Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
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Saturday, July 4, 2015

May 22, 2015 to May 24, 2015 - Air Capital RV Park, Wichita, KS

May 22 – Air Capital RV Park, Wichita, KS

I’ll start out by updating you on a few things.  I entirely completed details of May 22 yesterday and then my computer shut down to configure an update that was made over a week ago.  Of course I had not saved what I had done to that point and it did not show up in unsaved documents.  So frustrating!!

Also I have not been able to post on my blog.  Yesterday or day before I did manage to post a blog I had saved in Word from our trip in April, so I am hoping whatever that problem was has been fixed.  We’ll see when I try to post again later.  I am now writing the blog posts in Word, and then copying them to Blogger.

Today I am in the laundry at Broken Arrow Horse Campground in Custer, SD.  Dean and the boys went to eat breakfast (it is Friday, Dean’s day to eat breakfast out, and he’s not willing to change that just because we are on a trip.) and hopefully to tour the County Courthouse Museum here.  I thought this would be a good time to get the blog updated while also taking care of the laundry.  Well, the clothes are washed and the dryers are about 10 minutes into their time and I am just now writing the first portion.  First of all the computer had to complete updates when I shut down last time and then I had problems connecting to the Wi-fi.  Ugh!

Kamron, my granddaughter spent the night on Thursday, May 21 to help me cook and get ready for our trip.  On Friday morning she helped me get Bentley packed up.  We left Oswego about 11:15.  I drove the van to Wichita and Dean took Bentley.  Matt and Megan will be flying into Wichita tonight and we will leave the van with them while they are in town so they will have their own transportation.  We’ll pick it up on our way home when we return in June.

I dropped Kamron off and visited a few minutes with Jen and Jaxson before heading down the road.  I never did catch up with Dean – must have been that potty break at Fredonia where I had to wait for almost 20 minutes to have my turn.  You could tell it was Memorial Day weekend.  Speaking of that, you could also tell by the traffic on the highway.  Wow I’m not sure I have ever seen 400 Highway so busy.  Fortunately we both made it into Wichita with no problems and I arrived to find Dean getting us checked into our spot for the next 3 nights.

I was so upset over the next event I am going to tell you about that I vowed I would not put it in the blog but I decided to go ahead and do so.  After we got set up I went in to put out the slides.  As usual I did the bedroom first.  I flipped on the lights, checking to be sure nothing was in the way of the slides before starting to slide them out.  No problems.  Smooth going as usual.  Next the living area slides.  It was really dark inside as a storm was moving in.  I looked on both sides of the island and could see no obstructions so I began putting the slides out.  The kitchen side came out fine and then the living side started creaking horribly.  I immediately stopped.  I wasn’t sure what had happened so I ran outside.  Dean was looking underneath and whatever occurred had bent the screw on the front portion.  I went back in to look again.  As I walked to the living side to see if something was wrong inside I realized what had happened.  When I first went in I used the restroom, then washed my hands, but I had not put out a hand towel yet. Since it was raining and my feet were muddy I did not want to crawl over the bed for a towel and since the slides were in I could not yet get to the kitchen for one.  I opened the pantry door to grab paper towels and failed to shut the pantry door before walking outside.  It was very dreary and dark outside due to the rain and I just didn’t notice the door was still open in that dark corner.  I was on the verge of tears when I realized it was my fault this had occurred.  Here we were the first day of our trip and I was wondering if I had ruined it for us.  Would we be able to go if I had damaged the slide too badly?  I can’t even begin to tell you how upset I was.

Well, with the holiday weekend we were both wondering would we be able to repair the damage ourselves or would we need to have someone else look at it?  Dean called our trusty RV dealer, Deryl Bentley (yes our RV is named after him) and explained what happened.  Fortunately, it was a very easy fix.  It had bent the large bolt holding the slide to the framing.  He suggested that we buy a slightly larger bolt and replace both of the ones holding the slide in place.  The slide was working, but we were afraid if we didn’t repair it we might have more problems down the road.  Fortunately, Dean found the bolt we needed and got it repaired Saturday morning and all has worked fine since (today is May 29).  What a relief!!  You can only imagine how extra careful I have been in checking things before putting out the slides since then.

So, to finish the rest of May 22nd’s events.  Jarred called shortly after we got set up to see if we had plans for the evening and if not would we like to have dinner with him and Andrea (and Emerson), Andrea’s parents and her sister and husband.  They suggested Dempsey’s Burger Bar.  We ate at a pizza place near Dempsey’s last time we were here and I mentioned I would like to try it, so I was definitely game.  Emerson has grown so much since we saw her last, just a couple of weeks ago.  She is really smiling more and is cuter than ever!

After dinner, Jarred and Andrea came by and we all decided maybe some Braum’s ice cream would be good before we settled in to visit.  Since there was a Braum’s right across the street it was sure easy to do.  Afterwards, we came back to Bentley and visited for a while.  Papa and Nana both got an Emerson fix.  What a way to end the evening!

Matt and Megan are due in a little before midnight.  We left the RV Park about 11:30 and headed to the airport which was not too far away.  We took both vehicles, parked one nearby and took the van to the baggage claim section of the airport.  We were surprised to see little Josh wide awake when they arrived.  He has grown so much since Christmas.  He wasn’t sure what to think about us though so we’ll wait until tomorrow to hug and squeeze him after he’s HOPEFULLY had a good night’s sleep.  (Fortunately for Matt and Megan he did!)


Saturday, May 23, 2015 – Air Capital RV Park, Wichita, KS

It rained most of the night and was only spitting a bit of rain the next morning.  Abram’s (Heath’s oldest son) flag football game was scheduled to play at 11:15.  We had a little bit of shopping to do this morning so we got it out of the way.  Heath called just as we were planning to leave for Abram’s game to let us know it had been cancelled.  We went ahead and ate lunch at McAlistor’s Deli and then headed over to join the rest of the Peine crew at his house.  Jarred and Andrea showed up and about an hour or so later Brett and his family arrived.  It was great having all of the boys and their families there together.  Since Matt is in New York now we get to do this only once or twice a year.  Christmas we are fortunate to have all six of our kids home, to include my daughter Misti, her children and Marc, Jennifer and their two children.  Believe me it is a houseful but very special times!

We spent most of the day just visiting.  Since Josh was not home for his birthday (April 25) they thought it would be fun to have a party for him.  To get the kids out to use up a little energy they decided to try out a place that has indoor trampolines.  Renae (Brett’s wife) and I went to a Flea Market while the others did that.  She is looking for a bench for her front porch.  We returned to the house at 6:00 and the others showed up about 15 -20 minutes later. 

Heath grilled hot dogs, brats and burgers for us and Casey made pasta salad, baked beans and a fruit salad.  It was all very good.

I’m not sure who had more fun at the birthday party following the meal – his cousins or Josh.  He sure liked his cake though and had it all over him – in his hair, on his face and down the front of him.  Sure was cute and he had a good time with the different gifts he received. 

We spent the next hour or two visiting before heading back to Bentley for the evening. We are thinking of visiting the zoo tomorrow. 


Sunday, May 24, 2015 – Air Capital RV Park, Wichita, KS

We had a little more shopping to do this morning before we take out on our trip with Logan and Tucker tomorrow.  I wanted to get some more groceries for those two hungry boys.  After we had lunch of sandwiches we headed back to Heath’s for the day. 

We had lots of time to spend with the grandkids and visiting with the boys and their wives.  Our plans to visit the zoo were squashed as it rained almost all day.  That evening we ordered pizza.  We really didn’t do anything else but just visit and enjoy our time with everyone.  I did manage to get a picture of the boys and their families.  Back – Heath, Brett, Matt, Jarred; Middle – Casey, Renae, Megan and Josh, Andrea and Emerson; and Front – Abram, Roman, Dacy, Tucker and Gideon. 

Since it’s hard to get everyone looking at the camera at the same time, there are two!

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