Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April 28, 2015 - Day 1 of the Excapees Region 17 Rally

April 28, 2015 - Day 1 of the Escapees Region 17 Rally

I had a great night's sleep last night and didn't wake up until 6:00.  We enjoyed our morning coffee and for me my daily RV blogs.  Dean enjoys watching the news.  I don't mind the first time around, but after hearing the same news stories numerous times I'm sick of it by the time we shut the TV off.

We headed to the clubhouse about 8:45 or so where they had coffee, cinnamon rolls, toast with butter, jellies and peanut butter.  We both had some toast and we visited with several new folks this morning.  I almost immediately feel comfortable talking to all of them.  This morning was registration for the rally which included $10 in annual dues for this Region and then $15 each for rally costs that includes 4 meals.  Tonight they are purchasing pizzas from Pizza Hut and the President's wife is making salad and brownies.

After visiting until almost 10:00 we headed back to Bentley in order to make a trip to Wally world.  What RV trip would be complete without that!! :(

On Friday evening they have a brown bag exchange that is played like "Dirty Santa".  The gift should be around $5 and typically is a food product since no one in an RV wants more "STUFF".  That was one of the main reasons we needed to make this trip, but our battery that operates the remote to our electric fireplace had also gone caput!  We soon found everything we needed and headed back.  Dean thought he would replace the battery in the remote and remembered that possibly we had bought that same battery last year.  Sure enough in checking our battery compartment we already had one.  Oh Well!! We will be prepared for next time – unless we forget!

We made some lunch and decided we'd take a walk since we did not get one in this morning as we did daily last week.  We have been walking 2 to 3 miles a day and want to keep up with this new habit.  Dean's knee was bothering him some today but it seemed like the walk helped a little.  As we came down the road back to our RV, several folks were sitting out in their lawn chairs a few RV's down from us and they asked us to join them.  Soon almost every attendee was in the circle that just got bigger and bigger until shortly before 2:30.

At 2:30 the rally opening ceremony was held and was opened with Prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.  With all of the things going on in our country it is really comforting to begin a meeting with these two observances of God and our country and know there are people who still respect both.

We stayed around and visited with different ones until about 4 or so before heading back to Bentley.  We were hoping to meet up with friends Gary and Paula Trotter for dinner or lunch one day.  I had sent Paula a text earlier about getting together for lunch on Thursday since there was a large break in the day.  That worked well, until they announced at the opening ceremony there was a change in the noon luncheon on Wednesday to Thursday.  There has typically been one meal where the women go somewhere together and all the men going to another location.  However, they advised that since their current finances are in exceptional condition they will be paying for everyone's lunches on Thursday at Rib Crib.  We hate to miss this as a newbie to the group so we will just go by to visit Gary and Paula on Friday for a little while since they already had plans for Wednesday. Agendas are always subject to change.  I should KNOW that by now!!  :)

Our dinner tonight was very good with more great visiting.  We have managed to sit with different couples each time and it sure helps in remembering their names later.  Fortunately they are wearing name tags.  After actually visiting with them for an hour or two you can really put the name with the face.  I like that.  We don't have name tags yet but being new it's probably easier to remember us; versus us remembering 17 or 18 other couples.

After dinner we joined a group to play the card game hand and foot.  Dean was on one team of 4 and I was on another.  You play partners and we both happened to be one of the partners of each team that won.  I have written down the rules and hope to play this with Logan and Tucker when we go to South Dakota, especially if we happen to have a rainy day.

Got home about 9:30 or so and watched the rest of Dancing with the Stars.  This time I managed to stay awake!

See you tomorrow.

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