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Monday, August 24, 2015

Friday, August 21, 2015 - Grand Island, NY - Buffalo Bison Baseball

Friday, August 21, 2015 - Grand Island, NY - Buffalo Bison Baseball

While Matt and Dean played some more golf today, Josh and I hung around the house and I was able to get a couple of loads of laundry done.  Megan's folks Mike and Ruth agreed to watch Josh this evening here at Matt & Megan's house.  They were also babysitting for their granddaughter Gracie.  I think Josh has missed hanging out with his other cousins during the day while Mom and Dad are working/going to school, so I think he will enjoy this evening.

Fortunately it's a short drive to the ballpark, and we were there about 6:30 or so. 

We were fortunate to find a parking spot within a block of the ballpark.  As we rounded the corner from the parking area I was taken with this building.  What beautiful art has been used in constructing buildings in downtown Buffalo.  These buildings are really amazing and very beautiful.  I found out later this is a campus of the Erie Community College.  This building originally housed government agencies.  Overtime they moved on to other locations.  In 1981, after years of rehabilitation it was opened as the downtown campus for ECC.  I really would have loved to spend more time looking at this structure, but felt like the large groups of people heading to the game might sweep me off my feet if I didn't try to stay with them. 

Megan ordered our tickets online when she got home from work and we picked them up at the Will Call window.  This was a neat ballpark with the backdrop of I-90 and some of the downtown buildings.  Just the other side of I-90 was Erie Lake.  I was afraid I might be cold with the air coming from the lake but it turned out to be a wonderful evening.  I put on a light jacket but that was all I needed.

We chose to eat at the ballpark.  One of the favorites is fried bologna sandwiches.  Dean and I both love them so we stayed with Megan at one of the food vendors while Matt went in search of something else.  I have to admit the food was MUCH better than what we had at the Cincinnati Reds game.  The fries were great and we were lucky enough to get them right out of the fryer.  We headed up to our seats and had our dinner.  I could barely eat all of that sandwich.  It was huge and very good. 

After finishing our dinner, I had to take a selfie.

We settled in to watch this fast paced ballgame.  The Buffalo Bison's showed us their best side tonight with a quick, articulate game.  Unfortunately the Syracuse Chiefs were not at the game, at least their playing ability wasn't.  Not sure if that is always the case, but it sure was tonight. 
Nice big screen  with info about the game and scoring.


You can see the sun reflection was hitting the buildings in the background.  Very pretty.

Lighting of neighboring buildings was also a nice backdrop as the evening went on.

The field.

Tonight was "Zombie Night" and lots of people came dressed for it.  As with most, if not all ballparks, they were constantly showing pictures of the crowd on the big screen - many which included the Zombies who attended tonight.  We saw young people, mom's and dad's and even some grandparents (I suspect) dressed as zombies.  I should have taken more pictures than I did because their makeup was quite good.  Here are shots of several who went to the field and then danced as part of the program.



If you enlarge the above picture you will see that this ball team has a long history.  Dean and I were both surprised at how long it has been around.

I couldn't resist a picture of this vendor (in pictures below) making his rounds through the ballpark selling peanuts and other treats.  Megan told me he has been working here for years and is known for his Conehead attire.




Here are a few more shots of the Erie Community College as we were leaving.

We left right before the game was over, and as we drove past the ballpark to the Interstate we could hear the crowd roar, so we knew the game had ended.  The Bisons won 13-0. 

We stopped to have ice cream as we came into Grand Island at what I told you earlier was Perry's.  I found out later it is actually Adrian's.  Tonight I tried the raspberry with chocolate.  Oh yummy!

It was a fun night.


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