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Travels with Bentley
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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tuesday, August 4, 2015 - Little Farm on the River, Rising Sun, IN

Tuesday, August 4, 2015 - Little Farm on the River, Rising Sun, IN

We woke up to thunder this morning and in just a short time the rain started.  Fortunately it didn't rain too much but the wind blew enough it did manage to drop a few small limbs and leaves on Bentley.  Dean always checks when we are under trees before we put in the slides and it was a good thing this morning. 

As soon as I get up each morning, usually before Dean, I turn on the coffee pot and then I like to read all of my RV blogs when so that's what I did for the next hour while we listened to the rain.  I was very happy to see I had received my post of Travels with Bentley.  I have it emailed to me so I know that it does post okay.  Sometimes as I am typing it, I will get a message that it is not posting, but so far it always has.  I was afraid yesterday it really didn't work but I think I just posted it too late so it carried over to the following day.

After getting ready and putting things away in Bentley I finally stepped outside to help Dean hookup.   I was really surprised I could not even tell it had rained.  It always sounds worse when you are inside the RV.  We pulled out about 9:30 this morning and headed for Rising Sun, Indiana.  Originally we had planned to stay in Versailles State Park, however I decided to double check the Passport America sight and found this park, Little Farm on the River, where we can stay two nights for slightly less than one at the State Park.  We like good deals.  We have not made have any reservations except our last night since it falls on Friday, so it was an easy choice to make this change.  It also moves us about 20 miles closer to our location in Ohio and anytime you can cut time off of a moving day - that is also good.

Our trip went pretty much without any hitches - until we were just outside of North Vernon, IN and our GPS (Tammy) was telling us to go north even though at the last minute I saw a Highway 50 sign that showed we should turn right, but it was too late and we were going through the intersection.  We love moments like this--NOT!  As soon as we traveled a few hundred feet the road it was showing that went straight disappeared from the GPS screen.  Now what?  I hurriedly opened up Maps on my phone and found we could re-route up the road.  No problem - well, until the road we need to turn onto was under construction.  It was a tight squeeze turning that big old Bentley on to that narrow little road with what seemed like hundreds of cars - probably because we could feel them watching us - haha!  But Dean made it and on we went down the road but not without big sighs of relief from both of us! 

We passed through Martin State Forest before lunch.  The road covering of trees amongst winding hills reminded me of our drives on Highway 65 west of Branson.  While I took several pictures only one came out well enough to include.  Here it is.  Unfortunately it doesn't quite depict what the others would have, had they been worth using.  Sorry.

As we passed through Brownstown, IN, I was able to snap this picture as we drove by.  I like to try and get pictures of Courthouses because they often are beautiful pieces of architecture, besides they remind me of my sister and her husband and their connection to our own County of Labette.  This is in Jackson County, Indiana.  It's hard to believe I took this as we drove past.

It was only about an hour later that we pulled in to the Little Farm on the River.  It appears many of the RV units here are locals who stay here through the summer season, however there are several like us who are passing through.  We were able to get a great spot, with no immediate neighbors and with a great view of out our back "yard" of the Ohio River.  We soon found out it is an active channel for barges as well as pleasure boats.  We also noticed we must be in the direct path of the Cincinnati Airport as jets went over routinely.  I will say, since we are in Bentley for the night I have not noticed a plane going over.

Here is our backyard

Coal barges.

Boat pushing the barges.

and our picture of Bentley in Indiana.

Dean relaxing before dinner.
We enjoyed sitting outside for awhile after we had everything set up.  The temperatures  were in the low 80's when we arrived.  It was quite nice.  It was about this time I noticed the time changed at some point along the way.  It was almost 6 p.m.  We were getting hungry so we headed to Rising Sun for dinner.  Unfortunately we thought Rising Sun was back north-west the way we came in from, and found out it was the opposite direction.  Only a few extra miles.....  We found a great Mexican Restaurant in downtown Rising Sun, just a block from the waterfront called the Catina.  Dean had burritos and I ordered the enchilada plate.  Dean said his was okay.  My food was excellent, from the salsa to the cheese dip, the red sauce and the enchiladas.  The guacamole was average.  I ate almost everything on my plate and I was miserable when I waddled out.  When will I learn?

We decided to try and walk some of that meal off and headed on down to the beautiful waterfront.  I was quite impressed with the sculpture, metal work, inlaid brick historical signs in the sidewalks every 5-6 feet or so and the various informational signs along the walkway.

From the bottom of the amphitheater looking up toward the roadway.
Entrance from the roadway to the amphitheater area and fountain.

One side of the amphitheater seating.

I loved these historical markers that were inlaid in the concrete sidewalk every 5-6 feet honoring those who helped shape this community.

They have beautiful amphitheater seating either side of their center sculpture and I noticed they are advertising a nearby symphony will be playing here the 15th of August.  I would love to hear them play while gazing out over this beautiful river.

Up river there was a large steamship that we walked toward.  Unfortunately the sidewalk ran out and we could then see the boat was not even in the water, however I believe it might have been at one time. 

You can see the steamship in the distance.

And, then we came across this connection to Kansas. 

Was surprised to see anything about a Kansas connection in Indiana!

Dean insisted on taking a picture of me, so I made him participate in a selfie of the two of us. 

We do plan to spend two nights here and I'll let you know why in tomorrow's post - although do not be surprised if you do not see it until Friday.  I don't think I'll be able to complete it in time for it to post Thursday morning.

We have a great back-in site that is mostly level and graveled.  It has full hook-ups for $13.50 a night with the Passport America rate (1/2 of the regular rate on Mon, Tues and Wed).  This would be a great place to spend several weeks as they have events every weekend.  For instance this weekend they will host a wine tasting at a local winery and a visit to the Red Wolf Sanctuary.  The following weekend they will host a Mardi Gras Party with carnival activities & pool games.  Verizon and Dish Network signals are good.

Day 3 - another good day!


  1. I feel like I'm there when I read your blog. You do such a good job.

  2. Love all the pictures, and you are doing such a wonderful job describing everything. Feel like I'm there too.

    1. Thank you. It's been trial and error finding and then remembering how to post everything but it's getting easier. I'm just getting started on the past two days so you'll have a lot to read tomorrow.