Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Tuesday, May 26 – Lake McConaughy SRA, Ogalalla, NE

Tuesday, May 26 – Lake McConaughy SRA, Ogalalla, NE


We left Lake Johnson at 10:30 this morning headed west about 150 miles to Lake McConaughy SRA near Ogalalla, NE.  We arrived at 2:10 (CST) or 1:10 (MT).  SURPRISE!  We didn’t realize we would change time zones during this trip.
Lake McConaughy SRA Visitor Center
WOW!  What a great place this was.  We had a great spot overlooking the lake.  On our way to the campground we discovered the north side of the lake is all natural white sand beaches.  It was really beautiful.  We were in the Lone Eagle Campground in Site #56.  Once we filled the water tank, and set up, we headed down the road to the beach.  Tucker, Logan and Papa had to walk in the shallow waters.  Tucker had a great time building a sandcastle.   We spent about an hour and a half walking around the area and letting the boys have a good time just messing around.  There were a number of RV’s set up right at the edge of the beach in various places.  Their doors faced the water and I’m sure it was just a matter of a few steps to be in the water.  It was a beautiful day, near 72, with a nice breeze.  We wished we had thought to bring along a couple of lawn chairs and a cooler.  We would probably have stayed a little longer.


 The view out our front door.
 On the way to the beach.
 Logan and Tucker wading in the water.  The sand was very soft, but the water was cold!

 If you enlarge this picture you can see some of the RV's on the sand.
 Here are some more RV's on the sand across the way.
 Does this look like Tucker is going to push his Papa over in the water?
 Isn't this a beautiful site?  We walked through these trees to get to the lake.
 Group selfie!!
Tucker and his sandcastle.

On the way here it was apparent Nebraska has received a great amount of rain as all of the lakes, ponds and various waterways were running well past their banks.  It appears the entire central part of the country has had a deluge of rain recently. 


My friend Carolyn has asked her family and friends to write her name in the sand when at beaches and forward them to her via Facebook.  I was glad to oblige her and promptly did just that.  Even though it was not an ocean it was such a beautiful sand beach.


Once we returned we set outside for a while.  A couple walked up the bank near our campsite with two dogs.  I greeted them with a hello and the husband said he noticed we were members of the Heartland Owners Club (by the plaque on our RV ladder), and wanted to know what state we were from.  We told them we were from Kansas, but belong to the Oklahoma group since Kansas does not currently have a state group.  They were in a similar situation, as they were originally from Nebraska but joined the Colorado HOC since Nebraska does not have a group.  They have since moved to Colorado.  We visited about the Heartland group awhile.  They told us that the lake is considerably higher than normal with the recent rains, and that last year the water had been about 200 yards further out that it is now.  It was hard to imagine that.  So glad we happened to camp here at this time.


After dinner of taco salad, we watched a little TV and headed to bed.  Traveling, water and sun sure do make you tired.

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