun!
This small fountain/pond was near the entrance.  There were several children who were in the pond fully clothed. 


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